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  1. simonwim, have you looked at the Sheraton Delphina site so they have rooms for your dates? And Jan 2008 is pretty far away so that could be a reason it's not showing yet. I think it's to early to go after a room if you only want the Delfina. If you just want to stay at the 3* Delfina or the 4* Santa Monican Beach Hotel. Shoot for 4* at Priceline. You have 4 other 3* in that zone. And you might not even get the Santa Monican Beach Hotel. You can end up with a hotel that's not reported to the board yet. And zones and ratings change all the time. Please read the boards FAQ again in this matter. Just post if you need any further help. Good luck! Henrik.
  2. cydseet, There is a match for the Hotel Royal Plaza. Great location close to DT Disney. Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to go for this hotel. Have fun with Mickey! Henrik.
  3. zgrrly, I will try to help you. But I need to know where you want to stay and your max budget/night so you can get a nice birthday in the sun! You should not look at the non opaque side of PL to determ the hotels. Some hotels you see there never appears at NYOP. And the zones are diffrent . Have you thought about staying in Clearwater/Treasure Island. The Tampa zone also got some nice resorts. Henrik.
  4. lizzdel - Welcome to BetterBidding! You don't need no more feedback than this board :) Don't worry, the price is legit! And there is no more charges past that screen. The total trip cost is what you pay for your 2 tickets if you get them. But you should be aware about that the flight times can be very uncomfortable. Early morning and late night. And you don't get any frequent flyer points with PL. You can also look at HOTWIRE for cheap flights. Just ask if you have any more questions. Henrik.
  5. Coucher - Welcome to BetterBidding! Thanx for your post! Can you please post your date(s) for your stay to help other bidders for the same zone. And please remember to use the savingsbarn.com link to support this board. Henrik.
  6. okevino - Welcome to BetterBidding! you have written 6/9 - 6/12 as your stay. Do you mean 7/9 - 7/12 ?? Henrik.
  7. mandaring - Welcome to BetterBidding! can you please post your date(s) for the stay. Henrik.
  8. BEAV, I 'm the one that made the post. I didn't assume that the hotel was donwgraded due to the changes of the ratings in that zone when I did the post. I saw that the Grand Bohemian was downgraded when I did some research for my spring trip to Florida. I saw this in the PL package products when searching there. Per today is the Grand Bohemian still rated 3* by PL in the VP product and the non opaque product. I hope this answer your thoughts. Henrik.
  9. bholson, is this all the listed amenities? Or do you mean the 3.5* hotel
  10. zgrrly - Welcome to BetterBidding! Fort Myers Beach doesn't have any resorts in the opaque side. And PL doesn't "sneak" in any resorts at the 3* level. You can get an upgrade but there have to be a resort level in the zone if this is going to happen. The only resort that has been reported to the board for Marco Island is the Marriott Beach Resort. But that don't guarantee that you not will get the Hilton resort. If you're not comfortable to get an unknown resort so don't use Priceline. I looked at the Marriott for your dates. And the best rate is $233/night. So you have to step up in your bidding. I also looked at HOTWIRE, there is a 3* condo at Fort Myers Beach for $159. A guess is that this hotel would be the Santa Maria Harbour Resort. Just post if you need any help. Henrik.
  11. Sandy1 - Welcome to BetterBidding! can you please post the dates for your stay here. keep all threads in the same post as long the dates are the same. Your first post don't tell if this is the 2 night stay or complete stay. You can always call/mail the hotel after your "win" and ask for an oceanfront view. But most of the times are oceanfront view rooms more expensive. But you can allways try. If they say no in advance can you allways try at C/I to upgrade to an oceanfront view. I have never stayed at the Hilton so I can't help you with that. Henrik.
  12. Hello sparkypuff, if you need help to ID a HOTWIRE hotel in Anahiem so please post your date(s) and the amenties and star rating for the hotel. Kitchenette as an amenity icon is noting strange on HOTWIRE Henrik.
  13. GAME, Priceline is no option for you. So you have to go with 2 rooms on HOTWIRE. Are you ok with that?
  14. Chuck W - Welcome to BetterBidding! You will find all reported PL hotels for Boston DT in the hotel list under Boston. You could even get a hotel that is unknown for the board. Hotel ratings and zones change all the time. I will try to help you save some money here. You got a counter offer from Priceline at $152 at your $130 bid. Don't take the $152 offer, just start over after 24H. A good way to approach this is to start bidding at $133 at 4* and then re-bid in $3 increments using your re-bid zones. You have 3 zones to use for Boston DT. Please read this thread about re-bidding: Priceline Re-Bidding Explained Just post if you need any further help or determ you free zones. Good luck and please use the savingsbarn.com link for Priceline to support this site. Henrik.
