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  1. Started at $52, counteroffered $72 right away. Declined and kept adding random zones that don't have 3.5* until $64, when it was accepted.
  2. Why not try raising your bid to $60 or so for a 3*? As for the Radisson, I THINK I saw a potential BRG claim that might get the rate down to about $63 or so, if all else fails.
  3. $65-01/16/11-01/18/11 Started at 60 for Fishermans Wharf and received counteroffer for 75. Added South San Francisco at 62 and was rejected Added Civic Centre at 64 and was rejected Added Marina-Lombard at 65......ACCEPTED!
  4. Really not a bad place, despite a few bad reviews on Tripadvisor. For what I paid ($65 on Priceline) it was definitely worth it. However, I'd rate the place more along the lines of 3.5* Staff at check-in was friendly, and the room was very clean, although nothing to write home about. The gym is exceptional. They've got an 'endless pool' you can use if you reserve it. Here are a few tips I've got: 1. Don't pay for internet. To get free internet, all you do is go down to the lobby with your computer, sign in down there (as its free for 2 hours) and take it back to your room, and switch it to the in-room wireless, and you're all set for 2 hours! Repeat when your time is up. 2. The club lounge is easy to get into on people's coattails. Trust me, its not really worth the extra charge if you're offered an upgrade at checkin. Perhaps it is at some places, but not this one.
  5. $65-06/30/10-07/01/10 GREAT deal! Lowest rate on was $340.
  6. $45-05/26/10-05/28/10 Great deal! Normally $149/night on NOTE: There are no 4* hotels in this area anymore. The Renaissance is now 3.5* too.
  7. It would appear that all the standard 'Delta' rooms have been renovated into what used to be called 'Premier' rooms. I have been very lucky and NEVER have had to stay in any of the unrenovated rooms. Always received a 'Premier' room at a minimum at no extra time I even got a renovated Kitchenette room! A few years ago, I peeked into an unrenovated standard room that was being cleaned, and yes, I can see why people would complain about them. However, the renos did a lot to improve things! I have always thought the Delta Chelsea has excellent service and facilities (what other place in Toronto has an adult-only pool?). One time, I simply mentioned it was a special occasion, and I found myself in a Signature Club room (no kids allowed) and a bottle of sparking wine and chocolate strawberries magically appeared! Yes, and this was from a Hotwire purchase! Its not a bad place...and I'm picky! This place, IMHO, puts some apparent 4* hotels, such as the Marriott Bloor Yorkville, to shame. Not to mention you're buying Canadian. Make sure you sign up for their loyalty would appear that PL and HW stays count towards elite status (they always did for me), and their program is very generous.
  8. This was probably the single best value I've ever gotten off Priceline!!!! I won this hotel for $49 on Priceline (a sheer bargain to begin with as the regular rate was $189!!!!). Called to specify my preferences (High floor, non-connecting, king bed), and was asked what floor I wanted; I told them I wasn't sure and they blocked a room off on the 10th floor. Got to the hotel; turns out the 10th floor is the Executive floor; I even had access to the lounge for breakfast! No mention of PL whatsoever...check in clerk was in a very good mood. Room 1016 was a decent sized room that appeared to have been very recently renovated, with a relatively comfortable (if a little hard for my tastes) bed, and a decent washroom. Internet (not free) kept cutting in and out, but eventually managed to find one connection that was stable. Breakfast in the lounge was basic but good; it had everything I wanted, and it even had a few hot items such as eggs and ham. Before submitting your bid in the Airport zone, you definitely want to first try the 3.5* in the Amherst zone!!! Do note that this hotel has a free shuttle to and from the airport...very handy for catching flights, or, in my case, catching the 210 Niagara Falls Express bus (a 45 minute express service right to Niagara Falls from the airport for $2.35) I would stay here again in a heartbeat!!!!
  9. I won this hotel on Priceline at the very last minute. No mention of Priceline at check in, just that the room and tax was pre-paid. The very nice desk clerk told me that because they weren't busy, that I could have a partial-fallsview room on the 15th floor at no extra charge! Received room 1516. Room was very large and very clean, and had wonderful beds... View from the room was great, although I really don't care unless the view is of a brick wall. The pool area was has 2 hot tubs, and one has a beautiful water feature. The guest laundry was a nice touch, especially after being away for some time and having nothing to wear, and they even provide the soap! In my opinion, this is a great property.
  10. This was accomplished by giving my SPG Gold # and stating I had a bad experience in room 869 (one of their dreaded Priceline rooms) which I've read is one of the worst rooms in the hotel because its a very small room and also one of the walls houses an elevator, which apparently is very noisy (thanks to Tripadvisor for this)According to (using a trick I wrote on here) it seems Ive now been placed in a slightly larger 'Traditional Room'. I'm going to try the $20 sandwich trick usually used in Las Vegas when I check in...and see if that does anything for me.
  11. $49-05/10/09-05/11/09 WOAH!!! What a deal! Accepted on third attempt; $38, $46, $49 Cheapest rate on non-opaque was $189. Called and asked for a non-connecting room with 1 bed and it was graciously blocked off.
  12. $80-05/09/09-05/10/09 Was aiming for the Palace Hotel or the InterContinental, but oh well!