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  1. My apologies for delay in replying. I decided not to use the name your own price as I didn't want to risk getting the Waldorf due to their fees. I was able to get the Swan for 162 (plus fees)... I used https://www.betterbidding.com/ and got a price of 203 via the Priceline Express option for the following: 4.5* Walt Disney World - Bonnet Creek (<-- CLICK HERE and confirm your dates on the landing page) for $207/nite with: Business Center Restaurant Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center I was then able to apply a code that I received via email to bring the cost to 162. Thank you very much for your help. Please close this thread as complete and VERY satisfied. Regards.
  2. I'm not sure if I'm ready to do the bidding as I'm thinking that I'd get the Waldorf well before Swan accepted a bid... I am leaning towards the Swan but think that I might wait a bit to see if the price comes down any more. Thanks for your assistance.
  3. I appreciate the effort in looking, but when I go to the landing page the dates that are selected are 7/7-7/13. When I update to my dates of Sept 7-13 the rate balloons up to 274 per night at the Swan. I absolutely would have booked the 158. Your explanation did answer my poorly worded question. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you for the reply... I used your BiddingHelper.com to review and if I move forward I will be using that site to bid. My dates are Sept 7-13. I am actually kind of hoping for Swan/Dolphin. I already see the Dolphin available at 207 per night (1631.88 total). I was thinking of trying to get under that as much as possible (was thinking of bidding @125-150 a night and see what happens). I didn't want to bid the Dolphin due to how many other hotels four stars opens up. From what I see, 4.5 stars, at Bonnet Creek, I believe that there is only 4 hotels that it would consider: Swan, Waldorf Astoria, Floridian and Animal Kingdom Villas - Jambo House...? The only two I see maybe accepting is Swan and Astoria, based on their lower PRICELINE prices. Astoria has a much higher Resort fee. Would the bid care about the 202.50 in resort fee (as opposed to Astoria's 270 for the same time-frame) or only care about the total price? Thanks again.
  5. I was looking at the "name your own price section" under Priceline and chose Walt Disney World - Bonnet Creek... selected 4.5 stars, entered my bid, and hit Preview Offer I noticed that Hotel Fee of 202.50 comes up in my bid: Hotel Fee:US$ 202.50 I am looking at 6 nights. Since that number, divided by 6, comes out to 33.75, could I infer that I am bidding on The Swan and Dolphin, which is the Resort fee that they charge? Or should I not refer anything with that update?
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