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  1. My work life is not making it easy for me to respond or go through the process as I used to do! Really, we wouldn't mind taking the subway in as a commuter if that's the best option. More important is the relative safety of the area. I don't know NYC and it associated city nuances. As a native Chicagoan, I know (for instance) I'm not going to get a hotel or AirBnB near Englewood -- I don't know the same about NYC. 150 bucks per night is simply for the room rate only. I have some wiggle room... but minimal overall. 3-star tends to give you decent options I have found in my experience... 2.5* always seems to give you varied places.
  2. Hey guys! It has been a long time since I've gotten on here. We haven't been on a proper trip in a couple years where a hotel was required (PL even deleted my past trips it seems!). I had not realized that the NYOP on Priceline is being hidden so effectively by PL! It was a much more straightforward thing before. Well, I'm taking my wife on a 2 day trip to NY; I've only been once before, and this is her first time. I want to show her parts around Times Square, and Lower Manhattan; possibly Astoria-Queens. We're coming in from JFK. Now we need help finding a safe, nice place... Thereuare -- If i remember correctly, you're from NYC, right? Maybe you can help? I'm thinking 3 or 4 star place, any of the places you think are appropriate to bid (I trust you guys), arrival 9/16 evening, depart 9/19 early morn. I'd like to keep nightly price to 150 if possible (I can't tell what's appropriate out there in this star range). Please Help! Oh, and as always, I've clicked through your link.
  3. Thanks Aaron! I'll try and see if I can get a 4* in that area without the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal. Plenty of re-bids available there! I'll update here with my results.
  4. Hey guys, Quick help... looking at a hotel for 01/17 - 01/21 in French Quarter on PRICELINE EXPRESS deals. I can't figure out what it is (none on PL's regular list has a 4* there with a 7+ rating; all are 8+ or more) 4* (7+ guest rating) French Quarter - Canal Street area hotel $73/nt Amenities: Free Internet, Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool, Fitness center, Restaurant, Business center Already used your link to access PL. Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Last minute change of plan by my wife and I... Beautiful weather in Niagara = trip to Niagara. Couldn't bid and win. So, I had to get the Priceline.Express Deal (and I used your link).. I guessed it would be the Marriott Fallsview. $123 + 5% off deal. we'll try for Toronto stay while we enjoy the falls. Here are the amenities: Guaranteed Amenities: Free Internet in public areas Indoor Swimming Pool Restaurant Business Center Fitness Center
  6. Thanks for the help so far. Unfortunately, I didn't win by going up to $100. The Express Deal at 4* in North York I'm sure is the Westin... but the deal is $125... which stinks. Not sure exactly what to do.
  7. I can nearly guarantee that the Express Deal at 4* was The Dearborn Inn, which has a 8.0/10 rating. Well, after bidding, I won at $80 for this night! But not The Dearborn Inn... I won The Henry, Autograph Collection! It looks like people love this hotel, so if it's even half as good as people claim, I'm sure we'll be happy with this stay! Thanks again Thereuare!
  8. Crud... I wrote a response earlier, but apparently it didn't post (I think it's my internet). But basically... I was saying that for 6/22-6/23, we would like North York area 4* under $100. I know I'm cutting it close... basically have a single shot at this, I think. Thanks again!
  9. I wish I had seen this earlier today to get moving on it. Thanks for the input. So... our thought was to split the bid and stay in two different hotels; the reason we wouldn't do both nights by the airport is because our plans for the first day are near the Downtown area for the most part. The plans for the last day are around the Mississauga area, so Airport East would be better for that. So, yes, we don't mind changing hotels.
  10. I just wanted to update this... looking at how high prices are for these dates... we were thinking of splitting the nights. So that means doing 6/22-6/23 in 4* in either North York, or Downtown Southwest, Downtown Southeast. Then on 6/23-6/24, doing a 3.5* by Toronto Airport East, or near Mississauga. Sorry if this is getting complicated, but I think I can save a bit and accommodate all of our planned visits with this split stay (i.e. doing two separate hotels). What do you think?
  11. I went ahead and followed-up on that. Sorry about that. So... for Toronto, honestly, I'd like the North York East area; if that doesn't work out, then try the Downtown areas (North Yorkville first, then Southwest, then Southeast). I hope I can manage something good. As I said in the last post, I was able to get the Westin in North York East last year for $82, so I'd like to try for it again. Hope to hear back very soon!
  12. I apologize for not having wrapped this one up. I decided not to book a hotel for this night and drove to the place instead. Thanks for all your help, guys. As always, it's much appreciated.
  13. Hey guys, Looking for two nights in the Toronto area. I managed to get the Westin in North York for $82/night last year at the start of June. Well... of course I'd really hope for the same. But I'm willing to go up to $100/night (given that it is June) for a 4*. If that's not doable, I guess we could bump down to 3.5* and try at a lower price range. I'm a bit lost when it comes to Toronto or most of Canada's hotel bit... so please, any help with bidding strategy would be great. If it helps, I want to be as close as possible to Downtown (we plan to eat in that area a few times; as well as in the suburbs). Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, Need help getting a deal via Price.line, again. I'd like a 4* preferably; in Dearborn itself (next choice would be Southfield or Romulus) hopefully in the $70-80 range. If that's not happening, then drop down to 3.5*. I have limited time to bid this week, so I have to make it high yield. You'll see other posts for the rest of the trip in the corresponding cities! Hope to hear back soon!
  15. LOL... yes, I do see the near contradiction. And yes... you're right the "big picture" or the grand scheme of things. Regardless, I appreciate all the advice, as always. I'll update you guys ASAP. I'll look at the sister-site for options. I was just thinking... I've been soliciting help from you all for the last 3 years; intermittently, of course. But still, hard to believe!
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