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  1. I did go to the look up tool, and it appears to be the Holiday Inn Oceanfront Hotel. A shaky 3*, but at that price, not sure if even Priceline can touch it. Thanks for the assistance.
  2. It's been a while since I've posted here, but am trying to get a Beachfront Hotel in Cocoa Beach or Melbourne from March 17-20. I tried Cocoa Beach (more zones and rebids -4 vs 2 in Melbourne, plus rather not get Hilton Rialto) and went up to $55 but no success yet. I also did 2.5* (thinking the Holiday Inn) to $48 but nothing either. Just wondering if I'm too low $ wise b/c of the week before Easter. The cheapest I've seen any webrates for a 3* Beach Hotel is $155 for the Hilton. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, when I went to EasyClickTravel I found a 3* 'Off the Record' hotel for $49.65 for the same time frame. Any way of finding out what hotel it might be? It's list of Property Amenities show Bar & Lounge (no restaurant), Tennis Courts, Shuffleboard and hot Tub (Pool not listed), as well as Gift/Sundry Shop, Programs for Children, Concierge and Babysitter Services. If this hotel has a pool and is within 1-2 blocks of the beach, I'd strongly consider it. Thanks again for any and all help. It also lists kids suite available for $117.74. Might it be the Holiday Inn?
  3. Looking for a Hotel for a friend for the Marine Corps Marathon in late October. I see a 3* Best Value on Hotwire in Alexandria/Old Town that is $81/night. The amenities are Airport Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-speed net, and Tennis nearby. Any idea what it is? Thanks for the help!
  4. Thank you Thereuare! Despite my being a Wisconsin grad, I love all the things you do here :) It was great knowing that the Hotel I bid on was one that I've stayed at before. Best part is getting it for 1/2 the rate of three years ago :) I also expected that you could do something about editing the title. Thanks again.
  5. I thought I could edit my orginal post, but alas, I'm not knowing how... Anyways, I did go for the 2* and it was the Homestead Studio Suites for $31. With the Gift card, I mananged to pay, with taxes and fees, $30.95! Good location for me as well. Thanks for the help!
  6. Ok, I started out looking for a 2.5-3* in Northbrook for one night on 6/28/05. Most of the 3* were sold out when I checked rates. Tried bidding w/ free rebids for Gurnee and Libertyville (on P-L), and bid up to $36 with no luck. Now most of the 2.5* in area are sold out as well, so I'm trying for a different strategy. Idea 1 is to try Priceline for Chicago-O'Hare, since there seems to be good availability. For 3* hotels - $116 Wyndham, $115 Four Points, and $109 for Ramada. Idea 2 is 2.5 or 3* in Oak Brook/Downers Grove on P-L, b/c although I'll be in Northbrook for dinner on the 28th, the next morning I'm going to LaGrange (south on 294). The best (only) rate for 2.5 star is Amerisuites for $99, and Holiday Inn Oak Brook is $95, but I've heard poor reviews. Idea 3 is Hotwire. Not much in Northbrook, but in Oak Brook there is a 3* Best Value for $43 w/ Comp. Breakfast and Pool amenities (most likely LaQuinta), and 2.5* Best Value w/ Kitchenette and Laundry for $32. There's also a 2* w/ same amenities for $31 that is most likely Homestead where I've stayed in the past, and it's fine for my needs (this would probably be my backup bid for an internet rate of $55). Since I've never used Hotwire before, I'm leaning towards 3 b/c I could use the discount code "GIFTCARD06" as a first timer, correct? I could get either one of the 2-2.5* properties for $30-31 w/ taxes and fees, which is a pretty good deal. Just curious as to which property might be which? If I figure out the specific hotels, guess I'll be trying #3, unless someone has a better idea? Thanks for listening to my rant...
  7. When I go to Boston Metro-West area, I get 4 bidding zones; Bedford-Burlington, Lexington-Concord, Natick-Framington, and Newton-Waltham. All four zones have 3* Hotels, but only Newton-Waltham has a 4* possibility. This intrigues me b/c the location of the zone and the 3 free re-bid zones make it very appealing for a bid. My family is planning to travel and be in Massachusetts in July (17-19), and with a vehicle and our plans, a stay in the near suburbs would work better for us than spending $ to stay downtown and deal with parking. I know the Westin is in Waltham, but it's only 3* on Travelocity, and doesn't come up on Expedia. Does anyone have any ideas how I might go about figuring out the hotel, and then planning a bid strategy? Help is most appreciated.
