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  1. Love this property and London City Airport. 30 minutes from exiting the plane to entering the hotel room. Try this at Heathrow! They also gave me a nice junior suite. Don't know why, but I won't complain.
  2. Tried $80 for 3stars East London Limehouse first, rejected. Added Canary Wharf as this zone works as well for me. Surprised to get this property at this price.
  3. Started through the PRICELINE link at $65. Accepted right away. Stayed there before. Decent property.
  4. Not so happy with that result, but bid myself up in small increments for the SeaTac Airport and Renton zones through the PRICELINE link. surprisingly expensive for these zones. Received a counteroffer of $70 at $55.
  5. Starting at $50, bid myself up in $5 increments.
  6. Got a counteroffer at $90. Accepted at $95. I am very happy because the first night of this stay is very expensive if you try to book non-opaque. :-)
  7. I started my bidding at $40 and got a counter offer of $55. At $45 got a counteroffer of$60 :) . Accepted at $50 through the PRICELINE link. Happy to report this new hotel to the list. BTW it looks like the zones in the Tampa hotel list are not up to date. I have never bid in this zone before, but there are very many small zones to bid in. Best Western Bay Harbor Hotel Tampa Airport West 7700 Courtney Campbell Causeway Tampa, Florida 33607 813-281-8900
  8. Stayed here for one night for an early morning flight. Check-in staff was really very nice, room was standard Sheraton. Just want to add that the public buses, which you can catch at the central bus station (lines 105/111/140/285) not only are free, but run more frequently than the expensive hotel hoppa. The hotel is about 3-4 stops from the bus terminal. Just get off when you see it. Some of their top floor rooms should have a great view of the north runway, but I didn't get one of those.
  9. Bid myself up in $2 increments using strip vicinity north as a quasi rebid zone (no 3*, 4* likely more expensive). Got a counteroffer of $52 at $42. Accepted at $46. Bid through the PRICELINE link, of course.
  10. Thank you. That'll help. I'll have only one mostly empty suitcase, which should allow me to jump the bus ! ;-)
  11. Accepted at first bid through the PRICELINE link. Hotel Hoppa seems to be quite pricey. Is it true that you cannot take luggage on a public bus? How about walking? It seems to be not too far from the terminal.
  12. Accepted at first bid through the PRICELINE link. I am afraid I might have overbid, but still sounds like a great price.
  13. Accepted at first bid through the PRICELINE link. 5* was rejected up to $110. I hope this is nice.
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