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  1. Just wanted to share since this is not listed on the BB list. I was playing around to see where the Queen Kapiolani would be on it. On the Priceline Express Deals, I'm nearly positive that it is listed as a 3* property with room choice available. The amenities listed are free in room internet, pool, business center, and nonsmoking. I was playing with last minute dates and the standard room is $116 a night. They have the mandatory resort fee @ $15 a night which is what the Queen Kap charges.It is going for $136 a night on the Queen Kap's website so not a huge savings but with the 5% off deal, it drops the price down to around $110 a night so around $26 less. You can use that money for a meal lol. While I have not stayed at the property before, it's in the best location IMO if you are going to rely on the public buses and it's the last stop in the heart of Waikiki to get you to Hanauma Bay (so you will stand but won't be on the bus too long). I believe this is also listed as a 2.5 * property on Hotwire in DiamondHead again due to the resort fees and matching the number of reviews with Tripadvisor. Also going for $116 a night with the standard room.
  2. Back from my trip. The hotel itself was comfortable and great value for the money. The location had cheap eats nearby as well as a Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. That being said it was not that convenient to the Metro stop.It's half a mile and should only be according to google Maps an 8 minute walk, it's more like 20 with all the traffic. Got the free wifi which had a strong signal. Shower was good too, and the employees were friendly. I would stay here again only if I got a good rate again, otherwise the location for me was not that great (I would prefer having a Metro stop in the hotel or within 2 blocks).
  3. Quick update. Even though I did not book direct with Marriot, this location said that they will still give Marriot members in room complimentary wifi which is great! A lot of brands are starting to make it where you only get complimentary wifi if you book on their website and not through something like Expedia or PRICELINE. Anywho saving $26 on wifi
  4. Used the bb PRICELINE link I admit I find bidding addicting and added Georgetown for no real reason at all LOL. The last few days, I was bidding in Crystal City to try to get the Westin Crystal City (free wifi in the room and because I'm a travel agent, they were willing to throw in a free breakfast each day). I could see it on Hotwire and Priceline Express for $104 a night based on the amenities. I started at $70, then $75, then $80, and then $85. All rejected. I added Georgetown in the mix for $86 (while Crystal City was still selected) and got the Marriott Georgetown. It's a good buy I just wanted free wifi in the room and maybe breakfast but that's okay =) Price comparisons on the Marriott Priceline Express- I don't think it is on there . The only 4 star in Georgetown Foggy Bottom is going for $269. Hotwire- Same. Don't think it was on there based on the amenities. On Marriott's website it is going for $279 a night but with AAA it's $206 a night. With my travel agent rate it is $194 a night. Anyway wifi in room is $13 a night and the breakfast buffet is $20 a day. I emailed them asking if they comp that for agents (probably not). If I end up paying for both it comes out to $119 versus if I had taken the $104 Westin Crystal City (inclusive of breakfast and in room wifi). Difference of $15 a night so not bad. I'm just very surprised that the Marriot accepted my deal while the Westin Crystal City which frequently has low deals didn't. Maybe this will help people =)
  5. After a lot of research I believe it will be the Caprice Hotel.
  6. Not sure why you guys merged these 2 posts together... One was for Hotwire and the other was for Priceline.
  7. I'm using the PRICELINE EXPRESS link and trying to figure out which hotel it could be. Dates are 4/4-4/7 only amenity is free internet. There's a hotel fee of $39 in addition to the $38.70 taxes and fees. What 4 star hotels charge a hotel fee in that area?
  8. I'm using the HOTWIRE link and for the life of me I cannot figure out which hotel this is. I looked and previous wins but all of them are 4 star and up hotels. 3 * Rome Veneto-Villa Borghese $70 Dates are April 4-April 7. Location is Veneto - Villa Borghese area 3 star hotel boutique hotel pet friendly smoke free rooms free internet I've tried figuring it out on Tripadvisor because HOTWIRE says it is 3 out of 5 stars and has been reviewed 301-500 times. Any guesses?
