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  1. I've been bidding for this property for a while for the last weeks and was never able to get it as cheap as last year (179 i think), but it was most definitely because I went in May, where rates drop significantly. I started bidding from 180, in increments of 5 dollars, using up all 3 re-bidding zones, and then waiting 24 hours to re-bid. When I hit 215, i started bidding in $1 increments, because I knew the Priceline Express Deal was $227 a night. At the end i ended up with a 220, so i didn't really save a lot compared to the express deal, but i have been in this hotel last year and I loved it and most hotels around the area are way more expensive. I used the PRICELINE link as always Cheers
  2. Hello Yellowdog These are the amenities shown in PRICELINE EXPRESS before my purchase Free Internet in room Outdoor Swimming Pool Free Parking Restaurant Fitness Center
  3. OK, so i wasn't super excited with the hotels that I would potentially get from the hotwire options, so I decided to take a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal with the coupon that 604girly provided (Thanks a bunch, you save me 90 bucks!) for the 4* hotel in Makena. Based on the results from the forum it was pretty clear it was going to be Makena Beach & Golf Resort, so i decided to go for it. $174 USD -10% with the coupon + fees = 928 UDS, meaning around 185 per day after taxes and fees. I used the PRICELINE link from the forum for my booking Thanks everyone for your help! Fabian
  4. Thank you 604girly for your comprehensivos response! I will definitely give it a try topriceline express, I used to have a coupon but it expired so this really comes handy, thanks a ton! I haven't even decided which area is better which makes it harder to narrow my choices, will come back once I get a hotel :-) Cheers!
  5. thank you thereuare These are the hotels I'd like to identify May 12-17 Lahaina 3*5 117 USD FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Studio, Air-Conditioning, Pool(s), Front Desk, Golf Nearby Ka'anapali 3 115 USD FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Beachfront hotel, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Self service laundry, Internet access, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Spa Services Ka'anapali 3.5 * 140 USD FULL AMENITIES: Beachfront hotel, Studio, Full kitchen, Daily Housekeeping, Air-Conditioning, Children's actvities, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), 24-hour Front Desk, Self service laundry, Internet access, Tennis Nearby Wailea - Makena 3.5* 150 USD FULL AMENITIES: Free Parking, Free Internet, Near Beach, 1 Bedroom Suite, Full kitchen, Smoke Free Rooms, Laundry in room, Pool(s), Self service laundry, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Kitchenette, Accessible path of travel, Handicapped parking Very much appreciated! As always, i used the HOTWIRE link for searches
  6. Thank you thereuare These are the hotwire hotels I'm interested and would like to identify them. I had a hardtime looking at the easy view of hotwire to obtain the amenities, because the prices are all different (I ensured I was in USD), and even when trying to book from there I always got an error message. Will appreciate any insights! Always using the HOTWIRE link from the forum for my searches and bookings Cheers! May 12 - 17, 2014 Wailea - Makena area 4* USD 168 (Hotel) Free Parking Free Internet Resort Beachfront hotel Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Self service laundry 95% recommended 4.5/5 rating in Trip advisor ------------------------------------------ HOT RATE CONDO Ka'anapali area USD 182 Free Internet Resort Beachfront hotel Studio Full kitchen Smoke Free Rooms Laundry in room Pool(s) Restaurant(s) 4.5/5 Trip advisor rating HOT RATE CONDO Wailea - Makena area 3.5 * 150 USD Free Parking Free Internet Near Beach 1 Bedroom Suite Full kitchen Smoke Free Rooms Laundry in room Pool(s) Self service laundry 100% recommended 4/5 trip advisor
  7. I'm going to try to identify some hotels from Hotwire instead before I make my decision, should I start a new thread in the hotwire forum or just ask about those options here? Thanks Fabian
  8. Thanks! I'll keep you updated what do I end up doing for this portion of my trip
  9. Hello fellow betterbidders! I would like to identify the following properties in Priceline express: Dates: 12 - 17 May, 2014 4 Star Hotel in Ka'anapali - Lahaina Area for $181/night Guaranteed Amenities: Outdoor Swimming Pool Restaurant Business Center Fitness Center Rated 9.0out of 10 (or higher) Because of the rating I'm thinking is the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas 3½ Star Hotel in Ka'anapali - Lahaina Area for $115/night Guaranteed Amenities: Free Internet in room Indoor or Outdoor Pool Condo Rated 8.0out of 10 (or higher) This one may be hard, as it's a condo... As always, using the PRICELINE link to do my searches and bookings! Thanks in advance
  10. Amenities: Free Breakfast Free Internet Near Beach Business Center Internet access Golf Nearby I used the Hotwire link from the forum as always
  11. I already knew that I wasn't able to get anything reasonable in NYC or Jersey City under 100, so my third option was Brooklyn downtown...my bids were 1st bid: Brooklyn, 2 stars, 75. failed 2nd bid: Added a zone somewhere in Manhattan. 2 stars, 77. failed 3rd bid. Added another zone somewhere in Manhattan, 2 stars, 79 won
  12. 1st bid: 85 3 stars . Failed 2nd bid: 75 2.5 stars. Won I only wanted hotels in the airport area, so the only way to rebid was downgrading the level.
  13. So after reading and checking around here for a while, i decided to go ahead an start bidding (using the PRICELINE link from this forum) Since a lot of people go the $90 dollar rate around my week, i didnt think i was going to get anything around that rate, and indeed, i failed most of my attempts. I ended up splitting my bid in 2 day portions..and no luck either..so it looks the whole week from Sat 15 to 22 there is nothing available for under 150. Since i kept changing the dates, i was able to bid multiple times... Eventually, the 152 was accepted for the days of Sep 19 to Sep 23 (i decided to stay one day longer) for the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel Now need to look for a place from the 15 to the 19...so probably will start another thread cheers
  14. So, I'm hoping I can find something in New York City from Sep 15 - 22 (7 nights). I'm aware that this is the highest season and prices are through the roof...most people come here in order to get a cheaper 4 star hotel, in my case, i'm fine with a lower start rating as long as its affordable and "clean" with no amenities. The 4 star hotels are above 250 and i can't definitely afford that. Based in your experience, is it even worth to bother bidding in 2 or 3 star hotels in New York to get a cheaper price? Should I stick to 3 stars only to make sure i don't end up in a complete dump? I'm open to Jersey City, Brooklyn, Long Island, as long as there is a reasonable transportation options to Manhattan. My budget is 150 dollars per night max. I'm willing to split my bid as well (the 15th i arrive late so i dont mind staying near the airport that night only) Thanks for your advise! Fabian
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