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  1. Actually, the Inn at QA is better than I thought. We had some mix-ups with the price (the person at the front desk quoted us the wrong price, yadda, yadda...) Anyway, I called yesterday to ask a question, and they decided to honor the price that was originally quoted to us, so we have it for $89 per night! Does anyone know anything about that hotel, btw?
  2. tried the whole process again for 3* then 2.5*...even splurged and upped my bid to $85 - nothing. oh, well. thanks again to everyone.
  3. Need help ID'ing a 2.5* hotel in Seattle. Downtown-Space Needle, $83. 10/13-10/18. Only amenity listed is a restaurant on the premises...that seems odd. Any ideas? (I've sought your help with PL on bids for this trip, but to no avail. I thought that I would check out Hotwire, too.)
  4. Yes, I'm definitely hanging on to the backup reservation. I'll try PL tomorrow evening and see where $80 gets me for a 2.5. Should I employ the same strategy but just go a little higher? I really don't want to split the bids up...worst case scenario, I end up at the one i have now. You guys are great!
  5. arrrgggghhhh! lol - rejected. maybe i'll give it a day or so and then try again. i'm at a loss...do i need to increase my bids?
  6. Changed my mind...I think I want to try for a 2.5 at this point at a slightly lower price. (Preferably no higher than the $75 -$80 range) I thought about it and realized that our reservation at the Inn at Queen Anne includes a kitchenette, so if I change hotels, we would probably have to add in the extra costs of meals. (Rather than having the option of grocery shopping and cooking full meals at the hotel.) I'll still consider going a little higher for the possibility of a 3, that seems worth it for the upgrade, but if I'm going to get a comparable hotel to what I already have (the Inn at
  7. ok, got it. how about trying one more time for the 3*, then if that doesn't work, forget it and go for the 2.5 or better. Thanks so much for your patience with me...
  8. Is there a way to reasonably bid for both levels at the same time? I know you cautioned me against dropping the level but increasing my bid. Is there a better strategy for that? My limit is 85 for either level, I believe.
  9. Ok, I think that makes sense. If I'm going for a 2.5, keep the bid low enough so I'm actually saving money. The back-up reservation that we have is for the Inn at Queen Anne for $98 per night. I believe that PL rates this one as a 2*. (I know the ratings vary per site, but I'm just taking their standards into consideration.) So, my main goal is to get a nicer place for a little cheaper, if possible. Basically, I think that if I need to go 100 bucks or more for a 3*, then a 2.5* works just fine.
  10. A 2.5 in Downtown, Lake Union, or Space Needle would be fine if a 3 isn't possible. How should I do it?
  11. Should my bidding limit be significantly different for a 2.5*? I think I would be fine with a 2.5* in any of the areas. Would I ned to raise my limit to try for a 3 again? That is still my ideal, but dropping a level is not a problem.
  12. No luck, yet. :) I followed the strategy but stopped at $85...I hope that that didn't alter things too much. I want a 3*, but since I'm ok with 2.5, I decided that I would be more comfortable with going down a level instead of going up to $90. What would be the next step to try for a 3*? 2.5? Thank you guys so much! I feel like I'm learning a lot about this process - who knew?!
  13. Ok, since we're stating with 3*...Downtown is first choice, and I'm fine with Lake Union and Space Needle, as well. (not sure if it makes a difference in your suggestions, but I won't be able to bid until I get home this evening)
  14. Ok, so if I understand this, I should start a new bidding process every time I drop a level. So if I start at Downtown at 3*, I could add Lake Union (and maybe Space Needle), then Everett and N. Everett while increasing bids. If those are rejected, then I can exit and begin again to drop to 2.5. At this level I would add Downtown, Lake U, (SN) and Everett. To answer your question, I'm not sure if trying for a $75 bid in Lake U. is preferable to a higher bid in DT. Any thoughts? If it's that close, then it sounds good to save the money. Any suggestions on what amount to start bidding wit
  15. Ok, I never really thought about lowering my bid when I lower my rating...that makes makes. If I understand free re-bidding correctly, then if I go for a 3*, Everett and N. Everett are the re-bid zones, and if I go down to 2.5*, then it's only Everett. It does make me a little uncomfortable, but I'll be fine with it if I understood it correctly. If I use the rebids at the 3* level and they are rejected, would I have to wait and start over if I wanted to add 2.5* bc N. Everett has that level? I'm able to bid again today, so I really appreciate the help! Also, I saw how close Lake Union and D
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