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  1. Free Internet In Public Areas Indoor Swimming Pool No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Fitness Center Handicapped Rooms/Facilities Business Center Spa Restaurant Free Internet Access Swimming Pool I haven't used PL nor betterbidding.com for some time, and I'm thrilled at the upgrades you've made around here while I've been away! I used the Bidding Helper tool to find a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal, and the 100% hotel match it offered was exactly what I got. It was like magic. Part of me wants to travel again just so I can use the tool again! LOVE IT!!
  2. Alas, the summer got away from us. No amusement parks for 2016. Sigh.
  3. Desired zone: Downtown - White House Desired star rating: 3.5* Max price: I was looking to beat the PRICELINE EXPRESS deals by hunting for the floor in NYOP. I used your Bidding Helper tool to start bidding at $150, adding $10 increments with free re-bid zones. Landed a $200 rate that beats the lowest available Express deal by $6/night. A pretty small savings, but a savings nonetheless. Offer price:$200.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:4 nights Room subtotal:$800.00 Taxes & fees:$156.52 Total charged today:$956.52
  4. Yep, one night stay. 2.5-star or higher, I think, to make sure we have the pool/wifi amenities. Acceptable zones: not sure how to answer that part, cuz I want to be sure we're within 20 minutes drive time to the park. Not knowing the area, I was hoping you might have guidance about how flexible we can be on the location question. Otherwise I'll say the Langhorne zone is our starting point. And budget: $90 total including taxes and fees.
  5. We have flexibility on dates (any Fri-night in August) and really just need a hotel that has a pool and free wifi. Our kids are so little (ages 2 and 4) that it doesn't matter what the bed configuration is. King, doubles, cribs, rollaways, we could make anything work. I don't really know how to do a price exploration with FLEXIBLE dates. Thereuare, I have seen your previous posts about visiting this park regularly, so my hopes are high. Haha! Where should I start?
  6. I can't believe we're only going for one night - too much fun to be had! We have a concert at MSqG the night of 4/12, and hafta head home the next day. At prices like these, maybe we should take a vacation week to visit the rest of the sights! It's only a 3 hour drive from our front door. Thanks Betterbidding! Started at your Bidding Helper page to get this great PRICELINE EXPRESS deal. Guaranteed Amenities: Pets Allowed Business Center Restaurant Fitness Center Non Smoking Room price:$102.00/night Number of rooms:1 room
  7. Started at the Priceline link on this site. bid $25, rejected. Free re-bid $28, rejected. going to try again tomorrow, and also comparison shop with weekly and daily rates on other sites. Stay tuned.
  8. I bid again for 2.5* up to $100 without winning, then closed the browser and bid for a 3* at $110, $120, and finally winning at $135. Noteworthy was that Priceline offered me a free re-bid opportunity (with no need to add more zones or change anything) after that first $110 bid. The screen said it was a one-time opportunity to re-bid if I was willing to bid $154. I passed on that offer and I'm glad I did. We do need to be at the airport at 5 AM, so the proximity to the airport is a definite plus. I wish I had explored the surrounding areas a bit more, but I let the week get away from me and an
  9. I decided to try again for a 2.5* .. Bid $55, $60, and $65 with no success. I still would prefer the 3*, but I'm flexible. The betterbidding New York hotel list shows that Ramada Plaza JFK is in this 2.5* category but there are several indications this awful hotel may be closed: yelp says it's closed, Expedia shows the hotel but won't book any rooms there, no winning bids reported on this forum since 2006, and the JFK airport website doesn't list it at all. But the Ramada website still makes it seem open, so it's a little odd. Before re-bidding tomorrow I will try to confirm one way or the oth
  10. Looking for a 3* at JFK airport for January 15th, one night. I don't know if I can get this for less than $100, but I'll try. I started with the PRICELINE link at the top of this page, naturally. Bid $65, rejected. Added re-bid zones to try $70, $75, and $80 with no success. Will try again tomorrow. Jen
  11. I got up to $25/day and found no success. Prices for these dates are just sky-high everywhere -- I couldn't find a rental for less than $200 total at any of the major car companies. I didn't have a backup reservation because the prices were just insane. Taxis proved to be sky high too -- today I used one for a 15-minute drive and it was $40 one-way!! Unbelievable. So I changed my dates to 2/15 - 2/18 and saw the rental prices plummet. The total price for this THREE day rental was almost half of the price I was seeing for the TWO day rental! I started with the PRICELINE link on this board, as a
  12. I started my bidding a couple of weeks ago using the PRICELINE link on this board, as always. I started at $10/day for a standard car, and used the 24-hour re-bids to get up to $21 with no success. I'm never quite sure what the difference is between Standard and Mid-Sized cars, but I haven't tried bidding for anything but a Standard so far. I don't really want to go more than $35, and definitely don't want an Economy car. Any advice on what I should do from here? I was planning on continuing the 24-hr re-bids between now and the 16th, in increments of $2. Does that seem like a reasonable appro
  13. I'm a bit rusty. I let the agent at the Alamo counter talk me into spending $130 more for an upgraded vehicle. (shaking head) He told me that the Standard Car I'd reserved would be only a 4-cylinder vehicle, and that such a car would be risky to take into the Colorado mountains. He offered an SUV for $25/day extra, but knocked it to $15/day when I whipped out my National Emerald Club Executive loyalty card. I wish I had stuck to my original reservation - I hate spending extra. If I had thought about it more carefully at the time, I would have realized: that he was describing Economy Cars, no
  14. Started by using the PRICELINE link on this board Then won the first try for this rental Your Offer Price: $15.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 7 days Subtotal: $105.00 Taxes and Fees: $61.83 Total Charges: $166.83 All told, the toal price averages out to less than $24 per day, so that's a price I can live with for sure. Got our hotel for free with reward points... so now to buy lift tickets for this ski vacation! ~Jen
  15. I bid $13 for this rental at first. Priceline presented a screen saying that my price was not accepted but that an increase to $17 would secure my car right now. So I bid $17 and got it. After taxes and fees, the one-day rental will cost $33.12 And as always, I started my search by using the PRICELINE links at the top of every betterbidding page. ~Jen
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