Are these sites & others like them legit?

By knly00,

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I was just looking around for some other cheap rates & came across these sites are they legit. They have really cheap rates for the nice hotels & resorts. I have not a clue on how to make sure it is not a scam.



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You'll generally get the lowest price on Priceline and often but not always the second lowest possible price on Hotwire. This is always a function of availability and other issues - I always check other websites and on occasion find the best deal that way.

hoteldiscounts.com and Hotels.com and quikbook.com are all legitimate consolidators but won't always have the lowest price and in some cases require non-refundable prepayment. Non-refundable prepayment is the thing that some people don't like about PL and HW but the savings are so good that it's not an issue for me.

I generally check Hotels.com, HW and sidestep.com for lowest prices and then check direct booking rates and availability through a direct booking site for a recognizable chain in my target area. Based on that and winning bid info in this forum (if available), I formulate a bid range and strategy.

www.orlandovacations4less has a very big catch - read the fine print about "qualifying". You're reuired to sit through a timeshare sales presentation in order to get their quoted prices and even then, it's a function of time of year and availability - note that they say "prices as low as" but don't guarantee that low price. If you can tolerate the sales pitch , don't mind spending the time and are good at saying no..... it might be okay but you can do better elsewhere. E.g. - they show the Hampton Inn at "as low as" about $30 per night. You can do that well on PL or HW for a Hampton quality level of property.

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Like you, I was weary of booking but decided that all I would lose was about $100. cdn. I am from Canada and thanks to betterbidding was able to figure out how to use priceline. Since then, I have booked a night in Florida for a fraction of the cost of what the TA wanted and this room is right at the pier. I have spent 2 nights in Quebec City and on Wed. just got back from 5 nights in Torono. My reservation was for $750. cdn and I cancelled this as I got the Hilton just down the road for $305. cdn. Trust me, it's not a scam. :) :) :) :o

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