does priceline usually give bad times for flights?

By carlos78,

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I'm sure you read Priceline FAQ on this subject, including their definition of peak/off-peak (if not let me know and i'll foward you the link).

As far as individual's results, some get very good flight times, some are quite disappointed with their flight times... it's all the luck of the draw.

The main reason i don't use Priceline for airfare is that you have to agree to a minimum of one connection, and i prefer to fly non-stop. Another disadvantage is that you can depart on the last flight of the day and return on the first flight of the day, essentially reducing your vacation by 2 days :)

With lower airfare prices in general, i don't think the Priceilne offers as great a savings as it once did, but perhaps this will change in the future as airline pricing gets stronger. If you're low on funds, it's worth a shot, as long as the restrictions mentioned above don't bother you too much. If you decide to use Priceline for airfare, there's currently a $10 Bonus Link at SavingsBarn.com which will add $10 to the price of your bid (per ticket).

With the above caveats, i was actually introduced to Priceline/Hotwire with an airfare itinerary. I needed to travel from NYC to Chicago and my plans were very flexible, so i went with Hotwire because they offered RT of $120/tix while the best i could do conventionally was $210/tix. There were to of us so i thought the savings were significant enough, and i ended up with non-stop flights and very good flight times for our needs: departed NYC at 2pm and departed O'Hare at noon. Ideally it would have been better if the times were reversed, but for the money we saved i wasn't complaining.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Have you decided what hotels you want for Cabo San Lucas? Priceline might (I haven't checked) have an airfare/hotel package.

I seem to remember (last time I checked) that Priceline guarantees that the vacation packages will have a minimum number of hours on the ground - in other words you won't run into that last flight at night/first flight of morning problem that could happen if you purchased airfare alone. Of course double-check this.

Of course there's no guarantee these packages are a good deal - you'd be well-advised to price everything separately first.

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As far as finding a good airfare, you might want to try digitalcity.com and then go to Los Angeles/travel/deals. They are constantly updating the best airfare deals out of LAX, Burbank, Long Beach , Santa Ana, and Ontario. I just checked and they have a special out of Ontario to Cabo $160 round trip thru Aero Mexico. The promo code is 'faresavers'. Another website that lists airfare bargains by cities is Smarterliving.com. You have to register and they will send you all the best fares from the area you specify. Most of the deals are last minute. Hope this helps.

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thanks for all your info.

this will be of great help. i already have a hotel/time share in cabo. it is a wedding gift for a week from a friend of ours.

first week drive up ca. coast next week fly down to cabo. i just wanted to help our friend find the lowest rate. thank you again.

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