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  1. The details are as follows 3* toronto downtown check in : dec 9 checkout: dec 10 bid : 50$ accepted on 1st try
  2. I don't know if anybody on this board has been matched to the BOND PLACE hotel which is considered a 3* in downtown toronto. The recent infiltration of this sub-standard hotel into the 3* pool has me worried and you should be too. Two of my friends on the weekend were matched to this hotel which should really be rated a 2* (2.5* at the most). Toronto has always enjoyed a wide selection of excellent 3* hotels without any notable exceptions. Now, knowing that a 3* bid can carry with it a miserable night at this venue has me worried. Priceline responded to my friend's suggestion that this hotel is not a 3* by responding that they've looked into it and they'll stick with that rating. That is surely taking the easy way out. This hotel is rated 2.5* on Expedia and carries a AAA rating of 2 diamonds, while most of the 3* hotels in toronto have a 4 diamond AAA rating. I urge everybody who bids regularly in downtown toronto, to express your discontent on this matter to priceline, with the intent to remove or downgrade this hotel to a lower priceline rating where it belongs.
  3. 2 rooms 1st bid -- 70 (asked to increase bid by 22) re-bid zone -- 72 (accepted) :)
  4. Accepted 1st bid. Happy but wondering how low I could have gone. From the previous posts that is pretty much the limit.
  5. I am thinking of a vacation in acapulco for 1 week at the end of january. Does anybody have any advice and expected winning bids? Also, my understanding is that the winning hotels will not be all inclusive with respect to meals and drinks. Has anyone purchased separate all-inclusive, and is it generally worth it? thank you
  6. I got rejected at $84 and then matched at $86. The bid was for 4 rooms, but it would have been more ideal if I would have been able to place a bid for 5 rooms at one time. Is that possible on priceline, or is 4 rooms the maximum amount that you can bid for at once? (I've always assumed 4 was the max...am I missing something...)
  7. This bid was for 4 rooms for 3 nights over New Year's Eve (Dec 30/05 - Jan 2/06) Initally, I started bidding for 3 star hotels, and the last bid that I got rejected for was $76. Since 3 star in montreal does not have any re-bid zones, and I was locked out for the next 3 days anyway, I decided to play around with 4 star just to see if I could get something for a similar bid. I started bidding at $80 and went up to $86, which was accepted. I figured I would end up paying around $80 per night for 3 star anyway, so I'm happy with my 4 star match. :)
  8. I stayed at the Delta Chelsea on October 11th. I got matched for $68 for one night, and the hotel was rated as 3 star. I don't usually post reviews unless I feel strongly (good or bad) about a hotel experience...and this is in fact the first review that I am posting. I was not impressed with this hotel at all (it was my first time staying there). I have stayed at several hotels in downtown Toronto rated as 3 star (mostly the Marriotts) and I felt that my Delta Chelsea experience fell far below that standard. At check in, I was assigned a room on the 21st floor (2123) and I absolutely hated it! The room was extremely small. I requested 2 beds (smoking room), and they basically took up all of the floor space in the room. There was hardly any room left for me to put my bags down on the floor. As well, the carpet in the room was old and dirty...there were stains and cigarette burns everywhere. There were also cigarette burns in the comforter and skirts around the beds. The bathroom was also extremely small, and the bathtub had gray stains on the bottom as if it hadn't been washed in years! I'm not usually one to complain, but I was actually quite appalled at the condition of the room and requested to be moved to different room (a CLEAN room and a bigger one). The front desk staff was nice and accommodated my request. I got moved to a room across the hall, which was a corner room (therefore much bigger) and the carpet was newer and not dirty. After the switch, I guess there was nothing really to complain about, but I wasn't impressed overall - the rooms or the hotel did not offer anything special in my opinion. Compared to other 3 star hotels in the area, I found the rooms to be poorly furnished with sub-standard bedding. As well, the check out time the next day was also too early for my liking - 11am. I prefer a later check out - many other hotels offer 1pm or some even later. Maybe I just had an uncommonly bad experience, but based on this one visit, I would NOT rate this hotel as 3 star. Let's just say that I've stayed at 2 star hotels that were nicer! As a side note - I parked at the parking lot across the street (corner of Gerrard and Yonge St.) and payed at a parking meter (an attendant wasn't present at the time of my arrival). I was a bit late coming back to my car the next day, and found that it had been ticketed 20 minutes after the expired time ($40). That sucked too.
  9. Nevermind...I got matched. See my other post (4* Grand Hyatt New York, MTE, $160 for 3 nights)
  10. ACCEPTED. It was a bid for 3* that was accepted and upgraded to 4*. I was bidding up to 170 for 4* by adding re-bid zones, and was getting rejected. Since I was starting to exceed my budget, I signed out and bid for 3*. Got rejected at 150 and 155 and accepted at 160 and upgraded to the 4* HYATT. Obviously, i am very happy about this match. :)
  11. Hello, Started bidding at $61 - rejected, but was offered to raise my bid by $17. Ignored the offer. Bid $63 - rejected. Bid $65 - accepted. Got the Sheraton Center (1 room, 1 night).
  12. Hello, I am not new to priceline, but I am new to bidding in New York City. I am looking to get a 3 star room for 3 nights (Oct 14 - 17th), in either Upper Mid Town, Midtown West, Midtown East or Midtown South. I have started bidding, but I haven't had any luck yet. Perhaps someone can provide me with some realistic expectations. I started bidding at $90 and have worked my way up to $150 without getting matched. Am I getting at least close? Any bidding stategies? Please help if you have any ideas or suggestions. Thanks!
  13. Just got matched to the Renaissance in the Toronto Airport area for $50 on the fist bid. (2 rooms) But there's a lot more to this story... I initially wanted 2 rooms downtown Toronto, either 4 star or 3 star, but it was just impossible! Even with all the available re-bids zones for 4 star, I just could not get matched. I started bidding at $62 and went up to $101 - rejected for all bids. Then I tried to get matched to 3 star in downtown toronto. My highest bid was $75 and still rejected. Then I tried the Don Valley area by itself for 3 star - rejected at $70. The airport was the last hope. By this time, it was already 5:57pm and the hotel was for the same night so I had 3 min left to place a bid. The first bid of $50 was accepted - what a relief. Priceline does not usually give me this much grief! That was quite the adventure for last minute hotel rooms. As a side note - I went on various internet hotel websites to check out what the going rates were for Sept 17 - 18 in downtown toronto and BASICALLY ALL hotels in the area did not have any availability. In fact, the Renaissance that I ended up getting matched to at the airport did not show any availability either. Quite the busy weekend in Toronto apparently...although I have no idea what the reason is.
  14. 1st bid was at $35--accepted. The price to get matched to this place has gone down considerably. I used to predictably get rejected at 46-47.
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