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  1. Used PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals and BB.com PRICELINE link. Amenities shown: free parking, free internet, swimming pool. A good deal and good location - lowest published rate on RedLion.com is $152 (loyalty rate)
  2. Attending event in PDX and needed a room for 1 night. Used BB PRICELINE link. $188.99 tax-inclusive. Prepaid rates on hotel website starting at $193. Amenities shown on Express Deals page: Free Internet, Business Center, Fitness Center, Non Smoking, Pets Allowed, Restaurant Hotel looks like a new property, modern and hip.
  3. I love Wildberry! Looks like the amenities that were showing before booking were: Fitness Center, Pets Allowed, Business Center.
  4. Used BB.com PRICELINE link. I was originally shooting for a 3.5* in the Loop (ideally the former Club Quarters) as my business meetings are in that area, but need to have a place to sleep for 1 night, so booked this via PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals. $163.97 inclusive of taxes/fees. Amenities: Pet Friendly, Spa, Non-Smoking, Gym, Accessible, Business Center. Best rate via PL's non-opaque method is $271.20. Fairmont.com lowest available rates start at $289. Thanks as always for the great info!
  5. I was going to go full-boat and stay at the Courtyard King Kamehameha, but then my travel buddy had a work thing come up. Can't justify the cost for just me. Booked this today for my trip next week - $446.85 is the total tax-inclusive. Used BB PRICELINE link. Amenities shown were Outdoor Pool, Nonsmoking, ADA Accessible.
  6. Used the BB.com PRICELINE link. Doing a mileage run & quick dose of sunshine trip. Lowest rate on hotel website is $197/night and a local friend reports good things about this place. As always, am grateful for the lists & tips on this board! Amenities: Pet Friendly, Outdoor Pool, Non-Smoking, Restaurant, Handicap Accessible
  7. Heading to Portland for 1 night for a business function with a colleague. Tried a variety of permutations/combinations using betterbidding.com PRICELINE link; ended at $135/night - $166.23 including taxes & fees. Appears I slightly overbid - Crowne Plaza website is showing rates from $131. Nonetheless, deals in downtown PDX are harder to come by so this is fine. Will report back on this hotel after my stay.
  8. Used BB.com PRICELINE link -- last minute weekend trip. Started I think at $65 and started going up in $1-5 increments, adding free rebids (and not so free - there is now a 4* in NE/Lloyd that I'd actually like to try) until a $95 bid was accepted. I've never stayed here so look forward to posting a follow up about my experiences. Close to one of my childhood favorite restaurants Old Spaghetti Factory (and their corporate HQ!). $230.62 for the 2 nights, tax inclusive.
  9. Definitely pleased! Expe.dia and even Price.line's conventional booking method show rates of $220+/night. NYOP got me a great rate for a quick weekend getaway.
  10. Used BB.com [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link, started at $75/night, added free rebids, success at $130/night. Total $313.76 including taxes and fees.
  11. Have been working on NYOP 4* with little success in Hollywood/West Hollywood. Picked this up for $129/night, 3 nights, on Express Deals. Used BB.com [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link. $473.58 tax-inclusive. Reviews of the hotel & rooms seem middling at best, but the price is just what I was wanting to spend, and the location is very good. Listed amenities: Free Internet (in Room), Pool, Non-Smoking, Gym, Restaurant, Handicap Accessible, Business Center
  12. Free Internet (in Public Area), Non-Smoking, Gym, Restaurant, Business Center
  13. Used BB.com link. $152.69 tax-inclusive. AAA rate on the Sheraton website is $297. 2 blocks and a 6-minute walk from the wedding I'm attending, so this is perfect!
  14. Excited to go to Vancouver for a pleasure trip with friends. Used bb.com PRICELINE link. Started at $60, added free rebid zones, success at $68. $166.94 including taxes and fees.
  15. Used Betterbidding.com PRICELINE link. Quickly secured this, $53.44 with taxes and fees. Should be a decent overnight stay for before my conference, and the price is right.
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