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  1. $56 and accepted. I've not stayed here but the LaQuinta in Rochester is worn looking.....we'll see.
  2. Bid $48 and it was accepted. Lobby and surrounding area was filthy, while the room was OK. Construction workers staying here and very loud. Complained to management and to no avail had to call the police. Ended up sleeping in my truck. Do not stay here.
  3. Nice hotel. Took a few tries and started at $52. Hotel was listed at $60 PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals and my bid @ $56 was eventually accepted. I've stayed here many times and it's always clean, quiet and comfortable.
  4. $48 plus fees. It's kind of run down and Dated, but for the Money I guess it's OK.
  5. First Bid, 3* and $65 hit! Plus taxes and fee's come's in around $80 ish. Never stayed here before but I'm told by friends it's very nice. Thanks!
  6. One Bid @ $65 and off we go, accepted! Have never stayed here, and Holiday Inn's can be a nice or a bit dated and worn, so we'll see. Thanks Better Bidding!
  7. First bid and accepted. Final bill $72 per night and includes breakfast!
  8. Very run down, and outdated. I hope never to stay here again. The positives, the place was empty so it was quiet.
  9. First time staying here so hope for the best. the Outside looks updated and the pics on the website look favorable!
  10. First try and BAM! I think it's an older place but a clean hot and a cot for $46 + is A-OK in my book!
  11. First Time staying here. $55 3 Star, accepted Quickly. Hope it's OK!
  12. First Bid, 3* and Airport Area. $50 accepted. I've stayed here many times and it's a fine hotel, good location and rooms are up to date.
  13. first Bid $65, not accepted. Increased to $68 and accepted. Last trip I bid and stayed at Crowne Plaza Airport for 62.
  14. First Bid accepted. 3.5 Star . It's undergoing some renovation but a great hotel at a great price. Thanks Better Bidding!
  15. First Bid accepted at $61.00 per night. Thanks Better Bidding!
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