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  1. Good question, and one i'm not 100% sure of, but i THINK 5* is rated higher than a resort. Two threads you should read: Don't use 5* Zones as re-bids for Resorts and, i assume you're going for the V, they don't release best prices until close to check-in: Looking for 5* in Vegas Other Random Thoughts: I think it's extremely difficult to get a Saturday nite at this level. If they're a "true" gambler, see what Hotwire offers and go after their "double the difference" guarantee (i don't have the guts for it, but maybe you/your friend does): Ultimate Gambler (only in Vegas) What are your dates, there are often some good non-Priceline deals to be had as well.
  2. Priceline's cost for this room is $51/nite, so... It looks like one of the following has occurred with the Miami DT Hyatt: -raised it's Priceline rate -doesn't like reservations for 4 rooms -now has a higher rate for reservations further out before check-in I assume this wasn't your first bid upon winning this. Could you post what bids failed prior to this win? (no need to recollect prior days, just the failed bids right before you won this) Thanks!
  3. Priceline only asks for one person's name, but the room calls for double occupancy. I put the room in my own name, then when i know the name of the other person in my party, i call the hotel and ask them to put the other person's name on the reservation (NOTE: i'm not asking them to take my name off or change the reservation at all, just to list the second person in my room). I'll often volunteer information along the lines of "i'll be arriving late at nite and they'll be arriving well before me, probably sometime in the afternoon, so i'd like to have them be able to check-in before i arrive."
  4. No need to aplogize, my policy is that you never have to apoligize if you're trying to help! Thanks for the follow-up.
  5. Thanks for posting your results, and welcome to the board! Good luck at the meet (now i understand your screenname).
  6. Thanks... good catch! It's still somewhat early here and i haven't had any coffee yet :)
  7. I would like to publicly acknowlege zbenye and Jacqui who have each sent me a Bonus Link to share with the board. First 2 registered members to PM me will receive one each. (but please try to first use the list above from azri)
  8. Aloha Girl, Welcome to the board. It seems to me that Priceline recently reconfigured their Waikiki zones from East/West to North/South. Could you comment if the zones have actually been redrawn/redefined with new boundaries, or did they simply rename the East Zone--> South and rename the West Zone--> North. If you know the area, can you look HERE at Priceline Hotel by City and comment as to which area the prior East/West hotels now fall into? Thanks for any input and insight you can offer as to the above.
  9. Azri, i seldom speak for others, but in this case i'll make an exception, and thank you on behalf of everyone here.... you are very generous. If you use any of the above links, please mention the line number next to the link and i will mark it as "used" in the original post. If you'd like to post a link, just hit REPLY and then the button that has "http://". You will then paste the link in the first box that appers and then again in the second box (the second box could also just be a description of what the link is, like "Priceline Bonus Money", as this is what will appear in the message instead of the extended link) Thanks again to everyone who has posted. Lurkers: Please at least have the courtesy to register, post your winning bid, and let us know that you used a code. Does anyone else have any thoughts as to having one forum "protected" from lurkers?
  10. Thanks for posting and welcome to BetterBidding! Can you just clarify if your bid was $42 +$10Bonus = $52 or $52 +$10Bonus = $62 Thanks again for sharing your results.
  11. After i saw the code stop working i got to thinking.... maybe i could set up a one forum that unregistered guests couldn't view, just for bonus money links. The entire board is open to anyone that wants to come and visit, but i really try to go out of my way to be a friendly forum, so i wouldn't want to ostracize anyone. Would setting up one forum that was "protected" like this set bad precedent? Registered users would NOT have to enter an additional password or anything, it would be seemless as long as you were logged in. What do others think?
  12. I was told parking is complimentary at this location.
  13. Pitflyer, Thanks for your generosity, but it looks like it was taken by a lurker :) Whoever used it, please post your winning bid! WillTravel, It's my understanding that they're sent out randomly.
  14. If you'd be happy with any hotel in the Jacksonville area, i would pick all zones that offer 3* hotels or above, and try bidding $25. Keeping your quality level at 3* or above i would then: add a re-bid zone and bid $28, if rejected add a re-bid zone and bid $31, if rejected add a re-bis zone and bid $33. (or adjust slightly if you're looking to utimately bid less than $33 before taxes/fees) As for the Hotwire hotel, just a guess would be the AmeriSuites since they're often rated 2.5*, but the AmeriSuites also often have a self-server laundry icon. If you wanted to see other potential candidates via Hotwire, do a search using the Expedia link above for Jacksonville, then on the results page put the word 'suite' in the "must contain" box. You could then elimiate hotels on the list based upon the amenities shown via Expedia and those shown by Hotwire. Feel free to ask any add'l questions regarding the above.
  15. Welcome to BetterBidding and thank you for posting your winning bid(s)!! Could you please note which sub-region of Orange County this hotels falls into? I didn't see Placentia listed as a sub-zone and i'm not familiar with the area. THANKS!
  16. :) Gotcha now, thanks for explaining that further! (and a good point!)
  17. WillTravel, I don't understand what you are saying here, although i do agree with your calculation. Priceline bonus money is actually "paid" by Priceline, so dividing the nitely taxes paid by the tax rate: $6 / .1575 = $38. I think that $38 is indeed the price that Priceline paid for the room. Why do you suspect that Priceline's cost has to be more than this?
  18. Welcome to BetterBidding. Thank you for sharing your winning bid results with us... the time you took to do so is very much appreciated as i'm sure others will benefit from the information.
  19. Welcome to BetterBidding. Thank you for posting your results and including the amenities in your post. Could you also please add what zone within Orlando this hotel falls into... in doing a search it looks like it's in the (Universal Orlando - SeaWorld). Is that correct? THANKS in advance!
  20. I haven't received any <yet>, but i'm starting to hear about $10 bonus money getting mailed out again. Please post in this thread if you can confirm this, and of course, if you're not using yours: 1) Post it here 2) Ask others to PM you 3) PM me the code and i will give it out to the first registered user to PM me (i will post when somebody PM'd me with it, so don't PM me know <unless you have something to say :) >) The last 2 options prevent the lurkers from grabbing them :)
  21. Thanks for posting this! Extended stays such as this are often difficult and require a split stay OR changing hotels, so i'm glad to see your success and have it work out exactly as you had wanted.
  22. Sam, Thanks for clarifying.... since you gave a clue, i decided to try to map it out. If you (or anyone else) knows the area somewhat, please take a look at this MAP and compare it to Priceline's map of the area. It seems like this hotel is east of Englischter Garten, which would put it in the EAST zone. Hopefully Welldone Rumproast will return and clarifty if nobody knows for sure. Thanks for any add'l help anyone can add.
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