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  1. Thanks for your reply Thereuare. Do you have any advice about other 4* options at a similar price range? Thanks a lot subbu
  2. Hi everyone, I am planning to be in Vegas on the 15th of June (Thursday) and am looking to bid for a 5* hotel (for one night). I already have a back up reservation for the Luxor at $99 + tax. Never been to the Venetian before so thought I might be greedy and give it a try :) Can you please provide me some advice about bidding? I guess I am willing to go upto 115. If the Venetian is out of range, any other nice 4* Hotels available for a similar price? I am very happy with the Luxor but would love to try a new place to stay (Aladdin, Caesars Palace etc). Thanks for all your help! Subbu
  3. I would like to know that too - oddly enough, I did not receive an email of any sort from Hotwire - just the $30 refund to my credit card.
  4. Some news from my side too - I sent in my rebate form on the 8th of August - and I received the rebate on my credit card today - a 10 day turnaround! I sent in the original rebate form from the Book..,and used a "virgin" Entertainment Card. Sweet news after Hotwire botched up my previous rebate request. subbu
  5. I agree - it is most frustrating. I now feel I would have been much better off with Priceline - at least there are no false promises! I have submitted a rebate request for another trip - waiting to hear from Hotwire on this one. subbu
  6. Hi Roszel, The date was 7/31/05. I believe the other 4* may be the Pan Pacific Whistler...The Westin turns up as a 4* and has Resort as one of the amenities. If it helps, the Pan Pacific seemed (from the outside) to be a very nice property - and had a better location than the Westin...it was right in front of the Whistler Market place. regards subbu
  7. Hi everyone, Booked this wonderful 4* Hotel via Hotwire yesterday. Been looking for deals on Hotwire for hotels in Whistler for a really long time now, but no luck. Till yesterday, the Westin was not showing up at all - I guess they have some last minute inventory possibly. Thanks a lot BetterBidding subbu Location: Whistler Main Village and Village North Amenities: Resort, Suite, Slopeside, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Spa Services, Kitchenette, Business center, Laundry services
  8. Contacted Hotwire CSR once again re: my rebate, and she claims that Hotwire never did receive my rebate form! :) Since it is past the deadline, I cannot submit another rebate request for this trip...sighhh :)
  9. I submitted my rebate form on the 13th - still no rebate. An email to Hotwire only yielded a standard reply - "it may take up to two weeks to get your rebate". Still waiting...
  10. Thanks for the tips Scorp. I will definitely add a review to the "Reviews" section of this website once I have completed my stay! regards subbu
  11. I finally decided to take the plunge and go ahead and book my reservation using Hotwire (after a long string of unsuccesful bids using Priceline!) Landed up with the Hyatt Regency Vancouver for 110 bucks a night - not bad for a Friday and a Saturday night. The deal is made sweeter after the GIFTCARD rebate and the $30 Entertainment rebate! Placed my bid through the link...thanks a lot Betterbidding! Restaurant amenities: Fitness Center, Pool , Restaurant and Business Center. Location: Downtown Vancouver West Does any one have any tips/reviews for this particular hotel? Any particular wing that has better views? Thanks. Will keep you all posted on the status of my Entertainment Rebate. subbu
  12. Worked like a charm on 06/10/05!
  13. Thanks a lot guys. I shall do a more thorough search of the threads in the board before posting queries in the future! :)
  14. Hi thereuare and other members of the board, I have a question about bidding on Hotwire (and Priceline) in general. What is a good time to start my bidding process...i.e. how far ahead of my trip should I think about bidding? As an example, I am planning a trip to Seattle and Vancouver towards the end of July this year. Is it too early to bid right now? The rates seem kind of high in comparison to what other people are paying...and most bids posted on this board seem to be for stays in June or early July. So, am I bidding too early? I understand that prices are bound to be high because of summer...so maybe it is better to book early? I would welcome comments from anyone on this issue. thanks a lot, subbu
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