Priceline Hotel: Paris Help Needed

By nn2g2bt,

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This AM, I spotted these other reports of successful bids for the Paris CDG Marriott Courtyard:

$47 + $8.18 taxes and fees for 1 night, bid ~5/6, for 7/21/03;

$45 + $7.60 taxes and fees for 1 night, bid ~5/18, for 5/27/03;

$45 + $8.24 taxes and fees per night for 2 nights, bid ~5/8, for 5/28-29/03;

$41 + $8.18 taxes and fees for 1 night, bid ~5/6, for 5/11/03.

So far, I've bid $40 and $45 at Priceline for 1 night on 6/17/03, without success.

(Someone has reported that the Paris Airshow runs around the date I need, so availability may be limited at that time.)

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So far, I've bid $40 and $45 at Priceline for 1 night on 6/17/03, without success. 

(Someone has reported that the Paris Airshow runs around the date I need, so availability may be limited at that time.)

Since there is an accepted bid on this board for July 5th - July 7th at $45/nite, why don't you check the hotel's website (Paris CDG Marriott) and their rates for these dates and compare it to the rate for June 17th. This will be more relevant to your situation than accepted bids for various dates throughout the month of May.

If the rates are higher for your dates, then i would say it is likely that demand is higher for your particular date and it will take a higher bid than is typically needed during non-peak times.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Sure enough, thereuare --

The Marriott Courtyard Hotel site reports a "Special Event" rate for 6/17/03 of 230 Euros at CDG (including taxes and fees), while the July dates (which were reported here at a winning bid of $45, before taxes and fees) are available at 95-125 Euros per night.

(BTW, I originally posted this in that previous CDG Thread just because I thought it would be helpful to gather the info about this specific hotel in one place -- your help is much appreciated, but I didn't think I really needed any. :) Wrong again, I guess! :) )

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3 rounds of bids later, I now have the following rejected Priceline CDG Airport bids to report (for a 1 night stay, on 6/17/03):

Bid 6/6/03 for 3* near CDG: $50 (rejected);

Bid 6/9/03 for 4* near CDG: $70 (rejected);

Bid 6/9/03 for 3* near CDG: $60 "

Bid 6/9/03 for 2* near CDG: $50 "

Bid 6/12/03 for 4* near CDG: $90 (rejected);

Bid 6/12/03 for 3* near CDG: $80 "

Bid 6/12/03 for 2* near CDG: $70 "

(All of the above bids exclude taxes and fees of up to $10-$15 per night.)

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Thanks for the suggestion, WillTravel!

I'd like to treat my son and travelmate to a conveniently located 3*, but I really don't want to go over $100.

There seem to be very few bargains around CDG on 6/17.

I've seen several 2* rooms listed for under 50 euros (i.e., on Orbitz and on cheaptickets), but each time I've tried to buy one, it's fallen through.

I guess I will try Expedia, and maybe even Travelocity (via the link here, at betterbidding). (If I remember correctly, Hotwire doesn't do hotels in Paris, right?)

I may even look at some student hostels, too -- I'll eventually post how things work out.

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The absolute cheapest you can do, I think, is 26 Euros for a Formule 1 hotel in Roissy:


This will probably be cheaper than two hostel beds. It does have a bathroom and shower in the hall, but if you are considering hostels, that might not be a problem.

There's an Etap in Roissy (which has a private bath) for 35 Euros.

Both options have separate beds for two people, but the second bed might be a bunk above the first.

Both are part of the Accor chain - http://www.accor.com.

Are they arriving late at night, so they want to stay by the airport? Otherwise I would suggest just heading straight into Paris.

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On Sunday, I shot my last chance at Priceline (for a 6/17/03 stay) with a bid of $100 (before taxes and fees) for a 3* CDG Hotel, and an $85 bid on a 2* -- both of them were summarily rejected.

But as things turned out, I balked at subjecting my son to yet another night's stay without a private bath, and splurged last night on a non-refundable 2 Double Bed Room at the CDG Airport Holiday Inn -- for a total (including taxes and fees) of 146 Euros.

I had been scouring the net for hours, when I finally stumbled over that 146 Euro "Internet Saver" rate at about 2am EDT (at www.holiday-inn.com).

I checked again this AM, but their website now reports "No Availability".

146 Euros definitely isn't a bargain to gloat about, but at least it's over-with, right? :)

Thanks much for all of your input, people!

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