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  1. $30 win at SLS for dates 9/30/18-10/4/18 Total with taxes and fees for four nights = $288 4-5 star properties selected Zones Northeast, Northwest, Central West and Central North also selected I originally designated only 5 star properties and was declined at $70. As the taxes and resort fees double the price/night, we decided we were okay with a 4* or higher. I resubmitted my bid a few days later (and added the 4* property designation). Bid $30 and won. I thought we would receive this hotel as I’ve been seeing a lot of deals advertised online. Would love to hear any feedback about the property!
  2. Thanks for all of the information! It sounds like Hotwire varies from Priceline in that you aren't committed right away. I can search for resorts now and post my findings here for help before purchasing. I thought I needed to bid first and then had only a small window to decide. I guess I'll start looking now;).
  3. I've used Priceline in the past for booking a resort in San Juan and was very satisfied. I would love to try Hotwire in an effort to scope out a particular property. I haven't looked at the list of available hotels in the San Juan area, but I would love a resort near the pier. I have browsed the forums for tips, but I would love if someone could post (in order) the steps I should take in my research/booking process. Here is what I know (please add to my list!): 1. Narrow down the area (zone) I want to be in San Juan. 2. Look at Better Bidding's winning list of hotels in that area. 3. Research (on Hotwire?) the amenities for the listed hotels and record all amenities (look further for more than the 8 visible). 4. Research winning bids on Better Bidding to know what price to bid. (I will be selecting 2 rooms) 5. Use the link above to bid on Hotwire- make an educated guess as to which property is what according to amenities... post winning bid. Questions: Are amenities the only way to guess which hotel is which? I've notice some talk about resort fees being a tip-off as well?
  4. Checked options San Juan and San Juan (Rio Grande-Fajardo-El Yunque); only checked RESORT Bid $100- too low. Bid $110- Won Rio Mar Beach Resort and Spa- A Wyndham Grand Resort Total price with taxes: $130 Yay! I didn't even consider this hotel in my search, but I'm excited to stay here as we saved a ton!