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  1. I am pretty sure these amenities are for the Sheraton Society Hill. Can someone please confirm? 4* hotel, 5/31-6/2, price $157 a night, 85% recommended. FULL AMENITIES: Restaurant Fitness Smoke Free Hi-Speed Internet Business Travel Accessible Room Accessible Bathroom Accessible Pet Friendly Thanks! PS - I would really prefer to stay at the Hilton Penns Landing, is there an amenities list for that specific hotel that I can reference?
  2. Just booked The New Yorker Hotel by Wyndham on Priceline.com for $137 from 9/7-9/8. After tax and hotel fee's the total came out to $211, not bad for a night in the city. Amenities listed on biddinghelper.com were as follows: Pets Allowed Business Center Restaurant Fitness Center
  3. The casino was not listed on any of the sites, I checked. The casino had a sister site down the street which is where the last day was booked.
  4. Aaron, thank you for the fast reply. I tried talking the Mrs. into Windsor Court, but she didn't bite which is a shame because it's a beautiful hotel. She want's to be in a casino, despite having to transfer the last day due to no availability. Thanks for the help, all links in the post were followed.
  5. Dates would be: September 16, 2018 to September 21, 2018 5* French Quarter - Mississippi River $213 per night Amenities Include: Free Internet, Pool(s), Pet friendly, Fitness center, Business center and more... (100% recommended) FULL AMENITIES: Boutique, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Free Internet, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Golf, Spa, Childrens Activities, Deaf Accessible, Travel Accessible, Room Accessible, Bathroom Accessible, Wheelchair Accessible, Handicapped Parking, Roll-in Shower, Pet Friendly 4.5* French Quarter - Bourbon Street - $108 per night Amenities Include: Free Internet, Pool(s), Pet friendly, Fitness center, Business center and more... (90% recommended) FULL AMENITIES: Boutique, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Smoke Free, Free Internet, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Laundry, Golf, Deaf Accessible, Travel Accessible, Room Accessible, Bathroom Accessible, Pet Friendly Any help, recommendations or advice would be appreciated. I'm not very familiar with New Orleans. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply and detailed options. I ended up going with JW Marriott Washington, DC which came out to be $146 a night. It's around the corner from the W so we will get to enjoy the nightlife and then retire to a quieter hotel which should be perfect! Thanks as always!
  7. I apologize that I wasn't able to check in sooner. It looks like business is still listed as one of the amenities. I was trying to add a screenshot but I am unable to. There are a total of 7 amenities listed: Restaurant, Fitness, Smoke Free, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Golf, Pet Friendly And the price is now $130.68 so it's gone down a bit. The W sounds like a fun hotel with a lot of nightlife and we would definitely go for a drink, but not sure I want the hotel that I am staying in to be such a popular club at night.
  8. Heading to Washington DC for the first time and I really don't know much about the area. Want to stick with the touristy things like the White House and Smithsonian then some good food and drinks at night. So I assume staying in the White House area would make the most sense? It's just going to be my wife and I without transportation. The two hotels I am looking at are below, but I am open for suggestions. Dates: 5/25-5/28 HOTWIRE 4* - $136 - White House Area FULL AMENITIES: Restaurant, Fitness, Smoke Free, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Golf, Pet Friendly 4.5* - $168 - White House Area FULL AMENITIES: Boutique, Restaurant, Fitness, Free Internet, Hi-Speed Internet, Golf, Blind Accessible, Deaf Accessible, Travel Accessible, Room Accessible, Bathroom Accessible, Roll-in Shower, Pet Friendly Thanks!
  9. Looking to stay in the Jackson Heights/Flushing area this weekend 4/13-4/15. Hotwire currently has a 3* hotel in Flushing for $77 a night (80% recommended). Biddinghelper lists the amenities as follows: FULL AMENITIES: Free Internet, Airport shuttle, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Accessible for visually impaired, . Accessible for hearing impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking, Roll-in shower Any help IDing this property would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. You were absolutely correct, it was the Crowne Plaza Hy36 for $98 a night. That price is a steal for the area! The only reason I was looking lower is because I would be closer to the Brooklyn Bridge when I need to get into Brooklyn. But at this price it will still be much cheaper staying midtown and taking Uber. Thank you for the help! The pricing breakdown after the BetterBidding Priceline Coupon discount is below: Purchase date:Jan 29, 2018 Room price:$98.00 avg./night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:3 nights Room subtotal:$294.00 Taxes & fees:$87.96 Coupon:- $14.70 Total charged today:$367.26 Total charged:$367.26 Savings:You saved 27%*
  11. Going to be in NYC from 2/9-2/12, we are actually checking out on the 11th but need a later (4pm) checkout. Since I can't seem to find any hotels in Manhattan that offer a late check out I figured I would add on the extra day. I am looking for a 4*-5* property somewhere in Manhattan. We have two reservations in Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg) and then a couple of shows in the theater district. We do not have a car so we will probably take Uber everywhere. I know there is no quick way to get out of the city, even to Brooklyn, but I would think we are better off staying in Lower Manhattan, right? I am open to the hotel type (boutique, modern, classic, etc.) and I'm looking to spend about $600 for the weekend. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  12. The dates are for Friday 1/19 - Sunday 1/21. Yes, those were the amenities on Priceline. PRICELINE was a buck cheaper and I was able to use the discount code here so I went with PRICELINE EXPRESS. I believe these were the amenities if I booked it through HOTWIRE: FULL AMENITIES: Free breakfast, Free parking, Free Internet, Suite, Indoor pool(s), Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf nearby
  13. I went through Priceline Express and ended up getting the Embassy Suites in Valley Forge/Chesterbrook. A little further than I would have prefered, but the price was $71 so I can't complain. Staying two nights with the discount here the price came out to $142 before taxes. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply, the prices in Rittenhouse Square really went up after I posted this. I've stayed at The Sheraton in Society Hill before and did not like the hotel at all. Service, cleanliness, parking, etc. The only thing I did like was the location. And everything in Rittenhouse Square is now over $200, which isn't bad for the area, but still a little more than I wanted to spend. I will go through betterbidding.com and grab something in King of Prussia. Thank you for your help.
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