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  1. Usually I end up using Costco Travel because it ends up being cheaper than what I can get on PRICELINE. Not this time. The lowest Costco was giving me for the entire trip was a mid-sized for $438 for the trip. Pricey. I first entered in $25 a day and it let me (as opposed to the "fat chance" message), so I lowered it to $20 per day. Got it, first bid! (Being a PL veteran, I was a little disappointed in myself, maybe I left some money on the table). The total came in at $178 out the door, way lower that I budgeted so I took them up on the $4 per day upgrade to full sized. Oh, and it's with Hertz, IMO the best rental company of the big guys.
  2. Update: Using the Bidding Helper Car Rental I was able to rebook for $14 a day for a full sized car. Amazing. I don't think I'll be able to get lower than that on Priceline considering the fees they add on. I'm totally happy with that rate. $270 for 11 days in Hawaii is a steal as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Been trying for the last two+ months on PRICELINE, inching up from $18 a day for full size, with no success, then I started using your bidding helper car rental tool and was able to book without commitment at $20 a day on Budget and it kept falling, so I kept rebooking and cancelling. Yesterday I used your tool and booked for $16 a day ($305 total for 11 days, tax included, NOT BAD!) Great rate! I'll keep following and trying PRICELINE at $13 a day but I'm totally happy with $16 a day, especially having the ability to back out of it if I can find a better rate by bidding or using your tool. Thanks!
  4. We're going to be in Maui mid-May (OGG), do you find you have better results if you wait until a couple weeks before to bid on your car or this far out in advance. I only ask because its considered "off-season". I've had good success before finding a car well in advance when we'd travel there in "high-season". Thank you in advance.
  5. I worked hard on this one, knew about the trip way in advance and stuck to my price, kept going between $35-$37. Got National, very happy with the result, even with Entertainment coupons the cheapest I can find now is $850 and I got mine for $567 total.
  6. Been trying for three weeks between $15 and $20, I think I could have held out for lower but oh well...
  7. Started at $70, worked my way up adding areas that don't have 4*. Worked like a charm!
  8. I only tried one zone since there was no other option for us as far as where we can stay. My wife tried $197 a week earlier and failed. That's all I got.
  9. Diamond Hawaii Resort and Spa, got it first try after my wife tried around the same price a week ago with no success.
  10. Looks like we found the price. Wasn't rejected, got it first try, however, I was expecting to be rejected. We did get 4 rooms. I'm pleasantly surprised.
  11. Did the pro bid up, tried 102, 110, 115 and finally 120. I've stayed here before, beautiful hotel, a bit away from the action though. We got upgraded the last time we stayed sighting "our first time to vancouver" which was rubbish, but we'll whore out for an upgrade. Normal retail starts at $285 for this night. There a cruise dumping off that day so take it where you can get it.
  12. Just trying to figure out what hotel this is, Amenities are: Restaruant, fitness, pool, internet, spa, business.