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  1. The former 3.5 star Hotel 480 in the USE San Francisco zone is now officially the San Francisco Marriott Union Square. Priceline's retail product is currently rating the new Marriott at 3.5 stars as well.
  2. Although the W is listed in the Priceline vacation packages, the probable reason we don't see it come up on 'name your own price' is because it has a higher PRICELINE rate than most other 4 star hotels in the zone. Same thing with HOTWIRE. If you insist on the W, you'll probably have to buy retail. However, like so many San Francisco hotels, I've seen some decent prices at the W lately. I suggest you start out by trying the Starwood.com and Expedia, Travelocity, etc. Also, if you're staying over a weekend, your chances are better of getting lower priced rack rates than during the work week. Good luck!
  3. This is a "mistake rate" posted at FlyerTalk.com Monterey Bay, CA Travelodge, 2030 Fremont St, Monterey. One night only, July 13 2009. Queen accessible non-smoking room $7.21. Non-refundable. Can be found at Travelocity, Yahoo Travel and America PRICELINE EXPRESS Travel. Once these sites realize the mistake, it will get pulled (corrected).
  4. First bid of $65 rejected with counteroffer to add $17. $67 rejected $68 accepted Prescott Hotel, A Kimpton Hotel Union Square West - Nob Hill 545 Post Street San Francisco, California 94102 Check-in: April 24 2009 Check-out: April 25 2009 Your Offer Price $68.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $17.96 Total Charges: $85.96 Bid through BetterBidding link to PRICELINE.
  5. As you probably already know, both Monaco & Prescott are Kimpton properties and overall have good reviews. I also want to comment, for the sake of anyone reading, that $80 for a 7 night stay is fantastic. Recessions do have some advantages......
  6. Congratulations on your success with Parc 55. You are definitely in the Union Square area and just one block from the Powell BART station, so you did very well.
  7. Per the Hotwire hotel list here at Better Bidding this is a match for the Palace Hotel (Starwood Luxury Collection). Hotwire Hotel List I also entered your dates into HOTWIRE's vacation package (air + hotel) and again the amenities you displayed are a match for the Palace Hotel. Good luck and I hope that helps!
  8. It must be in San Diego, although I'm not sure which zone. http://www.halfmooninn.com/
  9. The thread title says Westin LAX.. Looking for confirmation you booked SFO. Thanks!
  10. Welcome to Better Bidding! I've been fortunate to use this hot wire / PRICELINE "system" several times when I've needed two rooms. It hasn't failed me yet. One word of advice, though, is to purchase the Priceline room first. That way, if you're assigned a different hotel than what you're seeing displayed on Hotwire it doesn't come back to haunt you by winding up with two rooms at different hotels. In my case, I could have been assigned the 3.5 star Casa Munres on Priceline. Had that happened, there would have been no point in purchasing the second room (at the Hyatt) from Hotwire. I would have simply gone back to Priceline and duplicated the first purchase for the second room. No guarantees I'd get the Casa Munres the second time around, but I think the chances of duplicating the same exact bid minutes later would end up with the same results. Finally, since HOTWIRE can't "see" the rate you paid on PRICELINE, you have to fax them your Priceline confirmation sheet in order for them to approve and process your claim.
  11. I'm sorry to see Le Meridien downgraded from 4.5 stars. It was, of course, an easy target as the only 4.5 in the zone. IMO Le Meridien and Omni should both be 4.5 stars, leaving Hyatt Regency Embarcadero and Hilton Financial at 4 stars. In my world I don't consider Hilton to be on the same level as Le Meridien & Omni. Just my opinion! BTW, Le Meridien has been having some incredible deals lately, via Starwood, Expedia, Hotels.com and Travelzoo.
  12. For BART and AT&T Park, I agree SOMA and Embarcadero are your best zones. Typically, July 4 weekend sees lower hotel rates, especially in the Embarcadero zone which encompases the Financial District. This year I would expect no different, especially given the current economy. My best advise would be to stick with your $75 limit if you're bidding this far in advance. Also pay attention to rack rates on sites such as Expedia as time goes on. We are seeing Priceline-type rates on sites like Expedia, Travelocity, etc this year due to the economy. Also, monitor specials at sites like Travelzoo.com.
  13. Thombo, I just reread the title of your thread and realize you probably are aware of the hotel list, and were just looking for some added assurance it was the Huntington. I'll read closer next time!
