Hotwire Hotel: HELP: Madison EAST 5/28

By trivianut,

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For May, 28, 2005, this Hotel (3* Madison East, w/ Amenities of Restaurant, Pool & Fitness Center) is $49 on Hotwire. I believe it is the same hotel as the original poster HERE. Might it be the Holiday Inn? Those are the same amenities in the vacation package for same dates. I'd like to know too, and whether I'd be better off bidding Hotwire or Priceline. I'm looking for a 2.5 or 3* Hotel for one night on the 28th.

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As I mentioned above, I am looking for a hotel for Saturday 5/28 in Madison. Prefer to stay downtown b/c I was going to run the mad City 1/2 marathon the next day. But when looking at Hotwire for May 28th, a Hotel with the same amenities that betsyjane mentioned came up, so I tried to ID it. Went into vacation packages for Hotwire, and came up with the Holiday Inn having the same amenities.

As for my particular bid strategy, Hotwire has a 3* Central Madison hotel available that I believe is the Clarion (Restaurant, Pool, Fitness) for $84, and a 3* Madison East for $49 (Restaurant, Pool, Fitness). On Priceline I have seen that the Sheraton, Hilton and Concourse have had winning bids as 3* properties, and checked that rooms are available the night of the 28th at the Sheraton for $134, and the Hilton for $157 (Concourse has no available rooms). I'd like to get a room for under $60 if I could, and would take the Holiday Inn on Hotwire if none of the central Madison 3* were available on Priceline. Of course I see that HannahB got the Holiday Inn for $40 on P-L. Decisions, decisions...

Is that more clear? Thanks for any and all assistance.


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Not sure if this will help you or not but there is a small amount of construction on the east side of Madison (on E. Washington St.) I didn't think it was bad and you can quickly work around it or just go through it. If you were to bid on Priceline or use Hotwire and get the Holiday Inn I would suggest a room in the 209-225 or so range if you want non-smoking. You will be close to everything, on the second floor and not walking miles through the hotel or parking in the "back" of the hotel. It did feel safe though. The hotel was clean, large pool, good fitness room, and it was easy to park at.

You have a little time I would try bidding first unless you absolutely need a specific amenity, then hotwire may be the way to go. Downtown is good location wise and fun but parking and availability can be a hitch but it comes up often under $60 for 3*. If you can't find a downtown location then I would try to East side with a cheaper bid.

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My original choice was 3* Downtown Madison on PL. 2 of the 3 hotels I looked at were booked (Concourse and Hilton), leaving only the Sheraton. Saw the post on the East side 3* on Hotwire and was intrigued and tried to help identify the hotel. Either zone would've been fine, but now we will be unable to stay in Madison that night. Sorry if there was any confusion on my part.

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