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By jayshar,

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I have used it for restaurants in the DC area. They have $100 gift certificates available for around $30...a great deal. Turns out these gift certificates are excess from Bon Appetit magazine and are totally legit. That said, it was a complete pain to get the restaurants to accept them. At both places where I used them, they were literally baffled by how I had obtained them and had to call the owner to determine if they were real. It was a real hassle. I guess the only thing I can say about Skyauction is that it can be a good deal, but don't be surprised if you encounter some hassle getting the discount.

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I have used it for restaurants in the DC area. They have $100 gift certificates available for around $30...a great deal.

I have been tempted to get Skyauction restaurant certificates, but have had great luck with Restaurant.com certificates which are frequently sold at 80% discount. A $25 certificate can be had for $2, just read the fine print before you buy.

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I've purchased a number of different restaurant certificates from SkyAuction and never had any difficulty using them. I've also purchased a number of vacations from them and not had any issues either. As was mentioned, you do need to do some comparison shopping to make sure you are not bidding too high once you add the taxes and service charges in. However, you can get some amazing deals especially on a high end hotels and vacation rentals.

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I have many negative inputs with skyauction.com

1) They book my hotel wrong year 2009 instead of 2010.

2) They over charge me for 1 night

3) it took several phone calls and several email to get them to re-credit me for the over charge

4) They never return my call although I emailed and called several times try to clear that up

5) The saving is less then $5/ night for all the troubles I went through. It is not worthy in my opinion.

Therefore, It is up to you to decide. For me, I cancel the account with them and never want to do business with them again

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I have had great luck with the purchase of Skyauction certificates for Timeshare use. If you are very flexible as to dates, you can enjoy (sometimes) excellent 4* Timeshare resorts for approx. $225 - $250 all-inclusive per week for the apt., not per person. A couple of times a year Skyauction runs a "Blowout Sale" where you can purchase the certs. without bidding for them. They are usually at a flatrate of (now) $229 (+ $20 service charge) for an entire week. If you want to bid for them instead of waiting for the sales, be very aware that they have an additional $295 + $20 service fee per "won" week (the $20 fee remains the same whether you buy one week or several). The Blowout Sale certs. are generally valid for 12 - 18 months, and we usually keep one or two available for the times we need something last-minute.

Outside of school vacation times, you can almost always find availability in Orlando, and very often for Ft. Lauderdale and several other Florida cities. If you are careful which resort you choose (some excellent ones are Wyndham Resorts), the price of the week is a fantastic bargain. Less positive than Florida, were some of our chosen resorts in Spain. Many of these were built in the 80s and have NOT been kept up properly.

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