  14. Sorry it didn't work out, Thombo. As info, this hotel (Huntington) was already identified on the hotel list here at Better Bidding. I was just wondering if you are aware of the hotel lists on this website? Reason I ask is because a lot of the newer people to this site have been asking for IDs of hotels already identified on the lists. Just want to make sure you're aware of all the great tools availalbe here at Better Bidding! Good luck with your SF search -- I hope the Huntington comes back up again at a lower price.
  15. As long as you confine your stay in San Francisco within the City itself, I agree you do not need a car. The problem with using a car to travel within San Francisco is that you'll have to pay for parking anywhere you go, in addition to the nightly hotel and/or garage rates. Many areas of the City are within walking distance of your centrally-located Union Square hotel. And for those that aren't, SF has many public transportation options.
  16. Glad to help. Yes, it's easy to miss the Resort category when it's placed below the lowest category.
  17. Thanks for posting your winning bid. In case you bid this area again, just a word of caution that the Marina zone is not currently a free rebid zone as Resort category is offered. The only true free rebid zone would have been Carmel as there is nothing above 3 stars in that zone.
  18. The amenities you've listed is a match for the Best Western Inn at the Vines if you look at HOTWIRE's vacation package (air + hotel) for your travel dates.
  19. Good luck! You've now graduated from Priceline 101!
  20. You are absolutely correct the hotel list here at Better Bidding should not be used to determine free rebid zones for the reasons you stated (new hotels not yet reported, changing star levels, etc). The way to determine free rebid zones is on Priceline's own website. When Priceline displays all the available bid zones for San Francisco (or any other city), you simply check the box beside each zone, separately, one at a time, in order to determine what star levels are offered in each zone. For instance, check the box in the first zone, Civic Center, and you'll see 4 and 3 1/2 stars are greyed out. This means that this zone does not offer any hotels above 3 stars, making it a "free" rebid zone when bidding 3 1/2 or 4 stars. Do this simple exercise for each zone and you'll be able to determine the 4 free rebid zones I mentioned in my earlier post. Once you've got the hang of this, you can use the free rebid strategy with assurance.
  21. You are correct, this is a match for the Galleria Park Hotel.
  22. Thanks for posting your winning bid results. As to your comment above about rebidding, you had 4 "free" rebid zones at your disposal rather than being restriced to 24 hours before submitting another bid. The Civic Center, Fisherman's Wharf, Marina and South San Francisco zones do not offer 4 star bidding, so they are considered "free" rebid zones you could have added. As long as you kept your bidding at the 4 star level, there was no way to be assigned a hotel in either of those 4 zones. If you're unsure of the concept of "free" rebidding, by all means speak up as we are here to help!
  23. Bids of $90 and $100 were rejected. Accepted at $105. Needed two rooms, so purchased the first for $105 through PRICELINE, the second from HOTWIRE for $161 and then applied for Hotwire's double-the-difference price guarantee program. The $112 refund from Hotwire brought the average price of each room to $77 (pre-tax). Hyatt Regency Monterey One Old Golf Course Road Monterey, CA Check-in: April 25 2009 Check-out: April 26 2009 Bid Price: $105.00 Taxes/fees: $20.75 Total: $125.75 Bid placed through the Better Bidding link to PRICELINE.
  24. I needed two rooms, so decided to purchase one through PRICELINE for $105, one through HOTWIRE for $161 and then applied for Hotwire's double-the-difference price guarantee program. The $112 HOTWIRE refund brought the average price per room down to $77 (pre-tax). Hyatt Regency Monterey Resort & Spa 1 Old Golf Course Road Monterey, CA 93940 Check-in: April 25 2009 Check-out: April 26 2009 Rate: $161.00 Taxes/fees: $20.57 Total: $181.57 Amenities: Fitness Pool Restaurant Business Center Hi-Speed Internet Golf Tennis Purchased through the Better Bidding link to HOTWIRE.
  25. Welcome to Better Bidding and thanks for posting your winning bid. When your $100 bid was rejected, did Priceline suggest you bid an extra $22 or is that a figure you came up with on your own? If Priceline suggested bidding $122, that is what they call a "counteroffer". In general, Priceline will accept less (often 50% or more) than the $22 they were suggesting. If you're not already familiar with it, read up on this site about "free rebidding" which will enable you to continue to make bids, increasing your bid price at smaller intervals than $22. You did great for your first Priceline bid attempt! Hang around this site and you'll pick a lot of good advice for future bids.
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