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  1. Dates changed from Oct 28-Nov 3. Also got 2 "free" (not sure on resort fees yet) nights at the Excalibur from playing slots game. So I now only have to book 4 nights and am changing up where I'm looking. I'm sorta tempted to book the Circus Circus because I've never stayed there. But I'm also thinking of just going in blind and bidding on something on the strip. Now onto an actual question. What hotels are rated 3 1/2* on either end of the strip? I'm not too picky but I know I don't want Hooters casino and I'd prefer not to get Bally's again. So if I have to bump up to 4* to avoid them I will. And how often do you get the national chains for the winning hotels, aka Marriot, Hilton, etc? Thanks
  2. I'm going to keep looking for Fremont St as I realized that the Golden Nugget has implemented a bogus resort fee at the beginning of the year. I'm thinking prices should go down a bit (hopefully) for some of the Sam Boyd properties or I'll just pull the trigger and buy.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I think I'm going to try making my own price and see if I can shave a few extra bucks off before I jump on the deal.
  4. It's been awhile since I've looked at Vegas hotels. Is the Golden Nugget still the only 4* on Fremont St? Looking at a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal on Priceline for $74 a night with the following amenities :Free Parking Restaurant Casino Business Center
  5. Decided not to book a hotel as now both of ours s/o's are coming to shop during the day and then going to drive us home. But thanks for the assistance in trying to figure this one out. I'll be back come Dec as I'm going to the Minneapolis/Mall of America area and will use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links to book. Thanks again.
  6. Yup, I see that now. It's for Saturday Nov 1st in Milwaukee area downtown. The amenities were pretty bare but here they are. Amenities: Free Internet, Fitness Center, Restaurant Business Center. And it states a guest rating of 8+ Date is set but area isn't but don't want a hole so I'm thinking downtown area besides distance to venue may give us better options.
  7. Easier to just link the site than repeat the meager info that's given. Looking for Saturday November 1st for one night as a buddy and I are hitting a concert at the Rave and better to stay overnight. Priceline Express Deal If anyone has other suggestions for the downtown area I'm game to check them out as well. Whatever option I buy will be through one of the links.
  8. Ended up going through Expedia and bought Bally's for $56 a night. The wife didn't want to take the chance and get the Luxor so we booked the sure thing. Now hopefully it's a nice property.
  9. Priceline express deal for 3 1/2 stars for $49. Las Vegas South vicinity on 1/25/14 - 1/27/14 Star Rating: 3.5 Guest Score: Rated 7.0 out of 10 (or higher) Guaranteed Amenities: Free Internet in room Outdoor Swimming Pool Free Parking Business Center Casino Fitness Center Thanks.
  10. Due to my wife's inability to take vacation until late May or early June we wont be going till January 2015. So we will be going to Vegas in January of 2014 instead.
  11. Also another question thanks to my wife. Are all the resorts I try NYOP on all-inclusive? Or is it more of a crapshoot? Thanks
  12. First rule, follow the links from the site to book. Check. Looking at going to Cancun in May 2014. Going to try and get a 5* using NYOP in the Cancun hotel zone or hotel zone south. Wondering when should I start trying to book as I've never used Priceline for anything out of the US. I've used them for multiple flights and hotels stateside, and I typically book those roughly 1-3 (sometimes much less for hotels) months out. I will now shut up and listen. Thanks.
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