Hotwire Hotel: 4* Kapalua area condo?

By SkinAcat,

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Sorry if I missed this discussion in a previous post. Not traveling for some time (June 2011) but it's for a honeymoon and want to do the best we can for our money. CAn anyone ID this Resort from hotwire. I am assuming that its a relatively new listing because there are currently NO reviews.

Location: Kapalua

Star rating: 4-star

Price summary

Hotel rate per night: PricePerRoomPerson:$189.00

Nights: 7

Rooms: 1

Subtotal: $1,323.00

Tax recovery charges & fees: $191.17

Total price: $1,514.17

Amenities:Resort;1-Bedroom Suite; Fully-equipped Kitchen; Daily Housekeeping; Air Conditioning; In-Room Laundry; Pool(s); Restaurant(s); 24-hour Front Desk; High-speed Internet Access; Golf Nearby; Tennis Nearby; Condo

Any help is appreciated. :)

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Seems like a great deal.

Assuming Dman is correct, it's only ~$20/nite off... which does add up for a 7 nite stay, but given the amount of time before your stay i would think that one of the "Big 3" (Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity) would have a sale or discount in the future would could be applied which would help bring the cost down a little further.

Thru Expedia (i didn't check any other sources) this reservation appears to be (always doublecheck the terms yourself!!) cancellable up until a few days before your arrival... if so you could book this now to protect yourself from any rate increases, while also giving yourself flexibility to take advantage of another offer (for this or some other property) down the road as you would know your "price to beat".

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Kapalua is a small, self-contained upscale resort. There really is only the Ritz Carlton hotel and the Kapalua Villas that are actually within Kapalua - other than some extremely upscale private homes, which I am quite sure are not rented out via HOTWIRE or PRICELINE. Anything else that's nearby but not actually in Kapalua would probably have to describe itself as being in the Napili-Kapalua area, or some other area like Napili, Kahana, or Kaanapali, rather than actually being in Kapalua itself. That's why I said it was almost certainly the Kapalua Villas. The "almost" allows for the wiggle-room of some place inaccurately describing itself in a deceptive way - but, as I said, the ONLY actual condos in Kapalua itself are the Kapalua Villas.

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Thanks DMAN. I've come to the same exact conclusion. Almost definately the Kapalua VIllas. It's nice when there are few choices to reconcile and the answer just seems to jump out at you, huh? :) Before I found this site, I had spent a lot of time "without help" trying to decypher HOTWIRE's hotels. I have been VERY impressed with the deals i've gotten through Hotwire this way. Getting a deal on a good hotel is almost as fun as the vacation itself to me...sometimes!

THank you for the help, i'll be sure to always start here when booking through HOTWIRE / Expedia, etc.

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Most likely the Kapalua Villa that you are quoted is a standard golf villa which has bad reviews. Each villa is privately owned but is managed through the Kapalua Villa mgmt Outrigger. You cant preview the condo you get. If you do go through the Villas, make sure it is a Gold villa. Going through the Villa management is expensive. There is also a $25/day resort fee. My wife and I have stayed in Kapalua 3 times, twice through the Kapalua Villas and once through Ridge Realty. The Ridge Realty condos won't get you ocean front views, but can get you a large villa and nicer one for at least $100/nt cheaper. You can also check out the VRBO site that lists all of the privately owned condos that are not associated with the management. We initially went through the Villas to get the golf discount, but the Villas kept increasing the prices over the years and the discounted golf eventually did not offset the rental price. Hope this helps. BTW, my wife and I spent our honeymoon there.

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