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  1. unfortunately there isn't anything of intererst on hotwire. there is a 2.5* for $105. my max bid would be $87. thanks for any suggestions.
  2. I am looking for a 3* hotel downtown and havent had success over a number of tries over the past week. I have tried $45, $50, $55, $60 the first time and $40, $50, $60, $68 and just now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for this very helpful resource.
  3. Tried 18/day for economy and received a counter offer of 21/day for economy. I started a new bid and I tried $21/day for a standard and was successful. $126 total which is better and worth the hassle for a 15% savings over costcotravel -> alamo rental economy car rental at $147. larger and cheaper
  4. I tried 3* for the North and South City centers up to $105. Then I tried $125 for the South and then $135 for the North. I might have been able to go a little lower since this was technically my first bid. I tried last week for $85 in this zone. Prices ar much higher this weekend for the Oktoberfest opening. Renaissance Munich Hotel City Centre North Theodor-Dombart-Strasse 4 Munich, Germany Check-In Date: Sat, Sep 20, 2008 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Sun, Sep 21, 2008 / 12:00 PM Thank you very much for this site!
  5. I tried $85 and $95 for the north and south city center. I got a counter offer for $134 for the north city center which is less preferred.
  6. I tried up to $185 for the 5* in city center south with no luck. I got a counter offer for $283 which I assume is the Conrad. I tried up to $120 for the 4* in city center south with no luck.
  7. I tried upto $165 for the 5* hotel level in South City Center Dublin.
  8. Just Started trying some 4* and 5* Bids at a pretty low rate. Failed Bids for 5 * $85, $100, $115. Failed Bids for 4* $80, $95 Any ideas on how high I might have to go? Prices are fairly expensive even for simple guesthouses and private hostels.
  9. Tried bids from $80-120 in Georgetown, Whitehouse/Dowtown, Dupont, Convention Center. All rejected. In the Convention Center area I bid $120 and got a free rebid offer requesting a $22 additional. Tried, $125 and $128 and was successful with $131. $309.22 Total with taxes Thank you for this board.
  10. First bid was 24/day for a minivan. Second bid was $18/day for a full size. Total was 82.61, saved $40.
  11. I increased my bid to $70 and got the 4* Marriott Downtown. Not my best deal ever but still a good deal/value.
  12. The next best option is $107 at the Ritz using my government rate and ID. Otherwise best rates look like ~$125 for the 4* hotels in the downtown area. Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. I tried from $35-$53 for the downtown area with no luck. Not sure what to do. If I had a friend try it for me tonight... any ideas on how high I should expect to go?
  14. I bid the following Bid #1: Whitehouse-Downtown Bid #2: Whitehouse-Downtown, Springfield Bid #3: Whitehouse-Downtown, Crystal City Bid #4: Whitehouse-Downtown, Springfield, Crystal City Bid #5: Georgetown-Foggy Bottom Bid #6: Georgetown-Foggy Bottom, Springfield Bid #7: Georgetown-Foggy Bottom, Crystal City Bid #8: Georgetown-Foggy Bottom, Springfield, Crystal City I am not sure what to suggest as far as pricing. I started at 75 and went up by $10 each time. I usually have better luck as the days get closer. As a backup I had a AAA rate booked at the grand hyatt which is nice. Good luck
  15. I rebid again, 75, 85 and 95 using the rebid zones. Then I refined my bids for the other rooms to save a few more dollars. (Whitehouse-Downtown) Renaissance Mayflower Hotel Room 1: 5/2-5/4 $95/night Room 2: 5/3-5/4 $93/night Room 3: 5/3-5/4 $92/night Regular rates are $219/night for this weekend on their website.
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