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  1. I've been bidding for this property for a while for the last weeks and was never able to get it as cheap as last year (179 i think), but it was most definitely because I went in May, where rates drop significantly. I started bidding from 180, in increments of 5 dollars, using up all 3 re-bidding zones, and then waiting 24 hours to re-bid. When I hit 215, i started bidding in $1 increments, because I knew the Priceline Express Deal was $227 a night. At the end i ended up with a 220, so i didn't really save a lot compared to the express deal, but i have been in this hotel last year and I love
  2. Hello Yellowdog These are the amenities shown in PRICELINE EXPRESS before my purchase Free Internet in room Outdoor Swimming Pool Free Parking Restaurant Fitness Center
  3. OK, so i wasn't super excited with the hotels that I would potentially get from the hotwire options, so I decided to take a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal with the coupon that 604girly provided (Thanks a bunch, you save me 90 bucks!) for the 4* hotel in Makena. Based on the results from the forum it was pretty clear it was going to be Makena Beach & Golf Resort, so i decided to go for it. $174 USD -10% with the coupon + fees = 928 UDS, meaning around 185 per day after taxes and fees. I used the PRICELINE link from the forum for my booking Thanks everyone for your help! Fabian
  4. Thank you 604girly for your comprehensivos response! I will definitely give it a try topriceline express, I used to have a coupon but it expired so this really comes handy, thanks a ton! I haven't even decided which area is better which makes it harder to narrow my choices, will come back once I get a hotel :-) Cheers!
  5. thank you thereuare These are the hotels I'd like to identify May 12-17 Lahaina 3*5 117 USD FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Studio, Air-Conditioning, Pool(s), Front Desk, Golf Nearby Ka'anapali 3 115 USD FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Beachfront hotel, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Self service laundry, Internet access, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Spa Services Ka'anapali 3.5 * 140 USD FULL AMENITIES: Beachfront hotel, Studio, Full kitchen, Daily Housekeeping, Air-Conditioning, Children's actvities, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), 24-hour Front Desk, Self service lau
  6. Thank you thereuare These are the hotwire hotels I'm interested and would like to identify them. I had a hardtime looking at the easy view of hotwire to obtain the amenities, because the prices are all different (I ensured I was in USD), and even when trying to book from there I always got an error message. Will appreciate any insights! Always using the HOTWIRE link from the forum for my searches and bookings Cheers! May 12 - 17, 2014 Wailea - Makena area 4* USD 168 (Hotel) Free Parking Free Internet Resort Beachfront hotel Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Self s
  7. I'm going to try to identify some hotels from Hotwire instead before I make my decision, should I start a new thread in the hotwire forum or just ask about those options here? Thanks Fabian
  8. Thanks! I'll keep you updated what do I end up doing for this portion of my trip
  9. Hello fellow betterbidders! I would like to identify the following properties in Priceline express: Dates: 12 - 17 May, 2014 4 Star Hotel in Ka'anapali - Lahaina Area for $181/night Guaranteed Amenities: Outdoor Swimming Pool Restaurant Business Center Fitness Center Rated 9.0out of 10 (or higher) Because of the rating I'm thinking is the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas 3½ Star Hotel in Ka'anapali - Lahaina Area for $115/night Guaranteed Amenities: Free Internet in room Indoor or Outdoor Pool Condo Rated 8.0out of 10 (or higher) This one may be hard, as it
  10. Amenities: Free Breakfast Free Internet Near Beach Business Center Internet access Golf Nearby I used the Hotwire link from the forum as always
  11. I already knew that I wasn't able to get anything reasonable in NYC or Jersey City under 100, so my third option was Brooklyn downtown...my bids were 1st bid: Brooklyn, 2 stars, 75. failed 2nd bid: Added a zone somewhere in Manhattan. 2 stars, 77. failed 3rd bid. Added another zone somewhere in Manhattan, 2 stars, 79 won
  12. 1st bid: 85 3 stars . Failed 2nd bid: 75 2.5 stars. Won I only wanted hotels in the airport area, so the only way to rebid was downgrading the level.
  13. So after reading and checking around here for a while, i decided to go ahead an start bidding (using the PRICELINE link from this forum) Since a lot of people go the $90 dollar rate around my week, i didnt think i was going to get anything around that rate, and indeed, i failed most of my attempts. I ended up splitting my bid in 2 day portions..and no luck either..so it looks the whole week from Sat 15 to 22 there is nothing available for under 150. Since i kept changing the dates, i was able to bid multiple times... Eventually, the 152 was accepted for the days of Sep 19 to Sep 23 (i decided
  14. So, I'm hoping I can find something in New York City from Sep 15 - 22 (7 nights). I'm aware that this is the highest season and prices are through the roof...most people come here in order to get a cheaper 4 star hotel, in my case, i'm fine with a lower start rating as long as its affordable and "clean" with no amenities. The 4 star hotels are above 250 and i can't definitely afford that. Based in your experience, is it even worth to bother bidding in 2 or 3 star hotels in New York to get a cheaper price? Should I stick to 3 stars only to make sure i don't end up in a complete dump? I'm open
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