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  1. Using your PRICELINE link and the usual bidding methodology of adding a zone without a 4* with each dollar increase bid, ended with the W. While not the deal of $56 people seemed to get over the summer still happy with it. As always appreciate your site and see the experience of others.
  2. Amenities Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access
  3. Received this today via HOTWIRE. Web site rate averages $220 per night for same period. The amenities matched your list exactly.
  4. Thanks for the trip, will try that as well. What would be you best guess on the 4* for $109?
  5. Using your link to PRICELINE and your bidding strategy 4* downtown starting bid $70 added zones w/out 4* and upped bid by $5 increments. $95 last bid and still no hits. will try again tomorrow. Seems a little higher than most have been getting lately, is it just spring or something else going on in your opinion?
  6. if you are driving in, there is a parking gargage called "westin building" which is less than one block north on 5th (same side of the street)- it charges $18 a day for hotel guests as opposed to $36 per day at the Westin hotel lot.
  7. Just back and thought I would share a useful money saving tip you can pass along to others who get the Westin. Parking at the Westin hotel is $36 a day for self park, but less than one block north on 5th on the same side of the street there is a "westin building" parking lot that charges $18 per night for hotel guests. Go figure.
  8. Used you link. Started at $50 and begain rebidding 4*s only with additional areas in $3 increments, no hits until $65 and like rest who post got Westin. Apparently $65 is the magic number. Just keeping all the info up to date. Keep up this link, one of my favs!
  9. Thanks for linking the threads - was not sure since one was hotwire and one was PL, but know for next time. Incidentally bidding history: 4* Mill Park-Loop-Grant $75 - denied 4* added skokie $85 - denied 4* added lincoln park $95 - denied 4* added ORD - South $101 - bid accepted have been checking daily for about a week, same tactic but never went over $95 - never got a hit until today at $101
  10. Just booked using you link. Better location than Allegro I think, just a hop over the river. Goin in via train also so pretty central to train station. Thanks for hosting such a useful site
  11. ok - thanks - what's you best guess as to the 3.5* with Suite? Boutique not breakfast is important to me.
  12. Help in identifying please - perhaps Allegro or Burnam? Amenities listed as: Boutique Hotel Fitness Center Business Center High-speed Internet Access thanks for your help as usual
  13. Thanks for the help Aaron. Just booked the 3* MTE, rate $122 and it is the Roosevelt Hotel Appreciate the help thru my first time :)
  14. Need help identifying the following locations: 5/27-31 $122 per night 3-star hotel in Midtown East Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access 3.5-star hotel in Midtown East for $129 This hotel features the following amenities: Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access Tennis Nearby Thanks for the help - used you great links to priceline
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