  8. My original choice was 3* Downtown Madison on PL. 2 of the 3 hotels I looked at were booked (Concourse and Hilton), leaving only the Sheraton. Saw the post on the East side 3* on Hotwire and was intrigued and tried to help identify the hotel. Either zone would've been fine, but now we will be unable to stay in Madison that night. Sorry if there was any confusion on my part.
  9. As I mentioned above, I am looking for a hotel for Saturday 5/28 in Madison. Prefer to stay downtown b/c I was going to run the mad City 1/2 marathon the next day. But when looking at Hotwire for May 28th, a Hotel with the same amenities that betsyjane mentioned came up, so I tried to ID it. Went into vacation packages for Hotwire, and came up with the Holiday Inn having the same amenities. As for my particular bid strategy, Hotwire has a 3* Central Madison hotel available that I believe is the Clarion (Restaurant, Pool, Fitness) for $84, and a 3* Madison East for $49 (Restaurant, Pool, Fitness). On Priceline I have seen that the Sheraton, Hilton and Concourse have had winning bids as 3* properties, and checked that rooms are available the night of the 28th at the Sheraton for $134, and the Hilton for $157 (Concourse has no available rooms). I'd like to get a room for under $60 if I could, and would take the Holiday Inn on Hotwire if none of the central Madison 3* were available on Priceline. Of course I see that HannahB got the Holiday Inn for $40 on P-L. Decisions, decisions... Is that more clear? Thanks for any and all assistance. Peter
  10. For May, 28, 2005, this Hotel (3* Madison East, w/ Amenities of Restaurant, Pool & Fitness Center) is $49 on Hotwire. I believe it is the same hotel as the original poster HERE. Might it be the Holiday Inn? Those are the same amenities in the vacation package for same dates. I'd like to know too, and whether I'd be better off bidding Hotwire or Priceline. I'm looking for a 2.5 or 3* Hotel for one night on the 28th.
  11. Yes, I'm back at trying to find a property for the Boston Marathon in April. I saw this listed on Hotwire today, and am wondering if it is either the Marriott Courtyard or the Holiday Inn, both in Brookline. The amenities listed are as follows: 3* Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Business Center Looking at both of these properties, it appears that they both have the amenities listed. The lowest rate for the available dates at the Courtyard is $179, and $161 for the Holiday Inn. Anybody have a clue as to if it is one or the other, or a totally different hotel? I would be real happy with $79 for either place, they are less than 1/2 mile from each other and close to the T. I just don't want to deal with an unknown if I don't have to. Thanks a lot!
  12. I may truly be mad for trying this, but I shudder when it comes to paying $200 or more for a Hotel room, so I gotta ask.. I qualified to run the Boston Marathon for next April, and plan to travel and stay there from April 16-19. I have checked rates for various hotels in the 4 main areas I consider acceptable (Back Bay, Downtown, Cambridge and Logan Airport), and the best rates are as follows: Logan Hilton (4*) $159, Embassy Suites $149, Comfort Inn $134; Downtown Omni Parker $199, Hyatt $186; Back Bay Hilton $259, Sheraton $299; Cambridge Doubletree @ MIT $179, Hyatt $190, Radisson $199. All of this from the various hotel websites. Many hotels are N/A or showing as sold out, particularly in Back Bay area, where the race finishes. I am open to a 3 or 4*, preferably cheappest, and am willing to stay in any of the areas as long as I can get to that area for packet pick-up and from the finish easy enough. I know that South Boston, Chestnut Hill/Brookline and Medford/Sommerville are free rebid opportunities for me, b/c they top out at 2.5 stars. I will not have a car, so I want to be close to the T. Cambridge is probably the only iffy area, b/c some areas you can be far away from public transit. If I could get a room for under $125 I'd be happy. I saw the Hyatt in Cambridge on Hotwire for $138, and a phantom 3* at Logan w/ NO amenities for $70 (scary :) ) for these dates. So can you help me? If I'm not successful, I'll most likely book the airport Embassy Suites, as it is close to airport and public transit, and is reasonable rate for direct booking. Thanks for any and all suggestions and assistance!
  13. No, I decided to stay here myself, and let everyone else be at the Holiday Inn :) . For the $70 I'm saving the company, I don't think anyone will mind. If my review is positive, I'll have to ask other co-workers if they want to bid to stay there on future trips.
  14. Got this on my 1st bid, wow! Now I don't have to hunt around for breakfast in the morning!
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