  9. See I would have thought summers in NYC would be busy because of kids not having to be in school. Is Spring cheaper than Fall in NYC? It would be for a 3 night trip, either Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, Friday, Saturday either in the fall or spring. Budget ideally is under $175.
  10. I was playing around with A LOT of different locations without NYC yesterday (Midtown East, Midtown West, Upper Westside, and the Upper Eastside) using the PL link but all my offers were declined for hotels in October ranging from a 3.5 star hotel to a 4.5 star hotel. I was reading previous bid history on here and bid up to $200 a night but still my offers were declined. When I then played with the PRICELINE EXPRESS deals for hotel stays within this week, they were significantly cheaper than purchasing way in advance. In any of your experiences, are you generally able to get better deals at the last minute versus way in advance?
  11. I played around for you using your price range, location (not in the heart of the city), and being "vacation like" which to me means beautiful landscaping and nice pool area. I've lived in LA and San Diego, but also know Orange County well which is also a very good option for you because it's between LA county and SD county. I just used Priceline Express to get an idea. Using your dates: 4 star Mission Bay for $122 a night would most likely either be: Hilton San Diego- I used to go bike riding in front of this hotel all the time. Beautiful property, pool area nice. Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa in Mission Bay- I've used the spa facilities here (they have a good deal going on with TravelZoo right now for a massage). The hotel is a little out of the way from other hotels and restaurants, but their restaurants on the property are good, and they have an awesome pool and water slide which overlooks Mission Bay. It does have mixed reviews on Tripadvisor but I love Hyatt and think I would love this hotel if I stayed there (I could use my free night there when I go back 2 days before you for a day, but they already sold out of those gold days sadly). The property is an older Hyatt though so if you really want a newer more modern hotel, you may not really like it. Paradise Point- I went here for a party. This to me feels the most "tropical" out of all the places. Would have no problem being here either. Pools look nice. THESE ARE ALL REALLY NICE PROPERTIES!! They do not include the resort fee and parking fee, but given your price range you would be fine and have $$ left over. Maybe use the extra $$ for an upgrade to a bay view. Mission Bay is a good area to consider because it isn't industrial and really just has the beach, the bay, and some mid to high end hotels. La Jolla has a 4 star showing up for $150 which looks like it probably would end up being La Valencia which is a beautiful, boutique hotel. You would be walking distance to La Jolla Cove, shopping, art galleries, and restaurants, but the area is definitely cramped. Carlsbad has a 4 star showing up for $133 which seems like it could be the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort (not really sure on that though). Property and pool looks amazing but given the proximity to Legoland you could have kids all over the place (may not be a factor to you, but I don't like being around kids during my vacation time). If you consider Orange County: 4 star Newport/Huntington Beach for $97 (maybe they are doing renovations to be offering it that cheap?) looks like it may be The Fairmont Newport. ---- I honestly would go with the 4 star Mission Bay hotels. I think if you used the Express feature you would get a great price on a nice property, in a good area, and have it feel like a real vacation. You could probably also upgrade for a nicer room. I tried doing Coronado for you too but the only have one 4 star hotel left and it's way above your price range.
  12. Used the PRICELINE link to bid. Yesterday I bid $35 but it said to bid $42 if I wanted that room but I passed because that was the Priceline Express rate. Went on today and bid $38 and I got it. I could use that $4 for a burger at In and Out LOL. Room looks nice for a night. My dog and I are just passing through from Reno to LA and spending the night to split up the driving. On Google maps it appears to have fast food restaurants nearby, gas stations, and grass for my dog.
  13. Used the PRICELINE link to book. $45 on first try. I've stayed here before and used to live right near the hotel. Just needed a place to sleep after arriving at 10pm. Room is very comfortable, Wifi is fast, lots of parking, and close to shopping.
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