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  1. Used the Betterbidding.com PRICELINE link to book a last minute room downtown Buffalo. Anchor Bar wings, here I come! I have stayed at this hotel before and it's just ok. Hotwire had and Express deal for this hotel at $52.
  2. Started the 3 * at $60 and increased my bid $5 each day until I hit this one, which I'm quite happy with so far. Heading down for a NHL game that night. Previous 4* bid was $85 and 3.5 * bid was $80 on this round.
  3. I may have lucked out since the TIFF is in town that week. Started with 4 * at $95, 3.5* at $90, and hit 3* for $85 at the Courtyard By Marriott Toronto Downtown (NORTH). Had selected both Downtown South and North. Still a great deal and a lot cheaper than an impaired driving charge! It's a short subway ride to the Rogers Centre.
  4. Thanks for sharing ffl I'm looking of that weekend as well, only south.
  5. Last minute, weekend getaway for beer and wings at the Anchor Bar and nailed a low-ball offer! I've stayed here before and it's not bad, for just a place to sleep, but don't expect romance with fireworks. Good Luck to all.
  6. Here's some additional info which I hope may be helpful as well. I live about an hour away from Toronto and travel there quite frequently for business and pleasure. If you require parking in the downtown core, the best and cheapest place I've found is a city garage located at the Esplanade, behind the Novotel - downtown hotel. Rates there are $9 per day and it's covered and secure. This is a great location if you're attending a hockey game, and is a short walk to baseball and the theatre district. Plenty of restaurants on the Esplanade as well. Another option I use for personal visits to Toronto where I'm staying overnight downtown for a day or two, or if I just want to save myself the stress and congestion of the downtown traffic, is to park at the end of the line of the TTC subway line and take the subway into downtown. Cost is $3 per person ($2.50 with volume purchase) to ride the subway and parking at most subway stations near the end of the lines is free after 3 pm on weekdays and all weekends. I can understand the subway can be a little intimidating, but do your research of stops and transfer stations and it's really quite easy and safe to navigate/use. Hope this helps!
  7. Started with the hotel zone, 5*-$80, 4.5*-$75, 4*-$70 unsuccessful Hotel zone south, 5*-$70 unsuccessful. 4*-$60 Success! Using PRICELINE link - Goodluck to all
  8. Tried for 4* at $80 with no success, next was 3.5* at $78 and won. Previous 3 days was trying at $75, $70, $65 for 3.5-4* with no success. Good luck to all.
  9. Thanks for the welcome Aaron. Have been successful using Priceline for about 4 years now and just recently discovered this betterbidding site. Am more than happy to share my future experiences for all and will be sure to use the links to priceline to help the site stay up as I think it's a great source of info. Will also try to post consistent with the templates of all the other posts advising of star rating, location and dates. Good luck to all.
  10. Just won the Delta Chelsea, downtown Toronto North for us$80 October 8, 2011 for 1 night. Was trying for the last week increasing bids by $5 each day. downtown south 4 star at $91 DID NOT get accepted. Good luck to all
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