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  1. PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal Rated 9.0 out of 10 (or higher) Indoor or Outdoor Pool / Pets Allowed / Fitness Center / Free Internet / Business Center Looks like a good deal- the hotel's website was asking $103.00. Thanks BetterBidding!
  2. Tried $50.00 first, rejected. Then added another zone and rebid $55.00, rejected. Then added another zone and rebid $58.00. Bingo. Thanks again, BB!
  3. Tried $50 first. Rejected, Priceline offered an immediate rebid if I went to $64. Instead of doing that, I stayed at 3.5* minimum, added Charleston Southern University (which has only 2.5*max), and raised bid to $55. Thought I was bidding on Crowne Plaza, so just a little surprised to see it was the Emabassy Suites. Please note that Priceline has now raised Embassy Suites up to a 3.5* from the 3* listed in BB for North Charleston. Happy with the great price either way- thanks BB!
  4. Got the Sheraton through Priceline. Could have done better further out, bit I wanted to stay downtown. I started at $50 and eventually, through adding zones, including star level of 3, and also using a few bidding session 24 hrs apart, increased my bid to $55, $58, $60, $65, $70, $75, $78 and $80 before getting the Sheraton at $82. The Sheraton lists for $119 on the big travel sites, and I'm pretty sure it's the unnamed 3.5* hotel offered for $93 on Hotwire . The 29th of August is the first move in day in the dorms at UW Madison, so there's a supply and demand thing going on. So not as big a PL discount as usual, but still saved some decent $$ and I'm happy. Thanks BB!
  5. First bid at $45 as accepted. With taxes came to $58/night. Very happy! Thanks again BetterBidding!!
  6. Bid $50 for 4* in SFO. Rejected. Added Marina and bid $55 and was accepted at the Sheraton SFO. Used the BB PRICELINE link. Thanks again for helping me get a great deal, BB!!
  7. I totally overlooked that since the "resort" button was located below the 1* and 2 * categories. Thanks for the tip- I'll be sure to look for that situation in the future.
  8. Tried $82 first. Rejected. Got a message from PRICELINE stating I could get it for $22 extra per night. So I added Marina, tried again at $95 and that offer was accepted. Described on PL as 3.5* Plus. Thanks again BetterBidding!!
  9. Hello! Wondering if you can help ID this 3.5* hotel in Monterey (For the period 4/8/09-4/10/09): Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Spa Services Thank you!
  10. Most people were getting $65, but I think there was something about the 2 room and my 3 particular nights combo that was driving the price up a little more. Still happy enough- big savings off Hyatt website rates. Hotwire looks like it was $109 per night (pretty sure it was the Hyatt) Also- I used the re-bidding strategy posted on this site and it worked well. Thank you very much for the education!! Here's my bidding history: Hyatt Fisherman
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