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  1. Well after speaking with my friend we decided that Beverly Hills isn't as much a necessity, so we decided to add Downtown to the list. Started off at $80 and increased in increments of $5 until we were finally accepted by the Westin Bonaventure for $95. Was going to hire a car to get around LA anyway, so we're pleased with this! All that's left for our trip is Miami... Used Savingsbarn.com...as always...
  2. Oh, and I used Savingsbarn.com to start all bids...
  3. FINALLY! I was beginning to think that I would be paying rack rates for NY during my stay... Bid $200 MTW...rejected. (Bid up to $210 last night) Bid $220 MTW...rejected. Bid $230 MTW...rejected. Bid $200 MTE...rejected. (Same again...just making sure from last night) Bid $220 MTE...rejected. Bid $230 MTE...rejected. Bid $240 MTE...rejected. Bid $250 MTW & UTC/CP...rejected. Bid $260...accepted. Got the Sofitel New York - extremely happy with this, as the listed rate on the hotel website is for these dates is $469...plus it's number one on tripadvisor, so it can't be that bad, yeah? Probably could have got it cheaper if I had waited, but wasn't prepared to take the risk. Cheers for the help, thereuare!
  4. Well I've just bid up to $190 in MTE and MTW with no success...
  5. Don't really want to change plans at this stage - I'll pay whatever it takes - just don't want to pay over the odds. If that means $250 a night, then $250 it is. But since I've got time, I can afford to go up in stages...one thing I don't want to do is stay in a 3*, cause the last time I went to NY I stayed in one of those and it soured the whole experience.
  6. Got the Crowne Plaza - extremely happy! Strategy as follows: Bid $70 - rejected Bid $75 - rejected Bid $80 - rejected Bid $85 - rejected (had to wait 24 hrs) Bid $90 - countered with $112... Bid $95 - success! Hotel listed at $130 p/night on their website for these dates. Used savingsbarn.com for all bids, of course. (Could a mod fix this title please? Thanks!)
  7. Increased my budget to $200...tried up to $160 in all areas except MTS - how far off do you reckon I am? Or is it a matter of holding off a bit?
  8. Wasn't enough obviously...will increase my budget once I know how much the 4* NY hotel I'm going for is going to be.
  9. The Aladdin sounds good for the price - I'll book that and then see what happens like you said...
  10. Apologies again - I've based it on how many nights I'm there and not when I checkout..will update other posts accordingly...it's 5 nights from the 20th so checkout would be on the 25th.
  11. Sorry - checkout is on the 1st of July (Sunday)...
  12. Hi, Trying to get a 5* on the Strip for the above dates - Priceline comes back with prices of $275 for the Venetian whenever I put in a bid (have bid up to $117 so far). Prepared to bid up to $150 ATM. How far off the mark am I? And should I just wait awhile? I know Vegas gets cheaper closer to the date...but if I can get in now for a reasonable price, I'd like to. Cheers, Darren
  13. Hi, Need some advice as to bidding for a 4* on the above dates. Have tried up to $135 in MTE, MTW, UM/CPS. Any zone is ok except Financial District (Midtown South would be last on the list, though) Budget is around $150 per night at the moment, but can increase it to $200 depending on what other hotels I get in Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Cheers, Darren
  14. Hi, Need some assistance as to when to bid for a 4* Miami hotel in either the South Beach or Downtown areas. Is it too early to start bidding? Want to keep it under $100 per night before fees etc. if possible. Thanks, Darren
  15. Success at $70...got the Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort. Been there before, can't complain... Used the Savingsbarn link as well. Thanks for the help. Now on to LA/NY/LV/MIA!
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