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Canada Toronto Delta Chelsea Downtown

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By cunparis,

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I thought I'd update the thread with my opinion of the hotel. Basically it was very nice. I don't see how it was 3*, it seemed 4* to me (maybe priceline said it was 4* I don't remember). It was a great hotel, 4* in every way. The parking was $22 canadian which wasn't too bad. We only stayed one night. The hotel is well located, just off Yonge street which is "the street" in Toronto. We walked around the city and then came back and went for a swim in the pool on the 27th floor. The hottub has a view overlooking the downtown skyscrapers including the CN tower. Later that night I took my camera back up to take some night photos and I got some great photos. Overall if you get this hotel you will not be disappointed!!

Some additional notes: internet is an extra $11/day, contental breakfast is $11 (we skipped this and went to a coffee shop). They had some reasonably-priced food like a giant slice of pizza for around $5.

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I stayed at the Delta Chelsea on October 11th. I got matched for $68 for one night, and the hotel was rated as 3 star.

I don't usually post reviews unless I feel strongly (good or bad) about a hotel experience...and this is in fact the first review that I am posting.

I was not impressed with this hotel at all (it was my first time staying there). I have stayed at several hotels in downtown Toronto rated as 3 star (mostly the Marriotts) and I felt that my Delta Chelsea experience fell far below that standard.

At check in, I was assigned a room on the 21st floor (2123) and I absolutely hated it! The room was extremely small. I requested 2 beds (smoking room), and they basically took up all of the floor space in the room. There was hardly any room left for me to put my bags down on the floor. As well, the carpet in the room was old and dirty...there were stains and cigarette burns everywhere. There were also cigarette burns in the comforter and skirts around the beds. The bathroom was also extremely small, and the bathtub had gray stains on the bottom as if it hadn't been washed in years! I'm not usually one to complain, but I was actually quite appalled at the condition of the room and requested to be moved to different room (a CLEAN room and a bigger one).

The front desk staff was nice and accommodated my request. I got moved to a room across the hall, which was a corner room (therefore much bigger) and the carpet was newer and not dirty. After the switch, I guess there was nothing really to complain about, but I wasn't impressed overall - the rooms or the hotel did not offer anything special in my opinion. Compared to other 3 star hotels in the area, I found the rooms to be poorly furnished with sub-standard bedding. As well, the check out time the next day was also too early for my liking - 11am. I prefer a later check out - many other hotels offer 1pm or some even later. Maybe I just had an uncommonly bad experience, but based on this one visit, I would NOT rate this hotel as 3 star. Let's just say that I've stayed at 2 star hotels that were nicer!

As a side note - I parked at the parking lot across the street (corner of Gerrard and Yonge St.) and payed at a parking meter (an attendant wasn't present at the time of my arrival). I was a bit late coming back to my car the next day, and found that it had been ticketed 20 minutes after the expired time ($40). That sucked too.

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Stay was July 16-08 for two nights. Paid 79.00 on Hotwire for 3ppl in room. If I said we were 2 guests, it was 69.00. We had our neice with us who was going to use the children's pool so I paid the xtra 10.00 for her. We actually had 4 ppl in the room.

The room was tiny!! As the above poster noted, the beds took up the majority of the room. We supposedly got an upgraded room. When I asked what was "premier" about it, I was told that it was newly renovated. That might be true, but the renovation skipped the bathroom because that was in bad shape.

Parking was 25.00CAD a day( self park) 29.00 (valet). This hotel nickel and dimed us to death. there was a 1.50 charge each time I made a 1-800 phone call. Internet was 12.00 a day in your room. It was 6.00 for 15 minutes if you wanted to use the business center.

We got our parking comped( and 2 free meals) because there were numerous fresh blood droplets on a pillowcase when we checked in and unpacked. Turns out the maid had an open sore on her finger and dripped blood everywhere( I later found it on the wall by the light switch).

Our room was on the 19th floor. This room had a door that opened onto a filthy balcony.

There is a pool( indoor) on the 27th floor. Children are not allowed to use this pool. The children's pool is also indoors on the second floor.

I would not willingly stay at this hotel again.

Happy Travelling, Randi

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The Delta Chelsea was terrible. DO NOT BID ON THIS!!

Got to the check-in and they say that all they have is two double beds in the old area. They have a renovated area but they call them the prestige rooms and they cost $25.00 more. I thought ok 2 doubles would not work so would pay it. But then they did not have a king but 2 doubles. So took my chances with the original room.

Took the elevator up and the railing was broken inside the car (first sign).

The hallway carpet was pretty worn and went inside.

The room was musty and the interior was really old. The comforters looked to be from 10 years ago, my parents had the alarm clock 20 years ago and the 20" Zenith TV was well a 20" Zenith TV. We were happy to leave the next day.

This is not a 3.5* room. A Super 8 has a nicer room. Maybe if they offered the prestige room but definitely not this one.

Would not stay there again and I would caution anyone from bidding on a 3.5*.

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It would appear that all the standard 'Delta' rooms have been renovated into what used to be called 'Premier' rooms.

I have been very lucky and NEVER have had to stay in any of the unrenovated rooms. Always received a 'Premier' room at a minimum at no extra time I even got a renovated Kitchenette room!

A few years ago, I peeked into an unrenovated standard room that was being cleaned, and yes, I can see why people would complain about them. However, the renos did a lot to improve things!

I have always thought the Delta Chelsea has excellent service and facilities (what other place in Toronto has an adult-only pool?).

One time, I simply mentioned it was a special occasion, and I found myself in a Signature Club room (no kids allowed) and a bottle of sparking wine and chocolate strawberries magically appeared! Yes, and this was from a Hotwire purchase!

Its not a bad place...and I'm picky! This place, IMHO, puts some apparent 4* hotels, such as the Marriott Bloor Yorkville, to shame. Not to mention you're buying Canadian.

Make sure you sign up for their loyalty would appear that PL and HW stays count towards elite status (they always did for me), and their program is very generous.

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I stayed at the Delta Chelsea at the end of May, 2010 and was very pleased. My experience with the Delta Hotel chain is that if you are a Delta Preference member and call ahead to the hotel (not the central booking centre) to ask that your member # be attached to your file, they obligingly upgrade you and add the perks that come with membership. And membership is free. At the Chelsea there is a separate check in area for members so I went there, reiterated my request for an upgrade, and received a deluxe room, with balcony and free Internet. They couldn't have been nicer, even though they knew I reserved through Priceline.

The lobby is huge with multiple restaurants and bars. I especially liked the cafeteria style cafe with a courtyard attached for outdoor dining. It's a nice little oasis in the middle of the city. The lobby opens onto 4 city streets with Elm St. offering many choices of restaurant. A friend and I ate at Donatello and found it excellent both for the Italian food and value.

My room was most adequate, clean, comfortable bed, balcony door to leave open for fresh air, modern and well maintained.

I even walked to the hotel from the train station with my rolling carry on size suitcase with me and did the same when leaving. Next month I will arrive by bus and was thrilled when I discovered that the bus terminal is just a few blocks away.

I'm going back in July

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