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  1. Used a generous amount of rebids (60, 65, 68, 70, 73, 78) in Chicago and finally scored the Swissotel for $80. Was hoping to avoid the one other win closest to these dates (W Chicago City Center from 4/2 - 4/5) since that had pretty poor reviews about tiny rooms. Glad I ended up with the Swissotel as I was also considering what was most likely the same via Hot.wire at $89 / night.
  2. After repeat failed attempts these past weeks to bid on 3 and 4*s up to $120 & $140, respectively, we just ended up booking the remaining two nights thru EasyClickTravel (total of 5 rooms), correctly identifying the "Off the Record" hotel as the Holiday Inn Midtown Montreal on 420 Rue Sherbrooke O. Price was $116 a night, so it works out in terms of price and location. Hopefully the hotel itself isn't a dump.
  3. Bid thru the SavingsBarn link. There are no 3* re-bid zones for Montreal and I actually won this a about 2 weeks ago. I started at $65, went up in $5 increments after the 24-hour waiting period between each bid and finally accepted at $80 (1 night stay). It's the Holiday Inn Select on 99 Viger O. Due to the President's Cup, most of the hotels show sold-out for the weekend (9/28/07-9/30/07). In case anyone was wondering or trying to land a room that weekend, I've been bidding up to $140 for a 4* hotel for each of the remaining two nights (9/28 - 9/30) to no avail. Took 3* bidding (for those same two nights) up to $115 with no luck either.
  4. Just wanted to see if anyone knew which hotel this was: Dates of stay: 9/28/07-9/30/07 (2 nights) @ $104 / night. Amenities: Fitness Center Restaurant High-Speed Internet Access Pool(s) Business Center Fits closest with Holiday Inn Select, but Laundry isn't included. Anything else it could possibly be? Thanks!
  5. Started bid through SavingsBarn.com link. 4* hotels bids were rejected up to $80, so decided to try 3*. First 3* bid rejected at $60. Used the free rebid zone to rebid at $64, which was accepted for the Marriott Downtown.
  6. I hope some of you can help: I will be staying in Montreal from 9/27-9/30 (3 nights). A group of my friends will be coming in a day later and they'll need 5 rooms (9/28-9/30 - 2 nights). So far, I have unsuccessfully bid up to $105 a night for a 4-star hotel (using my 16 rebids). Checking on the hotel websites, it appears that the Sheraton is sold out that weekend, while the other 4 star hotels only have availability on one or two of those nights - none of the 4-stars show availability for all 3 nights I am staying. First question: is it still a little early to bid for these dates? Second question: is there any major event in Montreal that weekend? (There is a supercross motobike show that weekend and the President's cup golf tournament during that week - but I can't imagine them filling up all the rooms). I tried splitting up my bids - 9/27-9/28 & 9/28-9/30, bidding up to $100 for each, and still no acceptances. I'm hesitant to try 3 stars because I don't want the Doubletree or the Holiday Inn Select. - although the Hyatt or Marriott would be nice. Any advice someone can offer? or should I keep trying when it gets closer? Thanks.
  7. Last minute decision to attend Live 8. But a very strange thing happened to me while bidding for this. I orignally tried 3* bidding (using other non- 3* zones for rebids) up to $55. I even decided to take other areas with 3* in it (Airport, University, etc.) to no avail. Repeated with 2.5*, no luck. Finally settled for 2* hotels. Started with $45, upped to 50, and then 55 again. just when I was about to give up and settle for the suburbs or outerlying areas, my bid gets accepted... and " "Congratulations, you got your price of $55 for a hotel room, and we've upgraded your hotel quality level to a 3-star hotel!" Anyone ever have this happen to them?? Anyhow, looking forward to the madness.
  8. Hotwire 4* offer for $88 turned out to be the Le Centre Sheraton. I'm booked from 5/28-5/30/05. After coupon code ($10 off / night) , I am paying $99.95 a night. Thanks so much to this forum. If I went with AAA, I would have paid $121 a night (before taxes).