Priceline Hotel: 3* San Diego (Mira Mesa) Prime Hotel and Suites

By ScottF12345,

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Well, this is about my 5 time trying to get a hotel for these dates with no luck. There's a conference that I think is making it difficult. I tried splitting up the dates with no luck there. Bid 6/3-6/6 ended up using all the zones went up to $80 3* no luck. Bid 6/3-6/8 ended up using all the zones, went up to $85 3* no luck.

Used your link to easyclicktravel.com and saw the doubletree del mar for $99.00. Booked this hotel last year through priceline for $47.00. At this point I'm going to book it for 99.00 as it was acceptable and I can't find any other 3*+ in that price range...

If anyone sees any legitimate 3*s anywhere in san diego for cheaper let me know. I'm going to book the doubletree tommorrow evening if its still available.



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There's a 3* on Hotwire in Mira Mesa for $79 (6/3-6/8). I don't know what hotel it is but I would guess it's Prime Hotels and Resorts. I'm surprised you didn't get this 3* on Priceline as it usually goes for about $55-70 and as far as I know it's the only 3* in that zone.

If you're willing to split your stay into 2 hotels, another option would be to book the Holiday Inn Express Sorrento Valley (Mira Mesa) on the Holiday inn Website (http://www.ichotelsgroup.com). The weekend rate is $96 prepaid or you can make a cancellable reservation for $102 (6/2-6/6). The parking is free and it includes continental breakfast. I prefer this hotel to the Doubletree Del Mar because 1) continental breakfast is free, 2) it's closer to downtown (although still quite far away) and 3) it's much newer than the Doubletree

There is also the Holiday Inn Rancho Bernardo for about $88 prepaid for the weekend. It's over on I-15 but is about as far north as Del Mar, although I have not stayed here

The only downside is that the Holiday Inn rates go up for Monday/Tuesday

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Thanks Marty,

Since I went up to 80.00 anyways on priceline for EVERYTHING and got rejected, I decided to go with Hotwire.

I couldn't get the 79.00 price no matter how many times I tried. Got it at 80.00. It was the Prime Hotel and Suites as you suggested. I read some reviews before I booked and they seemed to be more on the side of positive. Doesn't look like its in a great location, but its as good as the Doubletree del mar. I remember that being in a pretty bad loication.

I did some research and apparently this used to be a Wyndham and the rumor is that in May of 2005 its changing into a Country Inn and Suites. I hope this doesnt affect my rate or any of the amenities offered.

Again thanks for the help.


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Glad to hear it worked out for you Scott!

The hotel is changing to a Country Inn & Suites on May 4 but they are keeping all reservations in tact.

The hotel is at least as nice as the Del Mar Doubletree. I have stayed here a few times and like it better. It also has free internet and wireless in the lobby - hopefully this won't change once the new owners take over. There are also good, fairly cheap snacks at the bar during happy hour

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Glad you got something you are happy with.

Can you please add the amenties that were shown before purchase so that we can properly add this to our lists.

You can still view the amenties by going to HOTWIRE and clicking the MY ACCOUNT link near the top right of their home page. We'll then move this thread to the Hotwire section of the board.


Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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