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  1. As of last week, I bid up to $34 per day , but keep getting rejected. I decided to book a car directly to Hertz. Now I don't have to worry about car rental anymore
  2. Thanks everyone for your valuable inputs. I read the fine print of Hotwire rebate. It seems HOTWIRE has tightened their rules. I am waiting for my buffalo Entertainment Book. However, I don’t think I have enough time to claim my $10 hotel rebate for my August trip since I booked my hotel room on early of February. I probably use the coupon for a future booking
  3. I am confuse now. Can someome who has the coupon please verify this for me 1) The coupon is $10/night and rebate up to 5 night. That means only get back $10 althought I bought 5 nights hotel stay thru hotwire or I will get only $10. 2) If I boght 2 seperated purchase from Hotwire, ( 2 night for each purchase). When submit my rebate form, how much I should get back. I saw the Entertaiment word underline. I can click on it to purchase ENT book right. I just want this site to get credit if any.
  4. Colfax, I only aware of the $10 discount off the selling price. Where did you see the advertise for 50%off. I am planning to buy the Entertainment Book for Toronto so that I can get $20 rebate ( hopefully) for my hotel room in August. If you have the link of 50% discount, please share it.
  5. HOTWIRE $33.95 / day Car rental checker $30.02/day Alamo is the cheapest The problem is when I call the reservation desk at Buffalo airport, the phone number there is very busy and automatically the system transfer me to central reservation. Therefore, I can not get a straight answer for sure.
  6. Hello, I need to rent a full size car at Buffalo airport from 8/12/08 to 8/19/08. My airplan will land very later, near midnight. I am planning to drive from BUF to Toronto downtown, Canada. Please advise the strategy for bidding in order to get a cheap deal. By the way, I also heard rumor that some car rental company not allow their car to be cross country line. I wonder if it true. If so, how should I deal with that issue if I successfully bid a car deal from PRICELINE. Will I be allow to cancel the bidding for that reason. Your advise is highly appreciated.
  7. Unsucessfull bid up to $85 dollars. Probably due to the Spring beak time. My sister decided to get a package deals at Expedia website
  8. Please ignore this post or you can to move it to the another section in the forum as as you see fit. I am going to get the room thru priceline. So far, Priceline has rejected my bid up to $65 night. I am running out of option and will resume my bid later.
  9. Please help identify 3 * south Disneyland check in date 3/17/08 check out date 3/21/08 Price listed in hot wire $105/ night Hotel amenities: Smoke free, Fitness, Pools, Restaurant, Business I am looking to book a room near disneyland for my sister and her 2 children ( 10 and 8 years old) Thanks for your help By the way, Can you please tell me where is the link to Priceline on your site.
  10. Thanks for your kindly response. I am currently having problem booking with HOTWIRE, still waiting to hear from them. Yesterday, I have asked my brother to do the booking for me , and the room listing is with those icon on my post is Double tree hotel for $64 / night. I hope this place is clean and near the Sea world area
  11. sorry, I just realize that I forget to include the icons of this 3* hotel. Shuttle, fitness, restaurant,business, laundry, hig speed internet, tennis. I tried to edit my post, but don't know how. Please combine the post as you see fit. Thanks.
  12. I tried to book hotel room in Hotwire Website (through your link) for my coming vacation. I began the booking process. Somehow, I got an error message and the booking can not be completed. I tried 3 times with different credit card and same error result. Later on, I find out from customer service that my account was frozen by Risk Management department. Hotwire's representative gave me the phone number to contact. I called the provided number and I ended up talking to the answering machine. I left the message and two hours later I got contact by email saying my access to hotwire was terminated. I don't see any explanation in the email to indicate of what went wrong during my booking of the hotel. I tried to contact Risk management personnel through phone and email again, but no success. Only connect me with the answering message Does anyone here having similar situation like me. If so, do you know of other way to get in contact with them ( I mean to talk to a person not an answering machine) and have you ever had your hotwire account activate again. By the way, I have excellent credit and never get in to any problem of buying hotel room in Priceline at all. I am unsure of what's happened to these charges on my credit cards. All advices is highly appreciated.
  13. By the way, I have not been to this place yet, just wonder whether I can catch a bus or public transportation to the coronado beach. I am really appreciate and suggestion
  14. Which hotel it is in mission valley hotel circle check in date 12/26/07 check out date 12/30/07 2 adult and 2 children cost display in hotwire is $65/night Could it be the double tree. Also, does anyone know hoe the weather in San diego area during Dec / Jan . Thanks
  15. I found a good hotel rate at Expedia web and decided to book the room. Thanks for all your help.
  16. I have relatives from annother state to visit . So, I am unable to go to San Diego during July week. Thanks for your help.
  17. Does anyone know what hotel it is? 3* hotel Pismo beach / Shell beach Check in 8/25/07 Check out 8/27/07 2 adult & 2 children Complimentary breakfast Pool Restaurant Laundry High speed internet access
  18. Thanks for your help. Review of the hotel is not very good. So, I am not going to book this hotel this time. I am waiting to see if any good deal of 4* hotel coming up at Hotwire, If not, I will try to book a room with price line.
  19. I just wonder what 3* hotel is is. check in date 7/4/07 check out date 7/7/07 1 room 3 alduts 1 child Hotwire listed at cuctomer favorite Hotel Ameniities: Fitness, Restaurant, pool, laundry, business center, high speed internet I check the list and unsure if it is the double tree club hotel or a Ramenda plaza hotel Thanks for your help
  20. I used the savingbarn link. Check in : 4/12/07 Check out: 4/14/07 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $90.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $18.80 Total Charges*: $108.80 I hope to get the Hilton Suite, but end up with this hotel. I did stay here on my previous trip. The hotel was very nice. Many thanks for useful information of this website
  21. Thanks for your response. I decided to look for a rental house since some of my friend coming to. By the way, how do you bump the thread. I have not done that and want to know how.
  22. Thanks for your answer. My son has another offer in LA, So, I don't need to find the room in this area anymore
  23. Can you please help identified hotel 3* in South lake Tahoe area. Data check in: 04/12/07 check out : 04/14/07 2 aldult & 1 child Hotwire icon: Casino, Fitness, pool, Restaurant, Golf, Tennis. Would it be Harvey Casino? Thank. uop1497
  24. I am looking for a 3 or 4 * hotel which is near the Indiana Universisty so that I can be there at 8:00am in the mornnig. I was told the Westin, Radision and Hyatt is around 5 minutes driving from University. So, I want to get a room at 1 of these hotel. How much should start and how much is reason cost for a 3 and 4* at this area.
  25. I am not familiar with Price line bidding and I need your help. I am looking for a 3* or 4*room in downtown Indianapolis area, probably close to the University. I hope to get a room at Hyatt or Raddision or Westin. Length of stay: 1 night Check in date 11/14/06 How much should I start my bid and which area I should select in order to land a room in the downtown area. Does anyone here know, how much is the shuttle from airport to downtown area. Thanks.
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