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  1. Booked this hotel in Cheyenne, WY the afternoon of the stay. No trouble at check-in or check-out due to HOTWIRE rate. Not certain if assigned room location near adjacent to elevators and ice maker was due to Hotwire rate or not, either way had no trouble at all with noise so this wasn't much of an issue. Wouldn't recommend this hotel, room was mostly clean, but public areas & hallways pretty dirty. Overall used & abused, rundown feeling here. Not what I would necessarily expect from a Holiday Inn. Full review to follow soon...
  2. Don't fully recall which area of Fort Collins this was listed under on HOTWIRE, but the address of the hotel was 1426 Oakridge Drive. Paid $80 through HOTWIRE the afternoon of stay after trying several different price area combinations on PRICELINE and looking for other decent Hotwire options in the area with a lower price to no avail. All in all, ended up being a good deal. Hotel was obviously very new (if not brand new...still smelled new). Nice basic hotel, but probably more like a quality 2.5* instead of 3*. I might not have any idea what I'm talking about, but my recent experiences tell me that HOTWIRE inflates their star ratings by about a half star, especially when compared to PRICELINE. Full review to follow soon...
  3. Booked this hotel via Hotwire for $56 somewhat hoping to receive the Frisco Holiday Inn. Ended up with the La Quinta in Silverthorne rated @ 3 stars. Fair enough, but I've got to say that this hotel is absolutely not a 3 star hotel or anywhere near. Full review to follow soon...
  4. Won this room for $50 on PRICELINE the afternoon of the stay. Additional $10 overnight parking was charged to final bill, but other than that, there was no troubles with Priceline. Did try a couple lower bids & different Denver areas through the $40-50 ranges before this bid was accepted. Overall, fairly decent business/conference type hotel. Accurate to star rating. Review to follow soon.
  5. Stayed consecutive 2 nights at the Colorado Springs Marriott with successful $40/night PRICELINE bid (won on first try @ $40). First night was booked about a week in advance and second night was booked the day of the stay. Nice rooms, PRICELINE never mentioned at check-in. Felt this was a great deal for this hotel... Review to follow soon.
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