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  1. I personally like the Alaska Airlines card because in addition to miles, they give you 1 $50 companion fare voucher per year. This is a great perk! There is a $75 annual fee, but well worth it if you're a traveler.
  2. Does anyone know how much a taxi is from the French Quarter in New Orleans to the NO (MSY) Airport? Also, how long do you think this drive is? Any recommendations other than taxi as to best method for airport transfer? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know of something similar to hotwire or PL for limo service or airport transfers? They can be costly too! Thanks
  4. Agreed that although the price difference between inside and outside room may be more, I don't usually pay more than $100 extra to get the outside room on a 7 day cruise. On a transatlantic, I'd probably be less inclined to get an outside room, as it's not like you're pulling into port every day! There really isn't anything to look at. So if it were me at that price I would probably save the $ and get an inside room. You can always go up top to see when you pull into port!
  5. Well, the tripadvisor rating should be a good indication as to whether you will like the property though, and does take into consideration service. I have had good luck going w/tripadvisor recommendations.
  6. I called both the airline and priceline to upgrade my flight with United and both said it was not possible. I did the "choose" after a low bid. Should I call priceline again and ask someone else?
  7. Some cities may be more expensive than others, so you may want to use that extra (less than $150) in the other cities and I think it'll even out.
  8. They do not show you the details until you pay.
  9. Needed a hotel room for a night before the cruise. Metairie didn't sound too bad as we are getting in so late we probably wouldn't have an opportunity to see much that night anyway. I of course had French Qtr, Garden District and Downtown in the bid. As of $27 and the above, I didn't win. Added Metairie and increased bid to $36 and won the above. So, you may be able to get for less than $36. Good luck!
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