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  1. Offer price: $45 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $135.00 Taxes and Fees: $25.30 Total: $160.30 Started with Crystal City at $43 and was rejected. Added Springfield at $44 and was rejected. Added Downtown Whitehouse because the 3* hotels there were pretty pricey. After several minutes it said to check back in 15 minutes. Checked again and came up with the Hyatt Regency. I was actually expecting the Hilton Crystal City but got the Hyatt instead which is what I really wanted. :)
  2. Great. I had to do it for one more colleague yesterday and I got the same price also. So now it's 3 of us staying at the Doubletree for $37. kalihiboy
  3. I tried again for a colleague and got the Doubletree Seattle Airport for $37.00. This time around, when I bid $32 they counteroffered with $40 so I guess 40 is the magic number. Kalihiboy
  4. Needlesss to say, my boss was impressed :) Anyway, now I have to see if I can get a colleague of mine to be at the same hotel. kalihiboy
  5. My opening bid was $31 which was rejected. Then adding locations, I went up in price to $33, $35, $36, until I was accepted at $37.00. I was up to my last location at $37 dollars so I'm glad they took it. Doubletree Seattle Airport Seattle Airport Area 7/28-7/31/2003 3 nights @ 37.00 a night. Subtotal $111.00 Tax and fees: $22.95 Total: $133.95 This site is Great! Thanks and keep up the good work!
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