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  1. Thanks - replied to NYC April post (decided to nix the April 2016 NYC trip and instead booked Boston, Apr 26-May 01, - 4 * Omni Parker House for $189 Priceline Express deal). This Hotwire offering does appear to be the Treasure Bay Resort and Marina - it seems (based on amenities and 'savings') to also be a Priceline Express deal for $102 for these dates. Probably not pursue this trip at this time (notice a bit too hot - avg 87 degrees in May) - maybe take another look at Jan-Feb next year. Thanks for the tip on the BiddingHelper.com easy view tab.
  2. A very late follow-up: Decided to nix the April 2016 NYC trip and instead booked Boston Apr 26-May 01, - 4 * Omni Parker House for $189 Priceline Express deal.
  3. Help ID Hotwire 3 * Treasure Island FL May 10-13. $108 rated 9 out of 10 (Hotwire Favorite) - 4* TripAdvisor). Allegedly 33% off. Free parking, Free Internet, Free breakfast, Bed type choice, Resort fee $11/night. Ammenities Business center Fitness center Pool(s) Self-service laundry Smoke-free rooms. Thanks
  4. I always book (very) early for annual pre-Christams NYC visit. This time only interested in Chelsea and Soho/Tribecca neighborhoods, @ 3 1/2 stars or more. Started bidding at $100 and increased by $4 / $5 dollars using re-bid zones ( Elmherst/Corona, Jamaica, Bayside, Coney Island, Bronx). Accepted bid @ $130 for well reviewed property (8.6 Priceline User Rating - 4* Trip Advisor). Subway A/C/E right outside hotel. Used Better Bidding to link to PRICELINE.
  5. Guaranteed amenities Pets Allowed Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Fitness Center *Bed Choide Available It should be noted that hotel charges 5.95 / night Resort Fee, payable upon check-in.
  6. Needless to say, I book way ahead (for New Orleans Film Festival). Tired of noise from French Quarter hotels (getting old), decided on Garden District w/ commute by Street Car. Was certain this PRICELINE EXPRESS deal was the Indigo based on stars/amenities, and its the only 3 1/2 star in zone currently offered on Priceline. Initially tried bidding 3 1/2 stars, Garden District Only, from $80 to $110 using rebid zones Avondale, New Orleans East, and West Bank, but no luck- so took the Express deal at $121. 8.9 Priceline user rating and 4* TripAdvisor, so I'm happy. Used Better Bidding link :)
  7. Thanks - I've stayed at the St Giles - Tuscany (next to the Court) when it was with the ' W ' Hotel chain and it was fine. However the Court seems to get rather mixed reviews of late so I tend to avoid 4* ESB area hotels unless I can reasonably exclude it based on ammenites. I think I'll table the search for now and check again in a month or two. thanks again.
  8. Help identify 3* Priceline Express deal with a 9.0 Rating in Empire State Bldg area for $207/night Apr 07-10 2016. Only one amenity shown - Internet. Wouldn't normally consider 3* in area but rating makes me curious.
  9. Coincidentally, I was bidding same dates for NYC 3.5 Stars but included Soho/Tribeca, Chelsea, & Hells Kitchen in addition to your ESB, MSG, Times Square & MTW. Was unsuccessful until $200 level - accepted for Courtyard Manhattan/SOHO - on Varick St - a block away from the 1 Subway (and a couple block from City Winery, which is a great place to catch some good music & food). My win is posted here
  10. Bid only on 3.5 stars - included seven areas: Chelsea, ESB, Hells Kitchen, MSG, MTW, Soho/Tribeca, & Times Square. Started bidding at $150 and increased by $10 each time using Re-Bid zone (Coney Island) until my first bid at $200 (which was to be my limit) was accepted. Seems like a good deal based on rack rate. Used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link from Better Bidding.
  11. 4 * Midtown West - Mansfield Mar 15-20 $145.00 Decided to add a night (total 5) and go the bidding route: Started with 4 * in Chelsea, Soho/Tribeca, Greenwich Vlg, & Union Square- unsuccessful up to $150 (using rebid zones Coney Island and MorningSide Hgts). Added MTE and dropped back to $145, and got the Mansfield. Not the greatest deal but will do.
  12. Done - Re Dec 2014 thread: Eventually bid on Priceline: Accepted Bid of $172 for (Empire State Bldg) Affinia Shelbourne.
  13. Eventually secured 4 star Shelbourne Affinia for $172 on Name Your Own Price Priceline bid.
  14. Mar 15-19 2016. Looking ahead to our annual St Pats trip to NYC, I see a PL EXPRESS Deal for a 2 1/2 star Central Park So. for $172. Normally I book at 3 1/2 stars or more, but I'm intrigued by the 8+ guest review score and significantly noted savings (52%). Ammenities listed are Free Internet, Fitness Center, and Business Center. FYI, will use BetterBidding PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links when I book. thanks
  15. A bit early for St Patricks, but I've searched Priceline for 3/15 – 3/19, including Express Deals. Care to venture a guess as to what these 2 Four Star Express Deals in Empire State Bldg area may be? $184 (18% off) with 9+ User Rating and only amenity listed is Pet Friendly. $186 (40% off) with 8+ User Rating and 2 amenities Restaurant and Business Center. thanks for any assistance.