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  1. The hotel is cancelling the reservation because they are saying they were under a different ownership when the reservation was made on june 17. The new owner does not want to honor the dates of 5/4 thru 5/9 because they fall during the Jazz Festival. This is what I seem to gather from the Jazz Fest forum. It seems as the only option being offered is a refund from hotwire. The OP is seeking advice on what his options are. He would like satisfaction and not just his money back.
  2. I would say that hotel is the Hilton near the Monument. It is a very nice hotel. I guess you could walk to Lucas but it might not be worth it. Just take a cab to the stadium. Now that I think about it you could definitely walk it weather permitting...
  3. I would bet the 3.5 star for $59 is the Hilton. The 95% makes me think that. I have stayed at all 3 properies listed and the hilton is definitely the best of the three, although they are all nice hotels. I think another poster might have nailed the Comfort inn City Center as the 3 star with 100% rating. I have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express right next door and it is definitely not real close to downtown fun. It would certainly be great for a colts/football game. You should definitely use HOTWIRE for yourself just to blow their minds. They will definitely fall in line when the see what a GREAT deal you got. Just book it and watch them commit. You better hurry because nov 20 is right around the corner....
  4. I have been interested in this property as well. From my research I would guess its the Baymont Inn & Suites. It could also be a couple others. I recall the amenities matched the Fairfield Inn as well. Please let us know if you decide to make the purchase!
  5. I have stayed at the Holiday Inn and we enjoyed it! I do recall parking was expensive but I was not surprised. Parking at a self park was cheaper of course. There are quite a number of hotels in the lombard area that have FREE parking but I dont think any participate in PRICELINE.
  6. The location of the Sheraton is definitely better than the Intercontinental. The actual difference in actual amenities and overall comforts is marginal between the two. If I had to choose between the two I would select the Sheraton. Both are great places to lay your head in NOLA.
  7. There is a really good chance its the intercontinentail. If its not the intercontinental it is probably the Hilton directly across the street.
  8. I would say its the Omni Royal Cresent. I had a friend book this for the day before halloween. It had the same amenities and star rating also had the same trip advisor rating. He is excited about it.
  9. Downtown is just fine. It and the French Quarter are separated by Canal Street. Most downtown hotels are close to canal st. Im sure you can get either hotel cheaper on PRICELINE. Staying in the FQ is better but if you are healthy the walks from the CBD (downtown) and super easy. New Orleans is the best place in america to eat. ENJOY.
  10. Bookit.com has a "mystery" 4 star FQ hotel that I think is the Astor Crowne Plaza for $109 per night. I would try priceline first but if Priceline fails bookit could be a nice back up. Keep us informed...
  11. According to the Radisson website it IS in the zone! Other 3rd party websites have the map wrong?? I am SUPER curious if this is in fact the hotel. Let us know what you are going to do.
  12. Yes I am sure. I have checked their address and it does not appear in the Delafield/pewaukee zone map on HOTWIRE. Go ahead and take the plunge becuase I want to know which hotel it is. My money is on the Holiday Inn express. Glad you replied back to this thread. I had written you off.
  13. I just checked on this again and i entered the Radissons address and it does not fit in the Delafield/Pewaukee zone. So the Radisson is out. I was hoping so bad to get this hotel but it wont happen on HOTWIRE.
  14. What hotel is the 4* hotel in the Quarter? The Montelone? I dont think the marriott, westin, or astor crowne plaza, are 4 star hotels. I would think the Royal Sonesta, maybe the bourbon orleans are 4 star hotels. The Omni royal orleans is definitely a 4 star hotel in the quarter. So for sure there is the Montelone, and Omni. Both are nice..
  15. I am surprised that PRICELINE didnt undercut the HOTWIRE price? Are you sure you had the right zone?
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