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  1. Please close this thread. I did not end up going on my trip.
  2. Please close this thread. I did not end up going on my trip.
  3. I understand I should have posted the fact I had cancelled my trip then but you really want me to resurrect a 4-year old thread to say I've cancelled?
  4. I suppose the maximum bid would be $74 since the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal is $74? For the other 2 stays that you found, I didn't end up going through with the bids. In fact, I didn't end up going on that trip.
  5. Just tried $50 since I saw the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal is $74. It was a no go.
  6. I saw the 3* at Courtyard by Marriott Miami Homestead and would like to stay there. Any help on bidding would be much appreciated :) Edit: forgot to mention it's for Jan 15 to 17.
  7. I got Crowne Plaza Hotel Pittsburgh South for $110/night/room. I also used the "SUMMER" coupon to save another 5%. Thanks :)
  8. I've done so. Any tips on how to/what amount to bid? Thanks.
  9. Looking for 2 rooms in the Pittsburgh South area from Aug 3 to Aug 5. Hoping for 3*. Any help would be appreciated :)
  10. Just want to report that I won a bid on OHANA Waikiki Malia for one night on Dec 9th for $80. It's about $100 for one night. I started reading some reviews and am getting a little worried about the non-renovated rooms. Hopefully things will turn out ok... Thanks for the help!
  11. Thanks for the reply! In terms of strategy, is it better to wait until closer to my date before trying? Is that usually when more deals could be had? Thanks!
  12. I'd say $110 before Marina? And I would want to get the highest rating I could get up to $100 at the marina. Thanks!
  13. Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was I have a strong preference for Waikiki Beach zone if the price is right. Marina is acceptable if I cannot get Waikiki Beach.
  14. For area, I would say in this order: Waikiki Beach Area <--- strong preference Waikiki Marina Area Waikiki City Central I would say a minimum of 3 stars? Edit: It looks like there won't be a problem if I was going for Waikiki Marina but seems like Waikiki Beach is more expensive? Can I get it for $100?
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