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  1. I'm pretty sure that the only 4* hotel in Rancho Mirage or Cathedral City with a casino would be Agua Caliente.
  2. FYI, there are currently three 4.5* properties in Wailea. They are the Fairmont Kea Lani, the Grand Wailea, and the Andaz. They all cost quite a bit more than the 4* resort properties, which are the Makena Golf Resort, and the Mariott Wailea. Non-opaque rates for the three 4.5* resorts are typically $450 or more per night, usually at least $150 per night higher than the Makena Resort and the Marriott. Frankly, if you got any of those three properties for $250 per night, it would be a screaming great deal, although I personally am not a fan of the Grand Wailea because it is vast and massive, the other two, being the Andaz and the Kea Lani, are spectacular. But you are by far most likely to win the Grand Wailea if you win any of them. And it would certainly be expected to cost you more than a $50 premium per night over the Makena Resort or the Marriott. Whether or not it's worth it, depends upon how much you like the Grand Wailea and it's massive scale - personally, I'd prefer the Makena Resort for the $175-190 it usually goes for.
  3. FYI, I just got back from a stay at the Hyatt which was offered to me as part of a promotion to try to sell the timeshares that they are builting. The deal was $850 for 5 nights including taxes and resort fee (which comes out to $170 a night all in except for parking). I also got a $100 resort certificate which I used to pay for the parking ($14 a night) and one meal. The deal was predicated on attending a timeshare sales presentation - which was a very soft sell and which was over in less than an hour - and I didn't buy and got no push back for not buying. I am wondering if these $145 rooms are on the side facing the construction and just about nothing else (which the timeshare deal I got was). As the resort fee is $30 a night, and the taxes and Priceline fees are going to be another $25 or so, the Price.line price of $145 is still more than the Timeshare 5-night promo deal of $850 for 5 nights all in - but I would suggest that if the Priceline rooms did NOT overlook the construction zone, it could still be a better deal. BTW, the fact that the timeshare deal rooms overlooked the construction was fully disclosed when I booked it, and I was fine with it - the room itself was spacious, well appointed, and who goes to Maui to stay in the room anyways.
  4. Wouldn't be shocked if it was the new Kapaa Courtyard.
  5. Princeville is not a free rebid at 3.5*. You very easily could get the Westin Princeville instead. Which is a very good hotel, but, of course, you'd be in Princeville, not Poipu. I'm personally trying to get Poipu as a split between the other half of my trip, which I already booked on a deal that Starwood is giving owners at the Westin Princeville. Since 2/3 of my trip is already in Princeville, I DON'T want Princeville for the remaining third of it. But the fact that Starwood is running very aggressive promo deals for their owners on the Westin Princeville says to me that they have plenty of vacancies - which means you could easily win it while trying for Poipu if you include it in the bidding zones. So it is DEFINITELY NOT a free rebid zone. I would also add that next January is peak season, so there's almost no way that the Sheraton would release inventory for those dates at the best Priceline rates this early. You probably won't see availability on Priceline in January at good prices until at least September or October.
  6. FYI, at least presently, Hotwire on their non-opaque ratings, considers the Excalibur to be a 3* and the Luxor to be a 3.5* property. Do they state what the resort fee is? Because the MGM Grande's resort fee is higher than Monte Carlo and Tropicana, and those are the 3 main candidates. BTW, that's NOT the amenities list for the specific property you are looking at, that's the generic descriptor of "resort" on Hotwire.
  7. I would guess, from the free parking (which the Marriott does NOT have) that this is the Makena Resort (formerly the Prince in Makena).
  8. I hate to say it, but he'd have won the Westin with a bid of $50.
  9. You're bumping up against the NAB trade show, which is one of the larger trade shows in Vegas that week.
  10. Given what you are asking for, I would suggest using HOTWIRE to try to get either Planet Hollywood, Tropicana, or Hard Rock. If you use PRICELINE, you could easily pull Luxor or Monte Carlo and these would have an older crowd, with less of a pool scene.
  11. Encore base rooms are bigger, and of course, everything in one is useable by guests in the other. Effectively, it's one hotel. But if you prefer the rooms in Wynn, then your preference is valid.
  12. Actually, Encore is very slightly nicer, but they are effectively the same quality.
  13. And in that specific zone, the two potential properties that could some day suddenly emerge on PRICELINE as 5* properties would be the MGM Signature, and the Marriott Grand Chateau. Both of these are upscale condo properties where the quality of the rooms is legitimately 5*, but the quality of on-site amenities and service offered is really not as comprehensive as a true 5* resort hotel.
  14. I would add that I personally would prefer the Tropicana to the MGM, and I would also point out that the Paradise tower of the Trop is actually closer (meaning, a shorter walk) to the MGM's casino than most of the rooms in the MGM itself are to their Casino.
  15. You might wish to book directly a 2 BR suite at the MGM Signature. These also come with a convertible Queen Sofa bed, that I have slept on and it's a good quality mattress. I would add that, while the rooms at the MGM Signature are definitely 5* quality, the service is not up to that level, like it is at Wynn, or Bellagio, or Cosmopolitan.
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