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  1. Priceline doesn't give you any info besides # of stars and location until you have already purchased the hotel. That's why it can be such a risk even if you do a lot of research. That's also why message boards such as this one are soooooo helpful in determining where to bid, how much to bid, and what the possible outcomes will be. Scott
  2. Talked with priceline on the phone. They apologized and offered me a full refund. Unfortuantely those dates are booked for hotels and it would now be cutting it close to find another hotel of 3* caliber at a reasonable price. I asked if there was anything else they could do (partial refund, a different hotel, etc), and they said no. I told them I felt like I overpaid for a 2.5* then and they said that I did and they would refund my money. I'm now going to look for another hotel, if I find one I can cancel this one, otherwise I'll keep this one. What a pain. Scott
  3. PRICELINE SAN DIEGO Theres the link. I reread it as well as the following posts and looks like my post was definately confusing at best. lol 'Since I went up to 80.00 anyways on priceline for EVERYTHING and got rejected, I decided to go with Hotwire. I couldn't get the 79.00 price no matter how many times I tried. Got it at 80.00' Couldn't get the 79.00 price no matter what on hotwire and ended up getting the 80.00 price on priceline in the one location that I didnt include (mira mesa) Scott
  4. Recently I purchased a 3* hotel through priceline. Today I went into my account to print out my information as I noticed I had forgotten to do this earlier. It shows my 3* bid, my price, and the link to all the details. When I click to get the details, the hotel name has changed, but more importantly the star rating has dropped to 2.5*. I purchased what I thought was a 3*, paid for it in advance, and come to find out it's now a 2.5*. Can Priceline do this? Is there anything I can do? Any Ideas? Scott
  5. Thanks Marty, Since I went up to 80.00 anyways on priceline for EVERYTHING and got rejected, I decided to go with Hotwire. I couldn't get the 79.00 price no matter how many times I tried. Got it at 80.00. It was the Prime Hotel and Suites as you suggested. I read some reviews before I booked and they seemed to be more on the side of positive. Doesn't look like its in a great location, but its as good as the Doubletree del mar. I remember that being in a pretty bad loication. I did some research and apparently this used to be a Wyndham and the rumor is that in May of 2005 its changing into a Country Inn and Suites. I hope this doesnt affect my rate or any of the amenities offered. Again thanks for the help. Scott
  6. Well, this is about my 5 time trying to get a hotel for these dates with no luck. There's a conference that I think is making it difficult. I tried splitting up the dates with no luck there. Bid 6/3-6/6 ended up using all the zones went up to $80 3* no luck. Bid 6/3-6/8 ended up using all the zones, went up to $85 3* no luck. Used your link to easyclicktravel.com and saw the doubletree del mar for $99.00. Booked this hotel last year through priceline for $47.00. At this point I'm going to book it for 99.00 as it was acceptable and I can't find any other 3*+ in that price range... If anyone sees any legitimate 3*s anywhere in san diego for cheaper let me know. I'm going to book the doubletree tommorrow evening if its still available. Thanks, Scott
  7. Wow, thats a bad experience. I actually stayed at that hotel as well and I wasn't overly happy with it either. Not that bad, but not one I'd like to stay at again given a choice. I think I'll keep looking, but I'll post the final outcome when it comes. Scott
  8. I'm shown a 3* Best Value hotel in (SeaWorld - Mission Bay - Shelter Island ) San Diego area. The amenities are: Complimentary Breakfast, Pool(s), Fitness Center, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Laundry Facilities Anyone have any idea what it could be? These dates are a tough time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Scott
  9. thats it exactly.... i hope its more of a 3* than a 2.5 but i find that priceline is usually a more accurate/conservative rating. Scott
  10. Just realized the hotel i got, holiday inn select, was a 2.5* on priceline. Was getting the holiday in mission valley and the holiday inn select confused..... guess thats what happens when your doing to many of these at once. Most likely couldve gotten thoe holiday inn cheaper on priceline if i had done 2.5*s. Only think that because of past experience you can usually get stuff on hotwire a little cheaper on priceline. Regards, Scott
  11. Well heres what happened: Looked at EasyClickTravel and actually it seems like a nice little site. Nice sponser to partner up with. They had the hyatt regency la jolla for 107.00 and the doubletree delmar for 91. Came EXTREMELY close to booking the hyatt regency except the parking through that off. The doubletree is a nice hotel i have stayed their before but the deciding factor was the hotwire holiday inn select price. With all of these hotels on easyclicktravel I decided to Try priceline one more time up to 90 bucks for 3* and got nothing. Used your link and went through hotwire to book the holiday inn select for 60.00 + 5.00 parking. Compared to 107+22parking. Hope its a halfway decent holiday inn select... ive stayed at some pretty bad ones and some decent ones. Thanks for the help. Regards, Scott
  12. Well, as stated in a different post, i've tried what other users have tried.... then went up some more and still rejected... hit about 88 for 3*s and about 90 for 4*. Getting a little out of what i usually enjoy paying for priceline. Have what im pretty sure is the Holiday Inn Selectin hotel circle on HOTWIRE for about 60 (range between 57-62). The reviews sound nice for the hotel and ive stayed in some decent holiday in selects, but personally if there is a shot at something better id definately like to go at it. Basically by tomorrow, if i cant get anything else, im going to settle with Holiday Inn Select. Thanks, Scott P.S. I have to find another room in the same area during another large conference from June 2nd or 3rd through the 7th or 8th. Think i may get started on those as well, seeing how tough it has been (somewhat last minute) for this conference hotel
  13. just tried to use sojourns strategy as he looked to be in the same predicament as me in THIS POST and after all this I could deal with people 80 for the marriot la jolla... unfortauntely hit the 80 mark and rejected. added carlsbad and 82 was rejected.... nice bid sojourn
  14. The zones im looking at are Downtown, Del Mar, Mission Valley area, and always coronado also hehe. Really I dont mind staying anywhere, I dont mind a commute to downtown each morning. Previous experiences have led me to believe you usually find nicer hotels outside of the city. Really just any thought/opinions/input would be appreciated. Have 2 back to back shows up their and both are going to be difficult times to book, so just feeling out the options at the moment. Thanks, Scott
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