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DC Liaison Capitol Hill Convention Center-Capitol Hill

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So we just stayed here and I have to say it was a really nice hotel and the staff was very friendly. I read a few of the reviews and tips on Tripadvisor, so I had a few ideas of what to expect. Here are my own observations.

Liasion Hotel

- Nice rooms, clean and decent size (ours had two beds each).

- Flat screen TV, desk with chair, coffee maker (no fridge in our rooms, but I think you can request it), and $4 bottle of water

- Pay for wifi access available, but there is a business center that had free PCs and printer, but it was small and always had people there.

- Nice lobby area, with bar and attached restaurant (Art & Soul : Very good food from chef Art Smith : formerly Oprah's cook)

- Right next door to a fire station

- Nice rooftop pool (we took a look before it started raining)


- At the hotel it was $47 overnight

- Right around the corner, go north on New Jersey Ave, make a right on E st, and the lot is on your right. $20/night. The lot closes around midnight, so if you come in late, don't expect to park there. (it's VERY close, 2-3 minute walk)

- A few blocks away there is 24hr lot at Union station, pretty easy walk back to the hotel. $19 (12-24hrs)


- The restaurant is Very good, not cheap at all but very good food and not overly fancy.

- There is a liquor store on the corner at E st (looks a little shifty but ok inside). It has much more than just liquor, there is juices, drinks, snacks, etc ... it's more like a convenience store with alcohol. Hours, something like 8am-9pm.

- Union Station has lots of options for food, check out there website. It's basically a mall inside with food and shops.

- Plenty of places around the tourists areas too, multiple food courts or restaurants available.


- We mostly walked, it's a few blocks to the Capitol Building and an easy walk over to the museum area

- Since union station is so close you can take the metro anywhere.

- We planned on doing the Circulator (Red DC bus), but the Simthsonian loop only runs on weekends.


- The Smithsonian museums are free and there are multiple around.

- The Spy Museum was north of the museum area and cost $18 per adult, a little bit of a walk.

- The Washington Monument, tickets are free but people line up at 7am and they don't open until 9am. You can order the tickets online for a small fee ($2-$3) but plan on doing it weeks/months in advance.

- The Old Post Office Pavilion has the second highest view in DC in the old clock tower, it's free and not crowded like the Washington Monument. There is a small food court at the ground floor, mostly snacks and desserts (Ben & Jerrys, Smoothies)

- TONS more things to do around DC

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