  15. jordy - Welcome to BetterBidding! can you please post the amenities for the hotels you see at HOTWIRE. HOTWIRE will not charge you any hidden fee. The price (inc tax +fees) you see on the second page is what you pay. Or you're thinking at the hotel? Henrik.
  16. jrnyman04, I looked at HOTWIRE for your dates, and it's no good per today. Downtown - Harbor Island and Gaslamp Quarter shows no inventory. Best is a 2.5* in National City for $89, other areas is very expensive! Most certainly is there blockreservations made for the convention. And this is why the "lower" rated hotels are expensive. And I'm sure many participators has booked the "non convention rates hotels" also. This is how I would do. Try to find the official site for the convention/what hotels that participates. Call one hotel and ask: I'm attending to the xxx convention, what is the deadline for convention rates etc. By now you maybe know the last day for booking. 1. Start bid again after the deadline or just before 2. If the deadline is over and "blocks" (if any) are released by now, your DaysInn looks like a great deal! But I would'nt go last minute in this case. Keep trying everyday up to your max. You never know. How high you should go is up to you and how bad you want another hotel and, you know the racks rates. But I think that the hotels are keeping the PL inventory low. It's a big convention. Good luck and keep the board updated. Henrik.
  17. yevlesh2, can you please post the date(s) for this HOTWIRE hotel. Henrik.
  18. Best rate for Sheraton is $175 and $229 for the Marriott. Henrik.
  19. jvmitche - Welcome to BetterBidding! can you please post your date(s) for your stay. Henrik.
  20. Msudawg - Welcome to BetterBidding! Sorry to say that this hotel has not been reported to the board. And I have really tried to get a match for this hotel without any luck. Yes, it might be a Hampton Inn. Maybe boards moderator got an educated guess on this hotel? I would be very calm going for this hotel with a TA rating at 4.0, but I understand the nature of the question :) If you decide to go for the hotel so please use this HOTWIRE link. Good luck! Henrik.
  21. The question is joby, are you willing to gamble? At HOTWIRE you get a pool and breakfast for 4 people and a room that you know sleeps 4. Lets say you hit a PL room at $45. Hotel gives you a queen bed and want $20 for your kids, and you have to buy breakfast in the morning and you don't get a pool to the kids :) The HOTWIRE $72 looks like a good deal in my book. Henrik.
  22. alexocean, sometimes can you see (what I belive) is the new 4* Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort on HOTWIRE. But that is never far in advance they release rooms. If you want a beachfront hotel is there a good deal at HOTWIRE if you can lower your rating to a 3*? HOTWIRE got what is reported to the board as Sheraton Yankee Trader or Sheraton Yankee Clipper at $74/night + $15 for parking. Both are solid 3* with a nice beach outside the hotel. Trader is the better one but there is nothing wrong with the Clipper. Both hotels have the same amenties so it hard to tell. If you can go with a non beach/oceanfront hotel so look at the HOTWIRE Hollywood zone, it's 5-6 miles from Fort lauderdale. There is 4.5* at $129, belived to be Diplomat Spa and Country Club. Looks really nice if you can take the car to beach or go with the hotels buss to the sister hotel Diplomat and use the beach there. Pier 66 is a "good" walk to the beach. I don't know if the hotel provide a buss anylonger to the beach. And I guess you will get the old rooms there if you use PL. And the cool spinning bar at the top is now closed to the public. Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to go this way. Just post if you need any further help. Good luck! Henrik.
  23. Started with using the savingsbarn.com link for Priceline. 5* (Minato-ku - Shinagawa-ku) no hit at $110 4* (Shinjuku-ku - Ikebukuro) no hit at $95 Rack rates are still the same for reported places. $150/5* - $130/4* I will not go higher. My back-up is $85 inc tax. But I will keep trying. I know I'm the one that says that you can't rely on old wins. But it's strange for the 4*, might not have any PL inventory. $95 is the typically reported rate for this hotel. Henrik.
  24. joby, you know that PL only guarantee a room for 2 adults, or are you looking for 2 rooms? You can end up in a room with only a queen bed if you're unlucky. I looked at the Salina zone and you don't have any free zones to bid in. So your $2 raise is you best strategy. I think HOTWIRE would be a good option for you. You can choose a room that sleeps 4 people. HOTWIRE got a 2.5* with breakfast and pool like you want for $72. They also got a 2* for $56 with pool. Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to go this way Good luck! Henrik.
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