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  1. I tried rebidding again this time I started at $75 went up to $90 in the downtown area and it was still declined. Then I bidded 3-4 star Fort Lauderdale Beach area started at $75 went up to $86 still decline. :( I guess I will keep trying but I don't really want to spend more than $90 per room.I may have to try my luck in the airport area.
  2. The best rate for a 3star downtown is $152 Hyatt Place,. The beach has $169 Hilton Marina 4 star. They 3 star Ocean Sky $149 ( which has terrible reviews). I must add I bidded for a 3 star downtown not on the Beach beach I was afraid we would end up with the Ocean Sky hotel...has anyone ever reported this hotel as a win ????
  3. I have need help I have been bidding (using the links from this site) for 5 rooms for Jan 8-9 in the downtown and Fort Lauderdale beach zones. I am bidding on 3-4 stars starting from $65 up to 86 but keep being declined. This is a pre cruise hotel need, we will not have a car so we Are trying to find a area with food and restaurants in walking distance plus we would like to stay fairly close to the port area..any suggestions? Do you think the reason for my rejection is because the amount of rooms? I have always been able to get a room in these areas for around $76 .
  4. I Bid $75 4* Fort Lauderdale Beach 1 ROOM 07/19/2013 one night using the PRICELINE link from this site and it was accepted. :lol: Here is the breakdown on the rate and fees: $75 night +$16.58 fees and taxes =$91.58
  5. I use the HOTWIRE link from this site and purchase 2 rooms(4 people) Houston Downtown-3.5* $60 Crown Plaza!!
  6. Just came back from Treasure Island,nothing but good things to report, at check in we mention that we was their to celebrate our birthdays, they upgraded our room and gave us a bottle of Champagne!!! The rooms are decorated really nice, clean and the staff was pleasant. I would stay there again. I must say that we only ate at two of the restaurants, The Coffe House and The Buffet, the Buffet was terrible, don't waste your money.
  7. This is my first time staying at TI, been reading the reviews a lot of complaints about lack of hot water , the hotel being out dated and unclean rooms.
  8. I made several bids starting at $55, changing areas serveral times and finally at $75 bid was accepted. I use the PRICELINE link from here. Other sites advertising $99 a nite. Only downer is $20+tax ($22) Resort Fee.
  9. Some of the reviews I saw online were similar stories, except some people didn't get the discounts.
  10. I recieve emails from Sky Auction has anyone ever used it? I have saw some good deals on the website but I have read some bad reviews.
  11. My first bid for $40 for a 3* in the Arlington/Grand Praire Area was declined, but gave me the option to up my bid my $12, I didn't accept that offer. I went back in, select a area that didn't not have 3* hotels so I could increase my Bid to $45, so it would have to search in Arlington/Grand Praire area again this time my bid was accepted at the Crown Plaza. I used the PRICELINE link from here. Break down of Price $ 45.00 14.03 taxes and fees Total $59.03
  12. I have purchase hotel rooms via Priceline but never Airline tickets, the average airfare 8/12-08/16 $557 to $637 from IAH or DFW for straight flights to Montego Bay, connecting flights $468. I am wondering what are my chances of getting a straight flight or a lower rate by bidding? Anyway to find out if this rate will ever drop?
  13. I use the PRICELINE link from here Bid $40 Ft Worth Southwest 3* it was accepted. 12/11-12/13. Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $40.00 (USD) Number of Nights: 2 Room Subtotal: $80.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $19.92 (USD) Total Room Cost: $99.92 (USD
  14. I used the PRICELINE link from here first bid $35 decline tried again at $40 accepted. :) Here is a breakdown of price and fees: $40.00 Subtotal: $80.00 Taxes & Fees: $19.82 Total Charges*: $99.82
  15. I got two rooms for one night on 07/24/09 I first bid $50 declined, but it recieved a offer to up the by $14, I open a another browser up the Bid to $55 and $59 both declined. Went back to the offer to up the bid to $64 and it was accepted. I used the PRICELINE link from here. :) Here is a break down of the fees. $64.00 Subtotal: $128.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $28.06 Total Charges*: $156.06
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