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  1. While I have not stayed at the Omni but have stayed at the Westin La Cantera several times. I have no 'beef' with the NW zone Omni... it is just a very different hotel than La Cantera. The La Cantera Westin is really a resort. I used to be classified as one.. but since it was the only one in the zone...I guess it was 'too popular' and reclassified to a 4 star. Some have speculated that the Westin didn't like being the only hotel of that type in that zone...they figured out that people were figuring out that they were sure to get the westin by bidding NW Resort. The omni is nice from what I understand but just different... would suit perhaps more a business person ... it overlooks the freeway while the Westin overlooks the fmaous hill country and a gold course. The westin has resort like pools and a golf course... the omni only has an indoor pool (I understand) So it's not that the omni is bad... but it wouldn't be where I would want to stay on a weekend getaway with the westin just a few miles away!
  2. Yes it is a 4*. It is a great place to stay...but beware when bidding that you don't end up at the omni overlooking I-10 which is same zone overlooking I-10 :)
  3. This is a very good idea but be very careful. I notice that some places... I think of starwood.... are running sales that are not identified as 'webrates' or something like that... and it's in the fine print that the first night is charged immediately and is non refundable/noncancellable. Also when you cancel make sure you hold onto that cancellation number for several weeks after the stay. I had a cancellable backup at an amerisuites and cancelled it after I was successful at priceline. A week or so after I got back not only was I charged a one night 'no show fee'...but for the whole stay.. something almost like 400. I was able to get my money back but it was a BIG hassle.. and I am sure glad that I had a cancellation number. :)
  4. I think you may be right here. I recently booked a week stay on hotwire for a cost of 68 per night. The maximum I could bid on priceline to keep the cost lower than hotwire would have been 62 per night. I was not successful at less than 62 per night and ended up booking on hotwire.