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  1. I booked the hotel using your link. I picked the $171 hotel and it was indeed the Mandalay Bay. I definitely did not want the Monte Carlo, especially after reading the reviews on tripadvisor. If I can believe the reviews, the Monte Carlo's rooms are run down, and they're charging a $30 resort fee even though their pool isn't working! A bit ridiculous. I know the Mandalay Bay's a bit out of the way, but at least they're on the Deuce line. Thanks for the help!
  2. Max would be $180. I'm looking for a hotel with easy access to Deuce bus or monorail so I don't have to worry about driving (basically, something on the strip). I guess I could take the Trump, but I really hate the dude. There's a 4* for $171 in south strip with the following amenities: FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Resort, Casino, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Golf nearby, Spa services, Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible for hearing impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking, Roll-in shower
  3. 4* Center Strip "Boutique" 11/10/16-11/13/16 $148 FULL AMENITIES: Free parking, Boutique hotel, Casino, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Spa services Any ideas? I don't know of any hotel in the center strip that I would describe as "boutique"....
  4. 5* North Strip $179 11/10/16-11/13/16 Free parking, Free Internet, Spa services, Resort, Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Golf nearby, Kitchenette. I got it, probably the Trump.
  5. Complimentary Free Internet Free parking Amenities Fitness center Pet friendly Pool(s )Resor tRestaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms Spa services Any ideas as to ID?
  6. Trying to get a cheap place by the airport--not accepted @ $40 for 1 night 8/28/11.
  7. The listed ammenities were Resort, Casino, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Golf, and Spa. This was just a quick visit for a convention on the 12th. This was the hotel I expected. I just wanted something within walking distance of the monorail, and this place is about 3 blocks from the Sahara station, which will get me quickly to the convention center. Of course, I used the HOTWIRE link at the top of this website.
  8. My frugal German friends were at it again! This time they wanted 6 people in 2 rooms. I told them they certainly couldn't guarantee 3 people/room on PRICELINE, so they went on HOTWIRE, with some limited selection. I also told them this was a zone in which they would be unlikely to have much if any parking fee. The only amenity listed was breakfast, which a tripadvisor reader described as "a joke." I hope the place is OK! I guess they'll get either 2 queen beds, or a king and a sofabed. I made sure they used the link on this website. (This was $74 per room, per night, of course). Hmmm. Looking at the Choice Hotels website, a room with 2 queens goes for $73/room, so maybe not such a great deal?
  9. This hotel wasn't for me, actually, but rather for some frugal childhood friends from Germany. The cheapest 2* on Hotwire was $56, and they couldn't guarantee it wouldn't be in Tulare, so I had her go for $50 on Priceline and they have the Holiday Inn. The cheapest rate for a foreigner would have been $90 (Entertainment Card rate was $75). I was actually pleasantly surprised since 2* on Priceline seems like a bit of a risk. I would have thought that a Holiday Inn would at least be rated 2 1/2* if not 3*. Total with taxes and fees was $64.50. I made sure they used the betterbidding links for their bids, and they would do so in the future as well.
  10. I have a friend from Germany who will be passing through LA on her way to San Diego, and asked me to find an inexpensive hotel which doesn't charge for parking. Doing a little research, I found a 2* in LAX which looks like it may be the TraveLodge which only charges $5. The Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City charges $10. Are there any areas in which parking charges are rare? Perhaps Sherman Oaks? Redondo Beach?? Thanks!
  11. Yes, I'm sorry. It did have a restaurant icon. And I did purchase it (through the HOTWIRE link on the website, of course--two rooms for 3 friends!). And, yes, it was the Holiday Inn.
  12. I was unable to secure a 3* for these dates for $90. HOTWIRE has a 3* with pool, fitness, internet, laundry, and business center for $107, probably the Holiday Inn (?), so I guess I'll probably go for that one.
  13. Consider it reported. It's the CitiGarden Hotel in South San Francisco, won for $39 plus taxes and fees for a total of $54.24. I used the HOTWIRE link on the above response to my prior post. It used to be called the Good Night Inn previously, from what I can gather and seems to have decent reviews. Perfectly acceptable for an overnight pre-fly stay.
  14. I hate to be a pill, but a new one has come up; a 2* in the North SFO/Oyster point area for $39 with: hotel features the following amenities: Airport Shuttle Complimentary Breakfast Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access I don't see something similar on the Hotwire list here....
  15. Well, the tripadvisor reviews aren't stellar, but I may end up booking that hotel... The hotel rates are horrid for that date, and it seems to be because of the Oracle Open World convention, with an expected attendance of 45,000. It's in SF proper, but it seems to be affecting hotel rates in the airport area as well, including the Travelodge in Milbrae (which specifically quoted different Oracle Open World rates). Before I go ahead, though, any idea what the 2* is, which is going for $63 in the South SFO/Burlingame area with the following amenities? Airport Shuttle Complimentary Breakfast Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby
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