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  1. Accepted bid: $55 Taxes & Fees: $15.24 Total Charged: $70.24 I saw a 3* hotel listed on the express bids for $65. The only three-star hotels in the bid zone for Beloit are the Best Western and the Ironworks Hotel (formerly Beloit Inn). It listed free breakfast, internet, pool, parking, and a fitness center. Ironworks doesn't have a pool so I knew it would be the Best Western. As I bid the day before the stay, I didn't have time to mess around. I started my first bid at $55 and won. The hotel is in a very quiet location, just off I90 at the first Illinois exit (51/75/Gardner St.), slightly behind the gas station. The room was clean and a good size. I'd say it compares more to a Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn, so I'd put it at a 2 1/2 star level. The pool is fairly small, but it is open 24 hours. There were people in the pool when we walked by and we couldn't hear them, so it must be well soundproofed. They also had noodles and paddle boards which you don't see very often. Breakfast was decent with an offering of scrambled eggs and sausage in addition to the typical waffles, cereal, bagels, yogurt, fresh fruit, etc. Overall I was happy with the stay and will stay there again.
  2. First Room Bid: $51.00 Taxes & Fees: $14.39 Total Charged to Card: $65.39 Hotel Address: 2445 South Acadian Thruway, Baton Rouge
  3. Started bidding at $52 for a 4* in Milwaukee Downtown. After getting an offer to up my bid by at least $16, I knew I was close. I tried a few bids with free rebid zones at $53, $55, and then I decided to jump up to $59 as I saw previous posts for Pfister wins at $59. It worked! This room was displayed at $239 on Priceline. I'm stoked, this is a great hotel! Room Subtotal (2 nights): $118.00 Taxes & Fees: $25.92 Total Charged to Card: $143.92 And with this bid ... the summer travel season will commence. WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!!
  4. As all the previous stays at The Beloit Inn were several years old. I wasn't sure where to start bidding so I decided on $50. I worked my way up to $75 in $5 increments over several days. At $75, I got the "increase your bid for $14" message. As I was running out of time, I jumped to $78. I'm not sure if I could have bid $76 successfully, but I'm not going to sweat over a couple of dollars for this hotel. It's an excellent hotel and my preferred hotel if I have to stay in Beloit. For comparison, the AAA rate was $134.10 for the same night or $149 for their regular rate.
  5. Bid #1 - 3* in Appleton only Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $46.00 Taxes & Fees: $13.27 Total Charges*: $59.27 Probably could have got the room for less, but I didn't have much time to bid so I went higher than I would have otherwise. There was nothing in the forums to start from. List was $112 on PRICELINE at the time of the bid. Holiday Inn Select Appleton - 3* 150 Nicolet Rd Appleton, Wisconsin 54914 920-735-9955
  6. 2* Rochester (South) Extended StayAmerica South - $25 - 7/21/10-7/22/10 First Bid - 2* - $25 - Offer Accepted! Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $25.00 Subtotal: $25.00 Taxes & Fees: $10.05 Total Charges*: $35.05 As we're just looking for a place to crash for a few hours, this will be perfect. Can't beat the price!
  7. 2* Billings Best Western Clocktower Inn, $45 ... 7/19/10-7/20/10 Bidding history: First bid - 3* - $55 - not accepted Second bid - 2* - $40 - not accepted Third bid, added 1* - $45 - accepted (No 1* appeared in Priceline's list at the time I made the reservation.) When I called the hotel, I found out the reservation was for a handicap-accessible queen bed room. There are four of us. Apparently they didn't have the ability to modify the reservation to allow two beds because of the third-party billing, even though the room was available and they seemed willing to make the change. There was also no option to add rollaways because it is a handicap-accessible room. (Even though none of us are handicapped.) They insisted I had to call Priceline to change the reservation. I called Priceline and although it took a while on hold, luckily they were very helpful! It did cost an additional $20 but it was better than the kids sleeping on the floor shivering. I think. Vent time - I really wish hotels would not give handicap accessible rooms to the non-handicapped unless they are the last rooms available. With a parent who needs that type room and sometimes finds it not available, it really aggravates me. Vent over. Going on with my trip planning.
  8. Sorry. The hotel was Hilton Salt Lake City Center. (This is why I shouldn't stay up past my bedtime making hotel reservations!)
  9. 7/14/10-7/17/10 4* Salt Lake City UT: First bid - $49 - Downtown and University Park Second bid - $51 - Downtown and University Park + Airport Offer Accepted! Note the breakdown below includes the Travel Insurance we opted to get. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $51.00 Travel Insurance: $15.00 Subtotal: $168.00 Taxes & Fees: $29.13 Total Charges*: $197.13
  10. This is rated as a 2* on Priceline. With AAA discount, we could have gotten it for $89.96 a night directly with the hotel. Not such a great deal, but at least we got something. 7/12/10 - 7/14/10 Ramada Inn 182 South Main St Moab, UT Hotwire hot Rate: Price Per Night:$86.00 Nights:2 Rooms: 1 Subtotal: $172.00 Hotel Protection*: $8.02 Tax recovery charges and fees: $28.61 Total price: $208.63 Total charges to your credit card: $208.63 The only amenity listed was no-smoking.
  11. First bid - 3* - $45 accepted. 7/10/10 - 7/11/10 Courtyard By Marriott Longmont
  12. Just wanted a cheap hotel to plunge our heads into a pillow on our way out west. This worked for me! Bid 1 - 2* in West Des Moines - bid $28. Hotel confirmed. YAY!
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