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  1. I'm thinking I'd like to try for one of the value disney properties for all three nights if that's possible. When I look at priceline and hotwire hotels, their only 3 star hotels in the Bonnett Creek area are the Art of Animation and the All Stars Music. Does that mean if I make an offer on a 3 star hotel in that area it's most likely going to be Disney property?
  2. Thank you! That's very helpful. I probably wouldn't want to pay that much for Swan and Dolphin.
  3. I've been looking through other posts to see how people are identifying the price and resort fees before bidding on a hotel (I'm guessing they're bidding - I'm not sure how it works). How are you able to identify if there are resort fees, or not? It looks like Disney hotels do not have resort fees, so if I can find one that doesn't I'm guessing that would be my best bet. Thank you!
  4. Really, I'm just excited about the option of staying on Disney Property, and I'd love to find a way to make that happen.
  5. Thank you! My head is a bit of a hot mess trying to navigate the option of savings. If we weren't staying on Disney property, then I would prefer to keep the cost to $400 total...If Disney property is an option I would like to keep those two nights around $250 per night depending on the hotel. For Universal, I would like that one to be as cheap as possible, while still being at least a 3 star hotel...unless I could stay at one of the Loews hotels that includes the express passes. Those would cost us $200 so i can see paying as much as $275 for the hotel. This likely was not helpful at all. 🙂 My other line of thinking is to just stay at Disney Springs for all three nights in a semi nice hotel for $350-$400 total.
  6. My husband and I our going to Universal on 3-1, and would like to be on Disney property, or Disney Springs if that's not possible for 3/2-3/4. We can stay at one resort, or we can do a Universal resort the first day. I'm very new to this and I'm trying to figure it all out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If we could stay at a Disney Deluxe resort that would be amazing. Thank you!