Hotwire Hotel: Any regions likely to have hotels with no parking fee?

By belgo,

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I have a friend from Germany who will be passing through LA on her way to San Diego, and asked me to find an inexpensive hotel which doesn't charge for parking. Doing a little research, I found a 2* in LAX which looks like it may be the TraveLodge which only charges $5. The Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City charges $10. Are there any areas in which parking charges are rare? Perhaps Sherman Oaks? Redondo Beach?? Thanks!

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Commerce-Norwalk-Rosemead is a Priceline zone where all reported hotels have free parking. I don't know if that's along the route your friend will be driving though. He or she could end up spending $15 on gas to save $10 on parking.

Does your friend have any location preference? Are they driving a particular route (so I could suggest something along the way)?

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It's LA... you pay to park even to go to McDonald's it seems. Well Maybe not that bad but the mandatory valet parking at many places gets crazy, especially at hotel - pay about 30 to park and then tips in and out every time to boot. Many times I have had to pay for valet parking plus a tip.... just to wait 5 minutes for them to drive my car over from '25 away in an almost empty parking area! I stand there feeling like the biggest idiot in the world. But in many places you have no choice. In terms of parking balance the costs of the parking relative to the cost/value of the hotel with consideration for the costs associated with avoiding the parking fess. Oh BTW... the city of LA now charges something like 10% tax on parking fees. If you see a 'Park Here' sign ahead... start scouting out street parking when and where you can.

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